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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
January 16, 2013


In the previous article, I listed nine reasons why I thought Mitt Romney (MR) had lost the election… strictly in my opinion. This article is a continuation of that list. A lot of items and artifacts went into Mitt Romney’s loss, but the biggest problem of all was he, himself.


Take a look at these other points that highlight his campaign:

10. GOP’s Selection

Ron Paul could have won that election but it appears that the GOP and the Power Elite wanted Romney to be the party’s nominee. Paul was cheated out of time and attention, and respect. Few media outlets gave him any credibility when, in reality, he had known what was truly wrong with our country and how to fix it. However, when Rand went to the Romney side, all was lost for Ron Paul. Many felt that Ron was out of touch with reality and wanted to take draconian steps to bring America back, such as dropping aid for foreign countries, which the establishment believes is important for America’s safety. Because of Paul’s straight talk, he was minimized. So Romney got the bid in spite of the plurality wanting Paul. In essence, however, Paul hadn’t supported Romney throughout the campaign, not even when MR won the nomination. Many of those wanting Paul to win did not hitch on to Romney’s star. They saw the difference.

11. The point battle

Romney had multiple opportunities to match Obama point-by-point on such topics as:

Obama’s sealed records (transcripts, passports, real birth certificate, student IDs, graduate thesis, and so on’ Michelle’s thesis should be included since she criticized the Whites)

Benghazi and how BO let the four die but didn’t provide any answers to their families, as well as leaving our nation unsettled over the incident; still no answers come forth from the Obama group, now about four months later. What will happen with the Benghazi issue will go the way of other unsettling problems—NOTHING! This too will pass as do all of BO’s mistakes and missteps.

The economy , particularly when factoring in the cost of Obamacare in the future which will indebt our nation, our children and grandchildren, and perhaps even great grandchildren; its cost may well utterly destroy America or reduce it to third world status while continuing to give entitlements. Additionally, where was MR’s outrage over wealth distribution, such as the approximated 109 million Americans are supporting over 80 million “entitled” Americans?

Obamacare (issues of palliative elderly care; abortion, physician shortage, cost). If MR is a Christian, why would he not challenge BO on these issues?

Failure of BO to keep his promises and then lie his way to salvation (the Rose Garden and terrorism of which this is one of many).

BO’s failure to call Ft. Hood a terrorist act

Obama’s failure to confront Iran and other radical nations, and their terrorism

Failure to stop Iran’s nuclear weapon project from progressing, though BO did support Israel by exerting influence on a brokered a truce between Israel and Gaza and terrorists via Morissey)

Obama’s slip-up while talking to Putin before winning the election about “flexibility,” meaning he was signaling to Putin to be patient until he (BO) was re-elected.

BO making a unilateral decision to invest money in Solyndra and other unfounded investments for his friends that taxpayers did not vote on but had to pay for, which they lost their hard earned money on.

Giving amnesty to “illegals” and endowing them with the entitlements that American paid for; this includes the lazy Americans who also are getting entitlements so as not to have to work, while neglecting those who really do need help or assistance

Empowering Big Pharma

Socializing America through the auto industry, banking and medical/military complex as well as bail-outs, pay-offs and stimulus packages that added to more entitlements

Writing too many EOs and bypassing the U.S. Constitution repeatedly

Curtailing expressions of Christianity (consider the debate at the DNC over including or excluding God in their platform)

Loss of freedoms (spying, surveilling, Internet, etc)

Spending over $5 trillion in 3-1/2 years, more than any other president to date, and this is expected to nearly double during BO’s next four-year term.

Wanting the sole power of spending America’s money to rest in his hands, instead of with Congress, so that he could take us even farther in debt

Traveling sprees for him and his family to go on extensive vacations and for paying unnecessary staff (especially his wife), along with charging Americans for their excessive and superfluous entourage they had and still have vacationing with them

And a bevy of other issues.

Yes, Romney touched on some of these points, and certainly emphasized the economy, but he did not explain why the market supposedly improved; he did not underscore that the employment profile looked better because more people dropped out of the job search ranks, at that time, and thus BO’s economic stats glittered as we neared the end of the presidential campaign.

Nor did MR confront Obama on his false promises. And why did MR let BO slide on Benghazi, Fort Hood, and the ever growing debt placed upon Americans? This alone should have knocked BO out of the ring. MR also didn’t confront BO on the energy crisis and BO’s refusal to take advantage of the Canadian pipeline. Nor did MR contest BO’s assertion that he would close down any fossil fuel production facilities. The list goes on. Many see BO’s genius to transform America into a socialist, Marxist, and perhaps even Islamic nation akin to the ideology he was raised on. Yet the vast majority of Americans are blind to these truths.

10. Star Power

Okay, Obama had a boatload of radical, liberal (even rude and sarcastic to Republicans) movie stars behind him which doesn’t in anyway attest to his ability to lead but it appealed to the naïve, the entitled and the youth. One must shower kudos on BO because he had built a powerful base and was creative in marketing himself through his campaign staff and Hollywood gimmicks, unlike Romney’s camp which always seemed a step behind and way too low key. Sure, Clint Eastwood came on the scene for Romney but the youth saw Clint the same way they saw Romney: Old, floundering and rich. Eastwood was funny but he had no script, so it doesn’t appear that he punched up Romney any. To America’s youth, the Grand Old Party is “Old” but not grand.

