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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
December 9, 2012


Do you remember life prior to 2008?

In spite of that being the beginning of one of the worst recessions our country has faced since the Great Depression, it was also a prelude to what would happen to America via President Barack Obama (BO) in his next four-years. His policies in his first term did more to unravel the USA than likely any military skirmish. Never before have Americans been so divisive; never before have so many e-mails gone out showcasing—even complaining about—a president who has destroyed the American base, its economy, its military, its Constitution, its guaranteed freedoms, and its reputation as the most powerful nation in the world. And we Americans did little to stop its destruction and its transformation from capitalism to socialism and/or Marxism. In fact, in this last election we gave BO carte blanche to obliterate America anyway he pleases.

I don’t recall ever hearing so much grumblings about a U .S. president than those voiced against BO. In his short four-year term, we have heard about his socialist plans for America, his assault on and disregard of our Constitution, the limiting of freedom and liberties, the unending downward spiral of our economy, the hard push for gay and gambling rights, the corruption of our children’s academic curricula, and the government-enforced Obamacare and, with it, compulsory payment for abortions, even for Christians and Christian-owned companies that don’t accept BO’s gay and abortion policies. Obama is using U.S. taxpayers’ money for abortions not only in the States, but also for third world countries. Because his agenda is toxic to Christians, we will witness the closing of Christian businesses.

It is interesting to note that Congress and other high-level government employees are not compelled to acquire Obamacare. Congress has set itself aside in this program while expanding their benefits. Likewise, illegal aliens do not have to take on Obamacare . . . and why would they when they can go to the hospital for free medical care while we Americans must have insurance.

This closing of businesses and the departure of professionals from the workforce, such as doctors, is a direct result of Obamacare, and it is just beginning. Come 2014 or 2015 when Obamacare is steeped fully into our nation, we’ll see physician assistants and nurse practitioners substituting for highly trained and educated physicians who don’t want to practice medicine under BO’s rules. Likewise, we’ll soon see massive shut-downs of small businesses and big corporations that can’t or won’t pay the wads of money for employee Obamacare. Thank you, Mr. President, for forcing us to pay for something we don’t want, which is against our Constitution.

In my lifetime, I have never seen so many Americans deeply disgruntled over what BO has done, is doing, and plans on doing. Now, instead of removing him from his seat of royalty, those too blind to see the truth crowned him again. Have you not noticed how much more arrogant, smug, and narcissistic he has become from the surge of re-election. He is a free agent now, knowing he can do anything he wants simply because he can’t run for a third time . . . at least not immediately. So what if he makes America a communist/Marxist nation? What’s there to stop him?


In his first term, there were strongholds and his desire to be re-elected that held the reins on him, albeit a “little” bit. Now in his second term, he can rip America apart and walk away from it, with no impunity.

One would think that corporations and small businesses would be out stomping their feet and protesting since they will lose a fortune because of “forced” Obamacare—a mandated program that most Americans don’t want, especially those of us who pay for the 30 million or less people who don’t want to, or perhaps can’t, pay for compulsory health insurance. Why do 315,000 (guesstimate) Americans have to pay for an insurance they don’t want. BO could have created a plan for that miniscule number of uninsured. But just as he has us paying for illegal aliens, he’s forcing us to pay for something the majority of Americans don’t want. That wouldn’t fit into his plan; he wants obligatory healthcare to advance his socialistic platform. Forcing any American to pay for something he/she does not want is an outright violation of our Constitution—both on the federal and state levels. Yet the politically polarized Supreme Court ruled in BO’s favor. But where are the Americans who oppose Obama? Have we just given in and said,” We’ll put up with him for another four years and then re-elect someone else.” Good Lord! There may not be a USA in four years, at least one with freedoms.

Though not a prediction, I do sense that some artificially contrived event could afflict America, and BO would then write an EO to stay in office until “things are fixed.” And there bursts forward a dictator, a demagogue, for the first time in America. Our children and our grandchildren then will only know America as nation of tyranny.

Equally as horrible is Billary (Bill and Hillary Clinton) running as president and vice president, maybe in 2016, thus continuing BO’s advance toward the collectivism that the progressives want.

