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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
August 14, 2006


This final article is the concluding piece to the previous ten columns on illegal immigration. It summarizes the situation.

Let�s establish that immigrant bashing is not only not the answer but it is also counter to everything Americans stand for: Ethics, humaneness, hospitality. Though many of the illegals express outright hated for us, we should stand tall and not stoop to that level. And not all illegals are raging menaces and many of the legal immigrants�including Hispanics--despise what is going on as much as Americans do.

Many legal Latinos are hard workers, conscientious and productive people. This article series is written for those illegals who are demanding rights, trying to control us and take-over our country, while being mean, slanderous, and profane.

Perhaps what we need to do to stop this alien invasion into our country is best summarized as, �Tancredo offer[s] a comprehensive plan for dealing with the pernicious effects of illegal immigration on our society, but open border advocates dismiss it as racist. Corporations disdain it as unworkable. Labor unions cannot fathom it. Some conservatives find fault with it. Yet Tancredo manages to plug most of the policy and enforcement holes that are responsible for the current untenable situation. His proposal may not be right for any particular group, but it is right for the United States of America. That's all we want from our elected representatives.�[1]

We have a travesty on our hands, and we must not allow our country to be overrun by hooligans from other nations who think they own us. We must put our beer and pizza aside, get off our duffs, and fight this destruction of our beloved homeland before it does become �Mexamerica.�

If we�re not out on the borders as individuals, or personally contacting government decision makers, or writing and speaking about the problem to inform others, or performing some other activity to halt this invasion, then let�s morally, verbally, and monetarily support those who are fighting this invasion�individuals, groups, Minutemen, the Paul Revere Riders, and other patriots. Frosty Woodbridge and numerous other bikers are doing their Paul Revere Ride�organized and founded by Woodbridge�leaving Denver on May 29 and ending in Washington, DC on August 5th stopping at all 48 capitols, at about 14,000 miles, averaging 250 miles per day. The route is featured in the map to the left. All motorcyclists are invited to join in the caravan at anytime during the tour. [Read]

Our fathers and grandfathers, our soldiers of today, did not go to war to lose their homeland; let�s not let them down. We need to go to battle here at home as much as our sons, daughters, grandchildren, and siblings are doing elsewhere. We must get motivated; we must get active; we must let our congress-people know that we are appalled at, and opposed to, allowing illegals in this country at the cost of legal Americans, and if our own politicians won�t do anything, we need to kick them out of their comfy jobs and not vote for them again, and have them charged with treason. Let�s get grassroots groups together to crusade for our cause, as well as some heavy duty influence from political, religious, economical, and educational arenas. Let�s not be fearful of them; they should be petitioning us for the right to be in our country. Since they have gotten angry at us and have been bullying us, we must then get motivated. This likely will get even uglier, but either you�ll sit by and watch, or push forward and meet the battle; if not, we will lose our country entirely. The great nation of America will become only a legend then.

President�s Bush�s Address of May 15th was no help whatsoever, as his temporary worker problem is akin to amnesty, no matter what words are used to describe it. He wants to couple this with a national ID card and use of biometrics, and there we are�getting into the mark of the beast. He thinks that sending 6000 guardsmen by 2008 will help the problem when in reality, the illegals still have two years to cross the borders at the same rate�if not more�than they have been doing. Plus, he will let the National Guard stay at the borders for only one year, and he fails to say what power the Guard will have if they catch resistors. He made it clear that he will not �militarize� the southern border because �Mexico is our friend.� And worst of all, he wants to let every single illegal alien of the 12 to 20 million here apply for citizenship (no doubt in a shortcut manner) because it would be too difficult �to deport that high number of people, and that many,� he argues, have been here with �good jobs, as good citizens, and with all their family.�

Newsmax confirms this:[2] ��troops won't even be armed? Sending unarmed troops to assist the Border Patrol with "logistics" consisting of paper-pushing and vehicle maintenance will do nothing more than place career desk jockeys and support personnel in a very dangerous environment. This is a political maneuver, not a true border security plan�.And to top it off, once again the President called for a "guest worker" amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants... all while denying that it's an amnesty� these legislators won't call it "amnesty", just like President Bush, Ted Kennedy and John McCain won't call it that. They like to use the term "guest worker program�It means giving illegal aliens a way to avoid any real penalty for breaking our immigration law.� In reality, what the President offered in his address�the Senate immigration reform bill now referred to as the Hagel-Martinez �compromise bill�--will prove to be disastrous to us, allowing for over 193 million new legal immigrants in the next 20 years. That would be a number greater than 60% of our current population.

The immediate result is essentially amnesty to about 10 million illegals; the crush of 193 million would come later. �The population would grow exponentially from there because the millions of new citizens would be permitted to bring along their extended families��The impact of this increase in legal immigration dwarfs the magnitude of the amnesty provisions,� said Mr. Rector, who followed Congress for 25 years. He called the bill �the most dramatic piece of legislation in my experience.��[3] According to The Washington Times, this bill is most alarming because �it eliminates a long-standing policy of U.S. immigration law that prohibits anyone from gaining permanent status here who is considered �likely to become a public charge,� meaning welfare or other government subsidy�.Additionally, the bill slants legal immigration away from highly skilled and highly educated workers to the unskilled and uneducated, who are far more likely to require public assistance.�[4]

Too, this bill has hidden in it destruction of the U.S. by take-over by illegal aliens who will get their full amnesty after all�just under a different name. And the costs to Americans will be outrageous! The initial 10 million illegals-turned-citizens would be, says Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, ��the largest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years� which would result in an approximate $30 billion every year to Americans.�[5]

I can�t help but feel that Mr. Bush got what he wanted all along, but yet made it sound as though he were doing Americans a favor by putting the National Guard on the Border. If anything, our president made the matter worse. It is heart wrenching.

So, Mr. Bush, I ask, what are you really doing to rid us of 20 million illegals in this country and growing as more and more cross the border daily, and the rate will increase before any Guards get down there to be effective?

It all comes down to one point: Upstanding illegal aliens need to become productive, contributing American citizens if they want to live and work in this land, and benefit from our resources. It�s that simple. If not, go back home.

Keep these comments made by Hispanics in mind when you sit back in your chair and do nothing to step forward and stop this invasion:[6]

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas: �We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population�.I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.�

And, from the same source:

Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council: �They�re afraid we�re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They�re right. We will take them over�We are here to stay.�

Lastly, from the same source:

Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University: �We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos��

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This type of rhetoric tells us that the illegal aliens don�t want to assimilate into our culture, accept our mores, or understand our ideologies. No, they don�t want to be Americans; they just want to own and control our motherland.

Are we going to give it to them?

This is the conclusion of the eleven articles in three parts on illegal aliens in America.

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I can�t help but feel that Mr. Bush got what he wanted all along, but yet made it sound as though he were doing Americans a favor by putting the National Guard on the Border. If anything, our president made the matter worse. It is heart wrenching.