I ask myself why MR didn’t make use of his sons to help sway the young; I have no answer.

And, along those lines, why didn’t the Romney campaign staff try to reach out to the youth, to the “stars” to help boost the base and shove off with enthusiasm and optimism? The latter was greatly lacking in Romney campaign. Americans want a dichotomous leader—buoyant, confident, honest and compassionate, but, on the other hand, one who is tough, stern, and strategic when needed.

They want presidents who come through with what they promise. How they determined that Obama again was to be that leader, in spite of his broken pledges, his major errors, his unpatriotic stance and his socialism agenda, is beyond my comprehension. We know that those who receive the “free stuff” voted for BO and wanted him to continue showering free living on them. I’ve tried analyzing this for many weeks and I am still dumbfounded. It can only point to the many Americans who voted for him because of his charisma and oratorical skills—like Hitler’s skills—and the deception of entitlements. I wonder how these voters will feel three or four years from now when there is no “free stuff” because America has become dirt poor and unable to fix her problems. The “47%” would still want their freebees in spite of a dying nation they shaped.

11. The Debates

Consider what happened after the first debate when Romney blew Obama away. Did MR not think BO would come back striking fast and hard? Romney was right about the Rose Garden and the “terrorism” term but he let Obama and Crowley clobber him over it. Did MR cower to BO and Crowley? The third debate was more akin to Romney deflecting punches rather than throwing them. Likewise, Paul Ryan took (PR) Romney’s lead when debating Biden, who actually did more damage to himself than Ryan, did to him, but nonetheless, Ryan missed the opportunity to pummel ol’ Joe. Both Romney and Ryan had enough fodder to blow away BO & JB but, again, they missed those many openings. MR, particularly, should have fought the BO campaign over how they demonized his position and made him out to be an idiot. MR again failed to fight back.

12. Selection of Ryan & the Ryan Plan

I continually ask myself why Romney chose PR, a sweet but highly inexperienced senator who put forth an economic plan that left Americans thinking that they would lose their Social Security/Medicare and allow the corporate fat cats to get away with low taxes. I believe Romney thought Ryan’s plan would put America on the right economic track, but asking seniors, especially, to embrace a voucher plan was infeasible; most seniors don’t like change. Likewise, the wealthy, as Romney is, appeared to get away with lower taxes rather than paying more to help an aging society and a growing younger one. There were so many other more powerful potential vice-presidents to choose from (Condi, Rubio, Jindall, Brewer, Santorum, even Bachman, to name a few), but yet MR wiped them off his slate and went with Ryan who, though a nice guy and financially sharp, was too green and untested to run as the man who could operate an entire country single-handedly if something happened to Romney. In many ways, PR was pretty much where BO was four years ago: A young, new, untrained strategy-planner, but not “heavy” enough to take the place of the president or even help in a clinch.

13. Contradictions

What I feared most, happened: Mitt’s rocky commitment to his own beliefs. MR didn’t seem to have all his campaign people on the same page at any given time. To Mitt’s ignominy, he did flip-flop on too many key positions, such as abortion, homosexuality, illegal aliens, Obamacare, and others. It’s understandable that he wanted to appear as a negotiator of conciliation, but when he spoke in public, his campaign staff seemed to not have polished him enough on his own values—principles he wanted to present as a potential competent and presidential commander-in-chief. Hence, it hurt him every time he answered a question one way, and then when asked later or in a different way, he answered it another way, resulting in the impression that he was coming across as wishy-washy and not solid on his own ethics.

14. Marketing

I can count on one hand the number of commercials that came across my TV screen. MR seldom advertised, and the few times he did, those ads were not damaging enough to BO, and nor were they beneficial enough for MR. Romney had enough money to pounce on BO but it seemed he went with a limited number of commercials, and those were targeted to only a few areas. I never saw an ad (apparently neither had others) demonstrating Romney’s grit and perseverance. It was difficult at times to determine if the few commercials that were aired were actually for MR, such as the one where parents and a child sit at the kitchen table, saying nothing.

Too, Romney failed to make use of his supporters in promoting him on the local, regional and national levels. Gingrich, McCain, Rand and Ron Paul, Bachman, Santorum, Condi Rice, corporate CEOs, Olympics committee members, Bain, and even the Mormon Church, could have spoken positively on Mitt’s character and expertise. Other than Clint Eastwood’s witty but fumbling monologue, where were MR’s supporters (that star power again)? Does that mean that other than Eastwood there were no celebs who could promote MR? If so, that’s a bad fact in and of itself.

