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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
July 16, 2006


The previous article offered documented facts on the impact of illegal aliens. This article is a continuation of it. It is the third article of four in Part II of 11 articles in all.

Noted immigration researcher, Frosty Woodbridge, reports the following [1]:

  • In 2003, 57,600 cars were stolen in Phoenix alone by illegal immigrants �at a conservative average of $15,000 per vehicle, and owner losses exceeded $864 million�.Illegals use vehicles for smuggling people and drugs from around the world into our country
  • Arizona is the temporary home of 500,000 illegal aliens�costing [taxpayers of that state alone] over $1 billion annually in services for schools, medical care, welfare anchor babies, loss of tax base, and prisons.
  • Illegal aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion last year according to Harvard Professor George Borjas.
  • Americans are paying taxes for many illegals who aren�t paying taxes.
  • Annually, 75% of drugs arrive from Mexico at a net cost of $120 billion hard currency that leaves our country for good�.our tax dollars pay $80 billion for the War on Drugs each year.
  • When alien criminals get caught for rape, murder or drug distribution, we pay $1.6 billion annually in prison costs to house, feed and clothe those filling 30-percent of our federal and state prisons.
  • Over 300,000 women annually arrive pregnant and drop their babies [called anchor babies] on U.S. soil�we pay food, housing, medical, and school for them to age 18-plus�[the] average annual cost per child K-12 is $7,161.00 and exceeds $109 billion annually per cycle of anchor babies.
  • $56 [to $69] billion in pure cash was sent by illegal migrants to their country�Mexico--last year alone, after their kids received free education, free lunches, free medical care paid by U.S. citizens.
  • The average bilingual education per illegal alien student costs $1,200.00, also paid for by American tax payers. We educate 1.1 million illegal alien children each year�do the math. Additionally, many states offer �literacy programs, after-school tutoring, vocational education, and Parents as Teachers programs�all at the expense of the American taxpayers�[2].
  • We paid $27 billion to provide forms, ballots, interpreters and brochures for languages other than English in 2003.
  • An estimated one-third to one-half illegal aliens work off the books.
  • It costs over $200 million annually to provide emergency health care for illegal aliens in the border states, alone.
  • Illegals are arriving at over 4,000 per night, according to Time Magazine (12/2004); this year alone over three million illegal aliens will flood U.S. borders, enough to fill 22,000 737 Boeing airliners, or 60 flights every day for a year.

When I asked Mr. Woodbridge about the litter along the border, he offered the following: �It�s been documented, and I have seen it with my own eyes from two separate border trips to El Paso to San Diego. The average illegal leaves eight pounds of trash in the desert before being picked up...that�s a lot of tons of trash. If each illegal defecates once during their crashing our borders while they wait in the lay-up area, you�ve got a lot of biohazard fifth. I saw it in thousands of piles of human waste�and they do kill animals and cut fences coming across the border�[3].

He adds, "The thousands of undocumented immigrants who cross this border area from Mexico into the United States daily are taking a heavy toll on wildlife habitats and the species that live in southern Arizona, especially in [the] most critical wild lands� [along with] illegal crossers leav[ing] behind large amounts of litter, such as empty water jugs, old clothes, cans and bottles, and paper. Some border areas simply look like city dumps....Compounding the problem of trash is the large amount of human biological waste that accumulates in staging areas or pickup points�." [Arizona Wilderness Advocate, Winter 2003-04.]....

This is supported by Borders Crossings: ��Estimates made on the Tohono O�odham Indian Reservation that borders Mexico for 73 miles indicate that approximately eight (8) pounds of trash are left by each immigrant and drug runner who crosses border lands�The scattered and accumulated trash in Arizona border Wilderness and other public lands amount to a staggering two (2) million pounds (a conservative estimate) each year�.The resulting pollution of streams and riverbeds presents risks to legitimate users and creates a major concern for land managers who are suddenly faced with biohazard sites that must be treated accordingly for cleanup. The cleaning of trash heaps and waste sites provides only short-term relief, as they soon return to pre-cleanup levels due to the large number of immigrants crossing the border. [And] at any given time one can find 20-25 broken down or abandoned vehicles left by smugglers...staff efforts to remove the vehicles cannot keep up with the accumulation, and the method of their removal further damages refuge resources �[4].

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The photo below taken of Pearce, AZ, by the American Border Patrol shows how �pick up points have turned into trash dumps for the paraphernalia used for borders crossings such as back-packs, water bottles and empty food containers�.As tons of trash clog drainages, poison animals and defile the landscape, few environmental groups speak out against the behavior of illegal aliens. �There is no doubt that if this trash was being dumped by citizens there would be a congressional investigation,� said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol�[5].

And there are more facts in the next article. For part 7 click below.

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1, "Chilling Costs of Illegal Alien Migration," by Frosty Woodbridge;
2, "Immigration Restrictions Get Bipartisan Support," by Tim Hoover. The Star Jefferson City, MO. 05-02-06.
3, As e-mailed to the author of this paper on April 24, 2006.
4, "Border Crossings Impact Fragile Desert Environmentalists," by Burro. ENVIRONMENT, Mar. 31, 2006.
5, "Illegal Aliens Trash Arizona: Invasion Paraphernalia Discarded At Pick Up Points" American Border Patrol; Pearce, AZ (ABP -- 3/31/03)

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The scattered and accumulated trash in Arizona border Wilderness and other public lands amount to a staggering two (2) million pounds (a conservative estimate) each year...