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By Sharon Hughes
April 8, 2007

Al Gore was in Oslo a week ago giving his 'inconvenient truth' global warming speech to a crowd that included the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

Critics are saying he was there to lobby the committee because he has been nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian members of parliament B�rge Brende and Heidi S�rensen, who joined in their nomination despite political differences, (Heidi S�rensen is a member of the Socialist Left Party), jointly say that global climate is a fight for peace.

"This is clearly, absolutely, one of the important efforts to achieve conflict prevention. Climate change can lead to enormous flows of refugees on a scale the world has never seen before. Fighting climate change is immensely important work for global peace," said Heidi S�rensen.

How did the media report on this news?

The Right: Rush Limbaugh said on his show on Friday that the former vice president was there lobbying the committee; that he shouldn't do this but rather have dignity about such things.

The Left: ABC news reported: "There seems little chance of a link between his visits and any dreams of winning the peace prize, since the trips were planned well ahead of his Nobel nomination being announced."

Nominations for this year's peace prize, which is awarded by the five-member Nobel Committee in Oslo, had to be submitted by Feb. 1st.

The winner is announced in mid-October, the prize presented on December 10, the anniversary of the death of its creator, Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, which prize includes 10-million-krona ($1.4 million).

Let me ask you a couple of questions: Whether Gore is lobbying the Nobel committee for their prize or not, do you think he should get it? Even more: Do you think Global Warming is a PEACE (prize) issue?

Global Warming and Peace - let me see - can I connect the dots between the two? Nope. This just another effort by environmentalists around the world to advance their global warming theories and fear tactics.

Keith Olbermann, on his MSNBC television show, accused Marc Morano, Communications Director of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, working for Sen. Inhoffe, and a regular guest on my radio show, for putting out a smear campaign against Al Gore after the former VP's most recent testimony on Capitol Hill on global warming. The former Sr. Staff writer for CNSNews sent out a news release telling of Gore's refusal to take an oath to cut his own energy use. Olbermann called it a 'right-wing venomous campaign' against Gore, pointing out that Marc Morano is a former producer of Rush Limbaugh's television program.

For Full Olbermann Transcript Go here.

Al & Tipper Gore's home uses 20 x's the energy of the average American household, and when challenged by Sen. Inhoffe to basically practice what he preaches, Gore refused to even answer.

To Hear Marc Morano tell all about it on my show Go here (See 3/28/07)

Oh, and did you know that there are people who are going to therapists to get treated for eco-anxiety? One therapist says she sees 40-80 patients a months for this serious global warming fear.

Now, let's see...who's to blame for that? Al Gore? hmmmmm

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(The following Round-up provided by Marc Morano, Comm. Dir. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) Inhofe Staff)

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Al & Tipper Gore's home uses 20 x's the energy of the average American household, and when challenged by Sen. Inhoffe to basically practice what he preaches, Gore refused to even answer.