15. Weak Campaign Staff

If MR was not contending against Obama and BO’s billionaire supporters, I would say that Romney ran a decent campaign, though not an outstanding or stellar one. But when contending with Obama—a sitting president, an incumbent, a class “A” orator, a man of means, influence and power, along with his thick connections with Chicago mobsters and the unions, industries, and bankers--Romney’s campaign staff lacked luster, clout and punch. Why his staff did not force him to go after Obama on so many issues important to the Conservatives is inconceivable. Instead of attacking Obama, MR often cow-toed to challengers or Obama supporters. Perhaps MR just had a bad campaign clique, but whatever, those who lead him in election did a questionable job.

16. The 47%

So MR made a statement that no matter what he did to get elected, there would still be 47% of the population who would not vote for him. He recognized that this 47% received the vast majority of entitlements. He made a statement of fact…not one of accusation. Obama went after MR simply because he did not want the 53% of Americans who pay for the 47% to know that many people were entitled to “free stuff.” Well, BO’s camp chased down MR’s comment but no one from Romney’s campaign went after BO every time he spoke an untruth or had a Freudian gaff. Too, MR needed to immediately explain his comment about the 47% and not shrink from the truth.

17. A Strategy

Yes, MR and PR laid out a five-point plan to get America healthy again, unlike BO who had no strategy at all, other than repeating the same things he did his first four years. But beyond PR and MR narrating their five point plan, they were vague on how they would execute it. MR and PR should have tested Obama on his lack of any outline for rescuing America and demand to know not only what BO would do but how he would get it done. This was another missed opportunity by MR. Those who wanted to retire BO knew that if MR didn’t get elected, BO would do what he did in his previous term—even worse--while gathering up speed and strength to propel his ongoing conversion of American capitalism to United Marxism. I’ve wondered if MR and his side-kick, PR, really did have a plan for implementing their five point program to bring America back around. It concerned me that if MR wasn’t going to tackle Obama on big issues, he may very well not do anything major to affect a rebirth in our nation.

18. The Election

Though not directly Mitt’s fault, the elections should have been recalled, and MR should have demanded that since there were screw-ups at the polls, from hitting the Romney voting button and instead giving the vote to Obama, to allowing the non-registered populace to vote, and more. Romney should also demand a recount simply because illegal aliens voted, and they voted big for Obama. Why are illegals allowed to drive, vote, receive entitlements that we worked for, get free health care, free education, in-state college tuition benefit when Americans out of state have to pay more, and many other unfair acts? I guess most Americans aren’t bothered by the perks non-citizens get that are paid for by working Americans. Be it known though that if Americans illegally cross into Mexico, they get nothing from the Mexican government because they are not Mexican citizens…Duh.

19. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Unless you don’t read or listen to, or watch alternative media, you won’t know that Mitt is actually a moderate rather than a conservative, as he attempted to pass himself off as. As a moderate, he’s really not so far right of BO. Romney was never a conservative; he played the role during elections. Hence, as a moderate, he wouldn’t go as far left to where Obama and the Democrats are, but he wouldn’t of the right either. If MR had won, what exactly would we have put in the Oval Office? At least with BO, we know what we’re getting; however, just as in 2008 when McCain was the chosen Republican nominee, we had to select between two evils…one of whom, again, would be the better of the two. Always in the back of my mind was the nagging question of “Who is Mitt really?” The election was a no win situation....


Romney was not the first choice for the Republican nomination, in America’s mind. It took him a long while to become the nominee, and even longer to get people to like him, though many Americans voted for MR as a vote against BO. The 2012 election paralleled 2008, where one-by-one all of the most viable candidates for the Republican nomination fell like dominoes. In the end, as was true with McCain, Republicans voted for MR, thinking he would stop our quick step to socialism; they did their duty while MR slacked in some of his own positions to set BO straight.

Mitt came with too many labels—from religious “cult,” to questionable business ethics, to his personal life, to moderate, and to filthy rich. This brought forth even more questions about his faith, his money, and whether he had the gumption to fight. Romney was a gentleman throughout the campaigns, but genteel men don’t win races.

In conclusion: Through the stupidity and naiveté of Americans and illegal voters, we now have a man in office—again--who is still inexperienced in business; who is a socialist and likely a Muslin; who makes deals behind closed doors and writing EOs to get his way; who hides his background; and who will entirely bankrupt our nation, put our children and grandchildren in drowning debt. Having won, he’s even more arrogant and smug and seemingly taking the stance that he is “the president,” and, hence, “the boss,” and he’ll do what he damn well pleases. We are witnessing the transformation of American President to American Dictator. Shame on us!

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What I say to those Americans who put BO back into Office simply because he’s black and gives you way too many perks, and you’re too lazy to check out his false promises and pathological lying, this nation by 2016, if not sooner, will not be the country you knew, you grew up in with all its freedoms. I guess getting “free stuff” because you think you are owed that by the people who do work for a living is much more important in the short term than keeping America alive in the long term. Good luck with that.

People ask me what I will do now that President Obama is back in office. I can only do what others—who think like me—do: Try to give him a clean slate, a second chance, and watch what he does and what he says, and to pray that he turns out to truly being the better choice. Click here to visit home page.

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Nor did MR confront Obama on his false promises. And why did MR let BO slide on Benghazi, Fort Hood, and the ever growing debt placed upon Americans?