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By: David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM
August 22, 2008


Where is the real problem?
Is it that hospital fees are out of control?
Is it that doctors charge too much?
Is it that doctors know too little about treating disease?
Is it that the plethora of toxic chemicals in our environment are making us sick?
NO - -NO – NO !!!!! These are all just ADDITIONAL or secondary problems.
The most important problem, and the one which, when correctly addressed, almost always gives the most substantial and amazing benefits, is to alter----
What goes in our mouths - or - Changing the foods we are eating and snacking on every day!
I am even thinking of making up a bumper sticker that says
Always address the CAUSE, to reduce health care costs, WE MUST REDUCE HEALTH CARE NEEDS!
So what can we do and where in tarnation is the truth anyway?
Is it to eat less fats? NO.
Is it to eat Less carbs? Since broccoli, asparagus and spinach are all carbs, NO again.
How about less sugar? That is a good idea.
How about less starch? Another good one.
Is it to eat way more fruit? NO, that’s far too much sugar.
How about MORE FATS? If you choose the right fats, this is another good one.

How come our physicians and dieticians are trained with myths and fantasies instead of dietary facts and valid scientific research? Politics and money, as usual, are the reasons. Both the medical and dietetic associations get HUGE donations from pharmaceutical manufacturers, fast food (garbage food) companies, genetically modified food sellers, artificial sweetener manufacturers, and of course the sugar industry. I hope this news does not surprise anyone, and yet these “conflict of interest financial donations” help kill a huge number of people every year. How?, by directing too many people, who care about their health, to eat foods that destroy their health while believing it is good for them. LOW FAT!, LOW CHOLESTEROL!, LOTS of FRUIT!, Contains Healthy sweeteners like Agave nectar (NOT)!

Where can you learn the facts so that you can finally begin to watch your health and the health of your family improve?


My name is David Getoff. I am a board certified clinical nutritionist and traditional naturopath. I am a fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. I am an elected member of both the American College of Nutrition and the International College of Integrative Medicine, I am a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and I am the Vice President of the 57 year old Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

I have been helping the public, my students, physicians, and my patients improve their health for over two decades.

Quite some time ago, I got so fed up with our medical practice of drugging away undesirable symptoms, while the underlying causes continue to get worse, that I decided it was time to produce health based educational videos. Originally on VHS tapes, all my current videos are DVD’s and my entire class, 17 hours of instruction, is now available as a an audio CD set so you can learn while you drive.

It actually began a bit differently. Since my initial consultations were reaching 6 hours in length, I needed to do something to keep fees affordable and shorten the consultation time WITHOUT reducing the content of what I was teaching my patients. I discovered the best answer, and the public has been benefitting ever since. The answer was that I needed to produce a video which covers everything I wanted people to know about healthy eating, and find a way to keep it up to date. Science continually discovers new things and I myself keep gaining additional knowledge that I need to teach my patients and students (which includes you). I decided to have the “eating healthy” portion, of my Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century class video taped and then turn this into a required part of my initial consultation. Every new patient would have to view this 2 hour video before they arrived at my office. Since I am booked two to three months ahead, this would give them plenty of time to view it, and then it would be returned to me when they came in.

I arranged for the taping, told my class to please hold all questions till the end as I was being video taped, and away we went. At the end of the taping, my entire class of about 110 students came up and asked when the tape would be available to be purchased. I was astonished!. I had never intended to sell this video, only to use it as a tool in my practice. My students, many of which had already taken my class more than once and often sent others they cared about to take is as well, said I had to sell these videos so that people outside of San Diego could benefit, as they had, from my knowledge. I gave in and made the video available for sale when it was completed years ago as a VHS tape. More recently, I have entirely re-done this video, entitled Eating for Optimal Health in the 21st Century and it is now three hours long!. In addition, I have just added a CD for your computer with LOTS of additional information that you can print out, which also includes any updates I think you need to know about.

Many thousands of my students, patients, and those who have heard me interviewed on radio shows have changed their lives by finally learning the truth about healthy eating. I am a gourmet cook and I love to eat, so DO NOT think that healthy eating is boring, blah, or tasteless. Not at all. Especially since foods like butter, properly raised animal proteins, coconut oil, etc. are not only tasty, they are VERY good for you.

Now that my three hour optimal eating DVD, and my 17 hour Attaining Optimal Health CD class both contain a free computer text CD, I can finally feel confident that my cutting edge information will stay up to date year after year. What happened after I completed these important educational vehicles was that I began to realize just how many people around the country and around the world cannot locate a really good, holistically knowledgeable health practitioner. Although it is impossible to treat people long distance, as well as we can in person, not having a good practitioner can make things close to impossible. What do you do if you have diabetes, heart disease or cancer, or if your child had ADD or ADHD, and you are looking for non drug approaches? In most cases, you are just out of luck. So this became my next task to work on. Cutting edge DVD’s with very specific information in many important health areas. Would it be possible for many people to successfully treat their own health conditions holistically? Could I supply enough of the information they needed, without violating any of the FDA’s regulations?

If someone is not happy with the “medical” treatments they are receiving, might they be able to really try to treat themselves? I knew that the answer was often a resounding YES due to the fact that I have listened to a never ending number of these stories. People who learned the real facts from various doctor’s newsletter, books, videos, or knowledgeable friends, and then got better results than they were getting from their physician. Now I am NOT saying that emergency medicine could ever be replaced by diet, supplements and energy medicine, but most people are not working with problems in emergency medicine.

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They are working with chronic issues that are simply being drugged instead of having their causes addressed. My goal is now to slowly (or at least not as fast as I would like) produce DVD’s to help those who want this factual information on how to help their bodies strive to reverse numerous health conditions. is a great place to learn little know facts about health and I thank them for helping me to get this important information out to the public.

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David is Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He is an elected member of both the American College of Nutrition and the International College of Integrative Medicine as well as a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. David is a Registered Naturopath in the District of Columbia and a Licensed Naturopath in the state of North Carolina. He is a Licensed nutritionist in the State of New York and is an approved continuing education provided for the state of California Board of Registered Nursing. David has given paid presentations at the Boulderfest Nutritional Medicine conference, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and a number of other national conferences. David has also appeared on a numerous both broadcast and web based radio shows and is the Vice President of the world renowned Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

During this life long learning process, David has investigated many dietary variables. He has investigated numerous types of vegetarian diets, macrobiotics, raw food choices, microwave cooking, numerous fruits and vegetables, animal foods and the best ways to cook them as well as how our foods are grown and raised.

David has 11 DVD topics including Eating for Optimal Health, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Detoxification and more. David’s entire course is available both as a set of DVD’s and as a set of CD’s. Not being satisfied with just producing video DVD’s, David recently began adding a computer CD to most of the boxes so that he can include additional information for the purchaser, covering much more information with additional specific recommendations. His passion for healing and learning remain as strong as ever.


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Quite some time ago, I got so fed up with our medical practice of drugging away undesirable symptoms, while the underlying causes continue to get worse, that I decided it was time to produce health based educational videos.