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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
June 27, 2006


The Problem

"Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die. Through love of having children, we are going to take over." -- Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets[1]

The above pontification is representative of members of illegal aliens backed by powerful groups. This eleven-article series extensively examines our problems of illegal immigration�alien invasion�of our America, our country. I�ve attempted to arrange these eleven articles into three parts. Part I offers three articles on the problem; Part II provides four articles on The Facts & Stats; and Part III presents four articles on providing solutions through a 30-point plan. Each set of articles in Parts I, II, and III have their own endnotes for easier reading but in total, all eleven articles have 88 endnotes, plus in-text documentation that you can also study. So your first step to correcting the problem is to read these nine pieces.


As most of you know, I have been working on articles for some time that deal with secret societies; however, I want to move from this topic temporarily to express my viewpoint on illegal alien immigration. I have written on this in the past but with the ever-growing problem of illegals wanting to take over our country, comes my ever-growing and increasing frustration. Although Latinos�particularly Mexicans (the largest group of illegals)�are highlighted here, I am aware that there are illegal aliens from other nations in our country, so this applies to them as well.

And let me say right off, lest someone go off half-cocked when reading this, that what I am discussing here is not meant for LEGAL immigrants, legal Hispanics or other minorities who have immigrated to this country to become legit Americans. It is not intended as immigrant-bashing either; instead, it is meant to bring out the serious problems we have and then offer some ideas on how to fix them. But for those who are in this country unjustly and against our laws, I make no apologies for my thoughts here on paper.

I do thank and praise those immigrants who are in America rightfully and are just as aggravated as the rest of us over the usurping of this once wonderful nation. And I congratulate those who are here striving to become legal citizens; I do not begrudge them salaries for services rendered because our country is a nation built on immigration. No, this article is directed at illegal�read the word again: illegal�aliens, meaning �unlawfuls,� meaning criminals. If you react spitefully and vow revenge over reading this piece, then you likely belong to the very category I am addressing, or you�re one of those allowing, even prompting, the incursion of aliens into our country.

I�ve been holding off on writing this article so that I could gain distance on this issue and write from a rational viewpoint, rather than an emotional one. However, I can hold off no longer, and the rise in ugly bile in me over what is going on is taking its toll on my temperament.

I keep asking myself, �Why can�t these border-crossers enter our country legally like the thousands and thousands and thousands before them?� My father did it; my aunts and uncles did it. They all came to this country from the various parts of Italy with sponsorship, jobs awaiting them, a place to live, schools to attend, and willingness to learn English and become Americans. Each of them, within short order, had become citizens, and all my uncles and father fought for this country in WWII, with my father even entering the depths of hell in Borneo alongside the Merrill�s Marauders. Each of my foreign-born-turned American citizen-relatives paid their taxes and their bills, partook in community events, and assumed responsibility for their presence in this country. They wanted to be Americans! Our parents and relatives did not teach my brother and cousins and me Italian, though it was spoken fluently among our parents. However, each one of our adult relatives learned English quickly and smoothly out of the strong and urgent desire to be like every other American in this country. This was their dream.

They did not have the advantage of walking the halls of American schools where Italian and English signs were posted; they did not have the benefit of teachers who learned Italian to make their lives easier and give them preferential treatment; they did not take jobs under the table and not report taxes or not make their other obligations to this nation; they did not have directions in their native tongue on how to do something, assemble an item, or fill out an application. In fact, in 1906, knowledge of English in the United States had been made a requirement for naturalization.[2]

My parents and aunts and uncles did not have a single television or radio station structured around their culture and spoken in their language as the Hispanics have with their multi-media accessibility; instead, they learned English. They worked hard to study for, take, and pass their citizenship tests, and they celebrated with hoopla when they were pronounced �American citizens.� My family is proud of its roots and heritage, but we are, first, Americans, and secondly, of Italian descent, of European roots. My husband (he is of Irish/English/German heritage) and I teach our children how to be good American citizens while enriching their lives with the culture of our roots. But above all, we all stand honored to say �We are Americans.�

This is true not only for the Italian immigrants; other nationalities as well have worked hard to assimilate into our Western culture and become regular ol� Americans. For example, in Scientific American magazine (�Indochinese Refugee Families and Academic Achievement,� February 1992) �showed that many refugees from Southeast Asia with large families arrived in the U.S. with little more than the clothes on their backs and with no exposure to Western culture or knowledge of the English language. Yet their children display stunning scholastic achievement in American schools�.[3] This alone proves that poverty is not an issue in attaining citizenship and success. It also demonstrates that if immigrants are coming into our country and really want to join the American cause and culture, they can achieve this, but if their desire is to suck Americans dry and get whatever they can without giving in return, while they obviously can do this, too, as seen in what is going on today.

The Legal Way

The legal immigrants of the 1920s, �30s, 40�s and even right up to the 1970s and early 1980s went through the ordeal of being �processed,� many having to make their way through Ellis Island to be prodded, yelled at (processors behaving as though foreigners not understanding English meant deafness), and often donned with new names�all to avoid confusion, the spread of diseases, unemployment, and homelessness, and to introduce the American way of life. Those immigrants rejoiced over this Americanization, kissed the land their feet stepped on. A record exists for every foreigner who ever came to this country back then to become an American.

It is not like today where illegal immigrants make their way into the United States by hiding in the back of trucks, jumping trains, flying-in unnoticed, floating on rafts, tunneling underground or�worst of all�walking right across our southern borders, leaving litter, slaughtering animals, bringing third-world illnesses, only to overcrowd our educational institutions, demand and receive free medical care, and consume our assistance (welfare, disability) systems. It�s notable that Social Security and Medicare�earned by Americans--will soon run out, and yet the illegals put nothing into it, and most Americans will never benefit from it. Social Security will be depleted entirely by 2040, if not sooner, and Medicare will be gone by between 2012 and 2015.[4] Guess who�s getting funds we labored for?

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They do not come here to become Americans; rather, they come to work�with many not reporting income taxes so that they can send more money back to their country and enrich their economy. They come to use our sophisticated medical care�free of cost to them, while honest and legal immigrants and Americans can�t get any medical care without paying high insurance rates. They come to wring the guts out of our schools; they come to bear their children so they instantly and automatically and magically turn into citizens, receiving all the benefits Americans pay for; and they come with their criminals and felons, dumping them in our motherland. Read all the articles on illegal aliens at, particularly Lynn Stuter�s[5] who profiles the hell American families go through to get medical care while the illegals are upfront and personal with doctors, ERs, clinics, and pharmacies. For part 2 click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,


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I do not begrudge them salaries for services rendered because our country is a nation built on immigration. No, this article is directed at illegal�read the word again: illegal�aliens, meaning �unlawfuls,� meaning criminals.