It’s hard to comprehend why anyone would give BO a new breath. I can only state that perhaps voters are too naïve to figure out what’s going to happen in the near future under his reign. Maybe they were too mesmerized by his outstanding rhetoric, much like the Germans believed in Hitler. Maybe anti-BOs were too lazy to vote. Maybe they were puffing up their chests because they again elected a Black as president. Maybe they yell and scream in protection of Obama’s second term because they’re brainwashed, or perhaps because they’re trying to convince themselves that they did a good job in re-electing the president. Whatever reason, the bottom line is that BO out-did Mitt Romney (MR), who was the idyllic great white king who never sat on the throne.

Would Mitt Romney (MR) have turned America around? Return it to its foundation of freedoms and liberties? Recapitulate its reputation as the most powerful country in the world? Kick-start the economy to its pre-recession state? We likely will never know, as he not only lost, he has also vowed never to run for president again.

The question that comes to mind is Why didn’t Romney fight back, especially over the voting errors? This is a legitimate question. The reports of people voting more than once for BO; using names of deceased; voting in multiple states; leaving absentee ballots in dozens of containers, having not been counted; not sending out the military ballot; using fake IDs; and letting people vote when not registered, especially illegal aliens, rages on.

At my polling place, no one asked for my ID, and my friends who voted in other places weren’t required to show IDs, as well. So likely this too was another rigged election… or perhaps not . . . just the foolishness of the populace and delegates who voted for BO.

MR hears the same news we get (mainly on Fox News) so these unacceptable, irregular voting actions should have been challenged by MR. We saw the same thing in 2008, when Acorn cheated to get BO in, and we understood even then, that corruption in voting was rampant, so why was anyone surprised this time? Why does it seem that the GOP puts up candidates who can’t beat the Democrats? Remember McCain and BO? Was this year the same?

What we do know is that Romney represented a significant chunk of America’s values: Sanctity of life, traditional marriages, illegal aliens either becoming citizens or self-deporting to their own countries, and cutting back entitlements to those not deserving of them. These are only a few items he symbolized, and some of which may not have worked.

Was it bad luck that Mitt lost? I think not. It was largely his own undoing. He had enough power, money and people behind him that he should have taken the helm, but he failed to compel Obama to answer several questions on vital issues. Yes, I know MR took the high road, but politics is low-down dirty, and Obama is knowledgeable in that, with his Chicago cog propping him up. I supported MR as did many people who were anti-Obama; all Romney had to do was pump the already existing well and he would have won.

But many factors also played a role in his losing. Here are my thoughts on why he hadn’t won, and, I repeat, these are only my thoughts:

1. Likeability

It took most of Romney’s long campaign to finally reach some degree of likability by the American populace, which I believe didn’t start until after he accepted the Republican nomination; at that point, those of us against Obamanism knew we had to get behind Romany; however, that long period of acclimation didn’t help MR to collect more followers. This was an obstacle from the start line.

2. The Obama Machinery

Obama had the Chicago hooligans and Hollywood power and money behind him, as well as the Latino vote, the Obama ogres like Eva Longoria, Stephanie Cutter, as well as the teachers, the Blacks, the youth, the auto industries—among other unions—the corrupt Elitists and the female vote who wanted the right to abort. These huge segments of our society boosted him, as well as did his foul campaigns, untrue commercials, and a host of other lopsided actions. But to his credit, Obama’s people knew what they were doing and how to implement their plan. Their outreach to get people to the poles was ingenious and resourceful. Romney struggled with this.

3. Chris Christie

With friends like him, who even wants him? It’s perfectly understandable that the New Jersey governor would turn to the president to help his state, but it’s not understandable why Christie tooted Obama’s horn multiple times and “buddied” up to him, making Romney look like a betrayed fool. My respect for Christie has been wiped clean. He did more damage to Romney than Obama could have ever done.

