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By Sharon Hughes
October 8, 2006

First we've watched Iran's President Ahmadinejad display his anti-Semitic colors in all their glory, and for all the world to see. Then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's Red was never as bold as it was when he called the President of the United States 'the Devil' at the UN, before the cameras of the world. And who hasn't heard about Rosie O'Donnell's true colors flying high when she compared 'radical Christians' to terrorists? Of course, it doesn't stop there.

David Horowitz's FrontPageMagazine has been reporting for years about the increase of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American activities, and bigotry by professors, in America's colleges and universities.

As well, WorldNetDaily has covered examples of the same kind of bigotry happening daily across America. One of the latest examples was pointed out by Joseph Farah, founder of WND last week about Pennsylvania State University Professor Mel Seesholtz's comments in the Online Journal in regards to the 'Christian Right's' opposition to three homosexual indoctrination bills which California Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed...

"A very wise woman recently asked me, 'Who will rid us of the evil lunatics?'"

"We will. We must. Public education and a civil civilized society depend upon it."

Farah writes, "In fact, he compares our collective form of "perverted Christianity" to a 63-year-old self-proclaimed prophet from Texas who reportedly raped a 22-year-old woman because she was possessed of a sex spirit and a lesbian demon. Seesholtz sees no difference between opposition to California legislation that would indoctrinate all schoolchildren � from kindergarten up � in the merits of homosexuality, transsexuality and bisexuality without their parents' permission and the use of religion to justify rape. You talk about "perversion," this is it."

I don't know which bothers me more. Such comments by leftist professors and communist, Islamo-fascist dictators, or that some Americans are cheering them on!

I mean...Hugo Chavez calls President Bush 'the Devil' and recommends that the world reads Noam Chomsky's book, "Hegemony or Survival; America's Quest for Global Dominance"...and the book's sales sky-rocket to first place on!

He accuses Washington of "domination, exploitation and pillage of peoples of the world," and that, "No matter how strong the American empire becomes and no matter how much force it uses, it will be defeated...It must be said to the peoples of the world, and it must be said to imperialism itself that in this 21st century I will dig the grave of U.S. imperialism." Then he tells the over-flowing crowd at the left-wing Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem that Bush �might kill me,� and prays �that the American people will elect a president we can negotiate with.� All to which was met with the crowd, chanting in Spanish, �Chavez, Chavez, the people are with you!� Unbelievable. Americans. Doing this.

Following his performance at the UN, as Jacob Laksin of FrontPageMag reported, Chavez went to the Cooper Union College in Manhattan, where he likened the Bush administration to the Nazis, described American policies in Iraq as genocide, and demanded that President Bush be brought before an international tribunal to be tried for war crimes. All of which was greeted with enthusiastic applause by the audience of professors, students, and trade union representatives, some of whom arrived outfitted in red shirts, in tribute to Chavez�s signature fashion. Again, Americans. On American soil.

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The liberals and PC police who wave the 'tolerance' banner to propagate their political agendas and version of morality, are also the ones who lay out the red carpet for arrogant dictators to step on here in America, welcoming them into our churches and universities.

To my fellow Americans who are cheering them on, all I can say is that you are blinded by the colors of bigotry, and you don't even know it.

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Farah writes, "In fact, he compares our collective form of "perverted Christianity" to a 63-year-old self-proclaimed prophet from Texas who reportedly raped a 22-year-old woman because she was possessed of a sex spirit and a lesbian demon.