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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
July 16, 2006


This commentary of four articles in Part II, of a total of 11 articles centers on the facts and statistics surrounding the invasion, and how it affects our country. None of the articles dealing with illegal aliens is not meant to be hate; it is simply this author's suggestions for handling the issues presented and solving them in a fair manner.

Battering American Citizens

What the illegals don't understand is that, quite simply, this is OUR country, our soil, our Constitution. Stampeding the streets in protest with Mexican flags in a "Reconquista de Aztlan" proclamation infuriated Americans. Their tactic then was to march with American flags, claiming they too are one of us. And don't forget the insult of their raising their flag first on American poles, and belittling our Stars and Stripes by placing it under theirs, or not flying it at all. And they want harmony? They don't want to be Americans. They don't want to improve relations or better our country; their desire is strict selfishness in wanting everything free we have struggled and fought for, often at a cost of beloved lives. They don't even belong here unless they apply for citizenship like every other immigrant has in the past. With our American ire ever increasing over their destruction of our jobs, our land, our rights, our sovereignty, the illegal aliens plan on revenge, even making us grovel. To show their muscle, via "ANSWER--an offshoot of the International Action Coalition (an anti-capitalism group founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark)" [1], they've put us through their march of charades, with the intent to break down all of America's operations through a boycott.

Their "Great American Boycott of 2006" on May 1st to bring we Americans to our knees wasn't so "great" after all; instead it only hardened us all the more. "The boycott, according to the Coalition, [meant] no work, no school, no shopping, buying or business as usual[2]. Now they're planning more: "'We need to take this critical mass and organize it. Marching is not enough,' said Armando Navarro, coordinator of a Southern California umbrella organization that helped plan May's boycott. 'We need to harness this power'" [3]. One of the movers and shakers, who is a member of ANSWER's Los Angeles steering committee, Juan Jose Gutierres, who also co-chaired the LA march, said, "We are a people of dignity, and we demand [author's emphasis] respect�this is the beginning of a movement that is going to call for a national work stoppage"[4]. If that was the "beginning," then we should have made it the "end." Enough is enough.

I say that those educational institutions that encouraged students to miss classes and protest, those Americans who marched with them, and those businesses that closed down to allow the illegals to march, should all be held accountable and penalized. Why wasn't ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) out there, arresting the illegals? There couldn't have been a better opportunity for them to round up, arrest, and then deport all the illegals in the country at one time. Instead, our NWO police forces, our "kind" government, and our empathetic Americans not only allowed them to disrupt our lives but also accommodated and encouraged them. The illegals have been well trained in how to beg the Americans' sympathy for them�they are a superbly coached mass who are-as they say-demanding rights they have not earned. And with legislation on the move to give the aliens American subsidized college tuition when our own citizens who want to better themselves can't even afford to knock on the doors of community colleges, the tension between the illegals and the citizens will rise to fever pitch, perhaps resulting in Civil War II, and if that's what it takes for Americans to keep our homeland, then that's what we must do: Fight!

The unworthy excuse we are given that aliens are only taking jobs Americans won't do is unfounded and ridiculous. It's true that Americans won't allow themselves to be exploited, but if they are paid fairly, they will do the work. After all, before the rush of illegals into our country, jobs were getting done by Americans that illegals are now doing for much cheaper wages.

"Prior to 1965[5]when the disastrous Immigration Bill was passed�our grass was getting cut, our meat was being packed, our children were being watched and our houses were being cleaned. The idea that somehow we suddenly can't run a country without an unlimited supply of foreigners is absurd. Those in favor of foreign labor [don't realize that illegal workforces] come at the American tax payer's expense�[who] is virtually subsidizing the labor costs of the greedy corporations by supplying the illegal foreign workers and their families with welfare, free education, free medical, WICs, housing assistance, etc�[6].

Unless illegal aliens are using fraudulent social security numbers or long expired visas and cards, or government assigned ID tax numbers, most do not pay taxes and thus should not be recipients of benefits allotted to rightful American citizens. The illegals are not financially contributing to America's medical system (hospitals, doctors, clinics), or our schools, or our welfare/assistance programs, but yet are given treatment, education, and financial assistance at Americans' expense. Mothers and their anchor babies, in themselves, have closed many medical institutes because our clinics and the like could no longer afford to give out free care. Ask Americans what their chances are for getting medical treatment if they don't have insurance. And don't forget what it costs our country in writing and printing everything in Spanish or other foreign languages.

Wouldn't legal immigrants from other countries appreciate that? In fact, wouldn't Americans who can't read and would like to learn appreciate that? Besides anchor babies, the issue of birthright looms large: "The United States currently grants automatic U.S. citizenship to almost all children born in the United States, regardless of whether the parents are U.S. citizens, legal residents, temporary visitors, or illegal aliens in the United States. Some 380,000 children are born in the United States each year to illegal-alien mothers, according to U.S. Census data�"[7]. Now isn't that a kick in the pants?

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As I write this, I am furious over what these illegal immigrants are doing to our America, but I have stopped writing many times while composing and rewriting, revising, this article to cool off, gain perspective, and attempt to voice my unhappiness from a rational point of view. So, let's now look at the facts, but bear in mind that no sooner do I pen these statistics on paper, that in reality they are changed because the illegal influx and the problems caused by them increases daily. Some numbers seem to contradict each other but this, too, is a result of our not being able to get a good grasp on how many illegals are truly here and what the ramifications of their presence result in. Also bear in mind that any statistics that are noted may be off the mark because not everything gets accurately reported. If you were a corporation, for example, that hired illegals at cheap pay, how accurate would your reporting be? The government gives us one set of statistics (usually lower) and researchers, sociologists, and professors give us differing stats. Who to believe? For part 5 click below.

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� 2006 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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Unless illegal aliens are using fraudulent social security numbers or long expired visas and cards, or government assigned ID tax numbers, most do not pay taxes and thus should not be recipients of benefits allotted to rightful American citizens.