4. The Media

No one is surprised at how low television, radio, prints, online, and other sources stooped to belittle Romney while elevating Obama. Where were the mainstream media on Benghazi? Only Fox News gave the facts behind this terrorism while the major media talked about a film; they never bothered to investigate, and neither had they pinned down Obama on the real-time events seen by the government as the terrorism unfolded. Had the mainstream media done so, Obama would be up for treason and impeachment, rather than having won the presidency. Mainstream media’s goal was to keep out of the news anything Obama did that was questionable and certainly wrong, while promoting the little that he did do. The leftist media would never have given MR a pass to not talk about his failures, to not discuss what plan he would implement to revive America, or to not talk about his connection to corruption. Yet, they did so with Obama.

5. Illegal Aliens

We all know Obama wanted the Latinos to stay in this country to vote for him, and he got that win. Romney was right that “illegals” don’t belong in our country collecting our hard-earned benefits and income. But deporting 50 million illegals (which is likely a more accurate estimate than 25-30 million since our government is unable—or doesn’t want--to keep track of them) is costly, illogical and nearly strategically impossible. Romney would have been better off saying something to the effect that he would create easier inroads to citizenship rather than rounding them up (or expecting them to round themselves up and self-deport) or shipping them back. He could have also advocated that making immigrants legal through a proper but an abridged process would allow us to keep track of them, make them pay taxes, and hold them to our laws and driving rules. Additionally, a truncated citizenship path would require them to pay the same taxes we pay for them. In all honesty, trying to become an American citizen for any alien is a long and expensive process. Having said that, I am heavily against citizenship through anchor babies.

6. Women & Youth Vote

It took the Romney camp too long to attempt to pull in the female vote; thankfully, Anne, his wife, did it best, albeit too late. And for the youth to cross over to Romney, who represents much of what they don’t like, was expecting a lot. But as much as these youth want to be free and liberal, they also want to be as successful as Romney who has mega business experience, unlike Obama. But the youth believe in Obama’s ideology because the schools—from elementary through the highest level of learning--teach (brainwash) them with the creed and programs of progressive, liberal, anti-American, pro-abortion, pro-gay and pro-Islamic beliefs. This philosophy and cultural metamorphosis is presented to them through lectures, text books, curricula and extra-curricular actions, and is offered even in some churches.

Couple this with a wildly leftist media, and you can see why our kids have no love for America and her traditional, absolute values. It seems the youth felt a chasm existed between them and Romney. Maybe MR should have tried being less stiff or talking to them plainly and clearly as the future leaders they will be. Or perhaps if MR had used his sons to help capture the youth vote, it might have worked for him. It came across as MR not really caring about or including our youth. That was another missed opportunity.

7. The smirk

I rooted, pulled for, urged others to support Romney but something about his smirk reached into me and dialed back the likability factor, as well as reminding me that his campaign speeches gave us hope; yet, that smug pause and smirk—most likely a natural reaction on his part--made me think of a kid who is pleased with and proud of himself rather than a man who would run our nation with surety and aplomb. If he said something the crowds liked, he stopped moving, quit talking and stood at the podium grinning while pulling himself up for more applause for his popular statement(s). It’s only something that bothers me, but I wonder how many others thought that.

8. The Weather

Two hurricanes pretty much wiped out Romney’s offense. The first during the Republican Convention, cutting out a day of activities and placing Rubio in a dim—rather than a brilliant radiant--spotlight; few mainstream media, if any, covered that.

Then Hurricane Sandy moved the spotlight to Obama who came across as very presidential and the Great Savior of the people of NJ and NYC. Why didn’t Romney confront him on the fact that BO may have uttered reassuring words but did nothing to help those people? Even at this writing a month or so later, these people are still without home, possessions, electricity, water, and gas; ergo, no heat for these autumn/winter days. So what did BO do other than give a rousing speech and then walk away?

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9. Bain Insults & Other Accusations

Every time Obama threw Bain and other insults at Romney, Mitt should have fought back. It’s better to set the record straight in spite of the fist-a-cuffs that might have come, than to remain silent when the truth and the person are being beat on. Romney didn’t fight back, and that appeared to his supporters as though he was too fragile and feeble to meet Obama’s lies head-on. Romney should have swung back hard every time the Obamaniacs presented him in a negative light or went on the record with outright untruths.

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I don’t recall ever hearing so much grumblings about a U .S. president than those voiced against BO. In his short four-year term, we have heard about his socialist plans for America, his assault on and disregard of our Constitution...