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By Sharon Hughes
March 31, 2005

According to fellow radio talk show host, Glen Beck, CBS posted an article announcing Terri Schiavo�s death on its News website BEFORE SHE DIED. Written by Christine Lagorio and posted on March 28 it said, �Surrounded by stuffed animals and medical equipment in her small hospice room in Pinellas Park, Fla., Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo died.TK� They, however, removed it within a day, but Glen Beck saw it and published it on his blogsite before it was removed.

Some of what the CBS article said was, �Terri Schiavo was locked in a battle with her own personal image as far back as anyone can tell. She was an overweight child who only gained pounds through adolescence, reaching at least 200lbs. by her senior year of high school. (what's the purpose?) It goes on�"Close friends have been telling newspapers that Terri never excelled in school. She sometimes talked about becoming a veterinarian, but got barely passing grades while in Catholic school.� (what�s the point here?) CBS also wrote, �Michael Schiavo, who was at the bedside of his wife Terri when she died, (how do we know? she hasn�t died yet) told Larry King that he lives now with another woman with whom he has two children. "I can love more than one person," he told King. "Everybody can do that."

The rest of the article appears to vindicate Michael Schiavo�s position in all that has occurred, including that she was bulimic and that that was the cause of her brain-damaged state. Any news organization with class would focus on Terri's legacy and her fight for life, not whether she was overweight or made poor grades in school.

It all seems pretty clear that the liberal media, and in this case, CBS, stops at nothing for a story....even after Rather-Gate!

This story originally appeared on the CBS News website on Monday, March 28th at the following URL [Read] and can be read as a PDF file at [Read]

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It all seems pretty clear that the liberal media, and in this case, CBS, stops at nothing for a story....even after Rather-Gate!