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By Dave Hodges
18, 2012

"The real truth of the matter is, as you know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the United States since the days of [President] Andrew Jackson [one century]." -Franklin Roosevelt in 1933

On March 6th, Robert Stanford was convicted in a Houston federal court on 13 out of 14 counts of fraud.

The jury decision was delivered three years after Stanford defrauded 30,000 investors in 113 countries in a Ponzi scheme involving $7 billion in fraudulent high-interest certificates at the Stanford International Bank located in Antigua.

The corporate controlled media has accurately reported Stanford's use of the fraudulently obtained money (e.g., purchasing mansions, jets, yachts, million dollar condominiums). However, the corporate controlled media conspicuously failed to report that much of the stolen money went to bribing corrupt members of the corporate controlled congress on both sides of the aisle. The illegally obtained money was given to the likes of Barack Obama, William Nelson, John McCain, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The mainstream media also failed to mention that both the Republican and Democratic political parties accepted this fraudulently obtained money as well. The court-appointed receiver tasked with returning the money to Stanford investors obtained a federal court order last June against five Democratic and Republican campaigns. Yet, despite the court order, the leadership of both parties has still not returned the money! The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee received nearly a million dollars. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has accepted almost a quarter of a million dollars of Stanford's ill-gotten gains. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have received almost $200,000 of the stolen money. The Republican National Committee $130,000, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has accepted $83,345. These facts indict the entire Democratic and Republican political apparatus and they are unquestionably participants in a criminal enterprise system which is benefitting from the theft of investor monies in the same fashion as did ex-New Jersey Governor and Goldman Sachs executive, John Corzine, when he allegedly stole tens of millions of dollars from MF Global investors.

Stanford used his influence, through the use of the stolen investors' money, to block two pieces of legislation which would have made it easier to prosecute this crook with millions of dollars on political campaigns donations. The two biggest recipients of the "donations" designed to stop this bill were Senator Bill Nelson (D) and John McCain (R). Other important Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee also got checks from Stanford and the reform bill never got out of the Senate.

In the most brazen move in this litany of criminal enterprise actions, both the Republican and Democratic campaign committees actually possess the nerve to appeal the lower court decision to return the money to a higher federal court instead of returning the stolen investor's money to the rightful owners.

Anyone who votes Democratic or Republican in subsequent elections is complicit in aiding and abetting a proven criminal enterprise. RICO statutes should be immediately enforced and seizure of the assets of these political parties should be implemented and the funds placed in the nation's treasury. However, the entire system is so corrupt, it is impossible to know where to turn for justice. Meanwhile, the political whores from both parties have sold out the American people and the Republican and Democratic Mafia are not even trying to hide their organized criminal activities. Meanwhile, the bulk of the American people are still asleep at the wheel while this nation is being robbed blind.

To date, the Stanford victims have managed to reclaim about $150,000 from elected officials who accepted this stolen money. However, almost two million dollars of political donations are still missing. President Obama took his money and donated it to charity. Someone should explain to the Godfather of governmental corruption, President Obama, that he does not have the legal authority to dispense stolen money, obtained by fraud, to anyone but to the victims. But when has Obama recently followed the law? Obama, McCain, and Reid more closely resemble the Sopranos crime family than public officials who have sworn to uphold the U.S Constitution.

Since the Stanford verdict was handed down, I have been waiting with baited breath for at least some kind of explanation from these criminally compromised public officials, yet, there has only been silence. Therefore, I have decided to write a press release, on behalf of these criminals, who have hijacked our government, which seeks to rationalize their unchecked felonious behavior.

We got to get paid, we need to get paid, we deserve to get paid.

We are doing a lot of work in helping the globalists taken down Amerika, so "We got to get paid."

You want to run pedophile rings with relative impunity in places like the Franklin House, Penn State University and Fort Collins, Colorado? "We got to get paid."

You want to make people disappear without Constitutionally protected due process under the NDAA? "We got to get paid."

You want to put your cancer causing x-ray machines in the airports and soon to be on the highways, byways, railroad depots, malls, sporting events and your children's proms? "We got to get paid."

You want to bankrupt our country with endless wars of bankster inspired conquests and occupations? "We got to get paid."

You want to destroy the Gulf of Mexico for profit with first oil then with Corexit? "We got to get paid."

You want to poison the American people with cancer-causing GMO's that don't have to labeled? "We got to get paid."

You want to build and staff FEMA re-education camps, which are set to become operational on August 1st which will bring America and the world its darkest days since Auschwitz? "We got to get paid."

You want to spray the sky with chemtrails which inundate the sky with aluminum and barium that bring about early onset Alzheimer's and a host of fatal respiratory ailments? "We got to get paid."

You want to keep putting jet fuel (i.e. fluoride) into the country's drinking water? "We got to get paid."

You want to slow kill unsuspecting Americans with mandatory and unsafe vaccines? "We got to get paid."

Yes, we admit to turning a blind eye as the CIA, the ATF and HSBC Bank collectively ran guns into Mexico under Fast and Furious which was designed to undermine the Second Amendment.

Yes, we also admit to allowing the these same organizations to run drugs into our country. We admit that we have allowed HSBC bank to set up fraudulent bank accounts in order to launder money made from drug and gun running and then funneling a portion off of the profits to support international terrorism as a pretense to gut the Constitution.

Yes, we admit to allowing Ponzi schemes to proliferate on Wall Street which led to the "need" for the bail outs.

Yes, we admit to abdicating the entire power to declare war to the foreign born traitor, Barak Obama, who openly admits he takes his marching orders for war from the UN Security Council, thus making him a foreign espionage agent.

Yes, we admit that these heinous crimes against America should make Obama eligible for impeachment and conviction for treason and espionage which should render him eligible for the same punishment as the Rosenberg's from vintage 1950's fame. But what the hell, we need this President to keep setting the political table because "We got to keep getting paid."

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Yes, we admit that we no longer care if you, the public, know what we are doing. What are you going to do? Eighty percent of you commoners don't know what day it is. Besides, we have all the power and our puppet masters own everything, so what are you going to do?

"In short, we got to get paid. Leave us alone, lie down and take your beating or we will make you disappear under the NDAA."

End of Joint Statement from the President, Congress and both major political parties.

America, what are we going to do? There can be no more fence-sitting. Are there any of you that can reasonably refute the preceding paragraphs?

Thomas Paine got it right when he so eloquently stated, "Tis time to part." Can there be any doubt where this heading? Continue to follow these events here.

© 2012 Dave Hodges - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach as well as a former mental health counselor. Dave also serves as the spokesperson to the newly formed national coalition, The American Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights, which is designed to combat the growing erosion of personal property rights across America.

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To date, the Stanford victims have managed to reclaim about $150,000 from elected officials who accepted this stolen money. However, almost two million dollars of political donations are still missing.