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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
August 14, 2006

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This eighth article in a series of eleven discusses ways we can stop the invasion of our country. This is not intended to be immigration bashing; rather it is meant to offer ways to solve our problems. This article offers a 30-point plan for handling the �estimated twenty million illegal aliens having been present in our nation as of January 1, 2004.�[1] �In 2004, there were approximately 8 million legal residents who could apply for citizenship�29.3 percent of them in California.�[2] Add to that, the roughly 20 million illegal aliens in our country, and we have one huge country bursting at its seams.

Look at this chart from[3] It gives you a good idea of where America is headed, population-wise.

�The 1990s saw the biggest U.S. population boom in U.S. history�. Because this population boom was almost entirely engineered by federal-forced-growth policies that are still in place, the Census Bureau states that Americans will suffer this kind of rapid congestion every decade into the future unless Congress changes the policies.�[4] The population will decrease if we deport the illegals. also provides a chart depicting where our country will end up by the end of this century:[5]

Understanding the problems we are facing with the overrun of illegal aliens, this article, then, looks at ways of handling the illegal alien attack.

Legal Immigrants

Just recently I had been at an affair hosted by several families from India. Nearly all have good jobs, are highly educated, speak English (with an accent) in addition to their native language, and are honest taxpayers. During the course of a conversation, one woman�a university professor�bemoaned the problems with illegal aliens. She had said, �I came to this country the right way. I came as a student, went through the visa, green card, and legalization process. Nearly everyone I know who was born in another country and moved here to live have gone through the process of becoming American citizens. So why do the illegal Hispanics think they have a right to special treatment, especially when they offer nothing to this country in return for all that they get?�

I believe the illegals do what they do here�work jobs, send money home, use our medical, welfare, and educational systems without the obligation of citizenship�simply because they can get away with it. Now it�s up to us to show them the door.

What Can We Do About Alien Incursion?

It�s apparent the milieu of blame for this illegal alien invasion falls on many shoulders, and yet nearly no one wants to take responsibility for it. Certainly the Elite-Neo-Con-Marxists are on top of the list, followed by corporations. And our president himself and his Cabinet must admit their role in this. The bottom line, I believe, is that Mr. President and his cohorts, and the Communists, and the Elite want open borders to complete the implementation of the New World Order where all the Americas will be one region; never forget this, as this is the bottom line for the ripping apart of the seams of our country. And we know that some of the big-time corporations want cheap labor. If we fuss, resist and fight it, it gives cause for the officials to lock us up in interment camps. And don�t forget that the big-wigs want the votes from the Hispanics, a huge mass that can make or break candidates in either party, but it�s wise to know�as already mentioned--that we are not really a two-party country, as both the Republicans and Democrats are in the pockets of the Elite. As a side thought here, let me ask you if you would be all that surprised if Mr. Bush came forward at the end of his presidential term and passed an EO that would keep him in office, prohibit elections�all because of the invented mayhem in the country.

We are pandering to these illegals by not only giving them what they want, but also by giving them even more than what they�re demanding. Our police�who are supposed to be up-holders and guardians of American citizens�assault Americans to favor the Hispanics. A former Marine who has done duty in Kosovo and will re-deploy in June, and is a current member of the Kansas Army National Guard, had displayed both the flag of the United States and of the United States Marines on his truck while he watched the illegal immigrants� protest rally. He offers, �Within minutes of arriving at the parking lot I was approached by no less than four law enforcement vehicles and several officers. I was ordered to immediately remove the flags from my vehicle. When I attempted to ask why, the officer replied, �Shut your mouth and go home.� I was told that if I didn�t comply that I would be arrested without delay for disorderly conduct.

I was not allowed to display the flag of my nation that I serve and protect [but] meanwhile I stood in a sea of flags from foreign nations, some waved by hand, others attached to vehicles. I also was profanely insulted by one of the demonstrators who himself was flying a Mexican flag from his vehicle�.The disrespect and outright hatred shown to me by both the demonstrators and law enforcement officers of my own hometown was [sic] heartrending.�[6]

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Since our leaders are tipping off the Mexican government on the placement of the Minutemen (see #9 in the next article), and since our own country�s police force favors the illegal aliens, what can we do? Apparently, whatever it is, it will have to be done at a grassroots level because those of us who are opposed to this invasion of our country have little sway and voice.

All the power lies in the Fox/Bush governments, and all their underlings, right down to the local police, as well as in the crushing grip of the Elite of the New World Order. We are on our own to fight this and take back our country. The next three articles offer ways we might fix the problem. For part 9 click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,


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I also was profanely insulted by one of the demonstrators who himself was flying a Mexican flag from his vehicle�.The disrespect and outright hatred shown to me by both the demonstrators and law enforcement officers of my own hometown was [sic] heartrending.