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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
March 25, 2005

How much raw foods can accomplish in treating chronic illnesses is well illustrated by the immigrant Russian, Igor Boutenko’s[1] family. Son Sergie age 9 was a heavy consumer of dairy products who had become obese and developed juvenile diabetes with blood sugars ranging from 200 to 400. His mother was encouraged to have him stop the use of dairy products and cooked foods and eat only raw foods. He initially balked but when confronted with the prospect of a life full of insulin injections decided to give the diet a try (high intake of dairy products is known to produce juvenile diabetes). Within two weeks he felt so much better he asked his mother if he could continue the raw food diet. Five months later his blood sugars had returned to normal. He remains in good health at age 20.

Father Igor at age 38 had developed hyperthyroidism with white hair, insomnia, fatigue, heart rate of 150 and a progressing arthritis. He was advised to have radioiodine therapy. Igor began the raw food diet and in a few months all his symptoms were gone.

Daughter Valya had been ill from infancy and developed asthma at age 9 with fatigue. On the raw diet her asthma disappeared as did the fatigue.

Doug Graham DC grew up taking antibiotics. He had nasal tubes to drain his sinuses and was annoyed by severe dandruff and a progressive spinal arthritis. At age 23 he already had severe changes of osteoarthritis in neck xrays. At age 25 he started a raw food diet. Within 3 years all his symptoms had disappeared and his neck xrays had returned to normal. The healing of bony abnormalities by simple dietary changes gives strong proof about the importance of what we eat.

I am not certain why Dr. Graham’s bone abnormalities disappeared on a raw food diet. One could guess that a person who needed nasal tubes and required nearly continuous antibiotics was probably allergic to milk and that he consumed considerable dairy products.

Excessive antibiotics in children almost certainly stops normal maturation of a healthy immune system. Lack of healthy bacteria in the intestines caused by antibiotics creates an environment in which pieces of partially digested proteins are able to penetrate the barrier of the intestinal lining. When these abnormal proteins enter the blood the body properly reacts to them as foreign substances. The foreign proteins cause an antigen antibody reaction producing symptoms and setting the stage for a possible auto-immune illness to develop. Food allergies can also appear along with impaired absorption of nutrients which may lead to poor health.

Milk from cows is an unusually high protein content food. Cooked meat also contains considerable protein and Dr. Graham’s dietary intake included cooked food so it probably contained meat. In the metabolism of protein from milk and meat, acid is produced which must be neutralized by calcium and magnesium leached from bone. If the body failed to neutralize the acid residues from a high protein intake a dangerous chronic acidosis would appear. This continuing loss of minerals from bone weakens the bone structure.

Weak bones are constantly exposed to torques from the activities of daily living. Human bones lay down bony projections from their surfaces when they are being stressed (injury to bone framework when weakened by mineral loss, excessive exercise, repetitive small injuries etc.) to try to maintain the bone’s strength and function. These projections are called bone spurs and they are the prime clue that helps a radiologist diagnose osteoarthritic changes in bones. When excessive protein is no longer being consumed by a raw diet the alkaline minerals magnesium and calcium begin to reenter bone restoring strength to the bone. As the bone becomes stronger the bony spurs are no longer needed and the body proceeds to dissolve them returning the bone xrays to normal.

We know that countries where dairy consumption is low (Thailand) have almost no osteoporosis while nations eating lots of dairy products (Germany, Scandanavia, United States) are afflicted with an epidemic of osteoporosis. I think that terminating the high protein intake from dairy products and meat when Dr. Graham switched to eating a raw diet could have permitted Dr. Graham’s bones to restore the proper balance of minerals (calcium, magnesium) needed for strong bones. Over a period of time the bony spurs in his neck vertebrae might disappear. Reversal of arthritic problems by an alkalinizing diet full of fruit and vegetables is a worthwhile endeavor for all persons suffering from arthritis.

What’s Wrong With Milk?

Milk is a perfect food for calves. God designed it so it would cause a calf to triple in size in 12 months. However, as currently presented to the consumer, milk has serious problems for humans:

  • The protein content of cow’s milk is far too high for humans. Protein metabolism creates acidic residue (phosphates, sulphates). Continued intake of large amounts of acidic foods causes loss of alkaline minerals from bone that prevents the body from becoming acidotic. Bones losing these structural minerals becomes weak prone to fracture.

  • Diets high in dairy, meat and eggs produce large quantities of arachidonic acid. The body forms series 2 prostaglandins from arachidonic acid. The series 2 prostaglandins are highly inflammatory. For this reason persons with an inflammatory illness such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Alzheimer’s Disease etc. will fare better with diets restricted in dairy, meat and eggs.

  • Currently cows are being raised on soy protein in feedlots instead of green grass. Lack of green grass as food sharply reduces the quantity of conjugated linoleic acid CLA contained in milk. CLA is important because lack of CLA in the human body causes fat to stop being burned for energy. Instead fat becomes stored in fat cells where it remains until the dietary intake of CLA is increased. by CLA supplementation. The meat and milk obtained from feedlot cows contains only about 25 % of the CLA found in grazed cattle.

  • Cows are currently given bovine growth hormone BGH (Posilic) which increases milk output three fold. This increased milk output has a price. These cows are vulnerable to udder infections and must take antibiotics frequently. Thirty eight percent of sampled cow’s milk contains antibiotics. Also the lifespan of BGH treated cows is decreased. German veterinarians refused to approve BGH because of concern about the welfare of cows.

  • BGH treated cows have increased quantities of insulin like growth hormone IGF-1 in their milk. IGF-1 is believed to stimulate the growth of malignancies in persons with cancer and also appears to promote the start of breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males.

  • Cows taking BGH are thinner than normal. The decreased quantity of fat tissue to store pesticides results in increased levels of pesticides in milk.

  • In the process of homogenization, which nearly all milk receives, fat particles surround and protect the enzyme zanthine oxidase. This permits zanthine oxidase to go directly into the blood stream where it proceeds to oxizidize cholesterol producing arteriosclerotic plaques. Normal cholesterol has anti-oxidation capabilities. The incidence of heart attacks in Great Britain underwent a striking rise when homogenization of milk was introduced.

  • The most common food allergy in the United States is allergy to milk. Multitudes of infants have frequent recurring ear infections. These “infections” usually subside when milk intake ceases as they are often caused by allergy to milk. Many children have tubes placed in their ear canals because of these “ear infections”. This procedure has recently been discovered to lead to decreased hearing as adults. This whole infantile ear infection problem is usually milk allergy not bacterial infection.

  • Cows milk contains large amounts of phosporus as do soft drinks. Children consuming large amounts of milk and soft drinks must eliminate this phosphorus. The phosphorus combines with calcium in the intestines which decreases the quantity of calcium absorbed. The decreased absorption of calcium and increased loss of calcium in the urine when calcium combines with the acidic ions generated by a high protein diets causes softening of bones. Vegetarians do well with 50 % lower calcium intakes because they do not have the urinary loss of calcium brought on by the excessive protein intake.

  • Almost the total milk production in the U.S. is pasteurized. This heating of milk destroys the enzymes needed for absorption of milk and also kills the healthy bacteria found in milk. The result is impaired absorption of vitamins and minerals.

  • Butterfat is absent from pasteurized milk. This butterfat has anti-cancer properties.

  • Some patients with Crohn’s Disease have been found to have mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis MAP organisms in blood cultures. Cultures of ulcerated areas in the intestine and human breast milk have also grown MAP. Cows have a disease called Johne’s Disease caused by MAP that mimics the pathologic findings seen in Crohn’s disease. Forty per cent of large herds of cows are known to be infected with MAP. A seven year old boy developed enlarged lymph nodes in his neck which cultured MAP. Five years later he developed classic Crohn’s disease of the intestines. Antibiotics directed against MAP have helped most patients with Crohn’s Disease to recover. There is thus considerable evidence that Crohn’s Disease is an infectious illness caused by MAP organisms from contaminated milk.

The Milk Council has done a superb job of merchandising dairy products. The hazards of milk ingestion have been thoroughly covered up by this effective advertising. My wife and I have limited our intake of dairy to unpasteurized goat yogurt which is used on cereal. Persons who are uncertain about whether stopping dairy products could improve their health might wish to try 3 or 4 weeks away from dairy to see if they experience loss of symptoms.

What’s Wrong With Cooked Food?

Cooking food destroys the natural enzymes found in food which facilitate digestion. There is no doubt that uncooked food is much easier for the body to digest and assimilate. When cooked food is the primary source of nutrition the body’s digestive enzymes are forced to work overtime to overcome this loss of food enzymes. As we age production of digestive enzymes usually diminishes in quantity and nutrition may suffer.

Some persons are able to live long healthy lives eating cooked food. Also there are some individuals who do not do well on a vegetarian diet. Knowing that raw food might end a chronic illness gives you a simple inexpensive possible solution for a significant health problem.


1, Robert Rowen Second Opinion You Can Reverse Chronic Illness Without Drugs, Tests or Doctors Vol XV, No. 2 pg 3-6 February 2005

© 2005 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved

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Cooking food destroys the natural enzymes found in food which facilitate digestion. There is no doubt that uncooked food is much easier for the body to digest and assimilate.