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By J.B. Williams
August 18, 2010

Like most Americans today, frustrated by the daily D.C. assault on everything I believe in, I often wonder how much difference I can really make and if I wouldn’t be better off to just go fishing with my kids and wait for the fireworks to begin, once the people have truly had enough.

Then with precision timing, just as I’m about to let myself off the hook and find a more enjoyable way to spend my time, a glimmer of hope shines through and I am reminded of why I research and write, trying over and over again to reach fellow Americans and bring them together in tangible strategies to reclaim their lost nation.

I’ve been researching and writing for many years now, with over 2000 columns published. Is it doing any good? – I ask myself now and then.

Back in March of 2006, long before anyone ever thought about Tea Partying, I wrote and released a two part series titled The People Still Have Power, I and II – intended to remind citizens that they really do still have the power to retake control of their runaway government, if they only re-learn where that power is and how to use it.

Four years later, I’m seeing very strong signs that some are indeed re-learning where their power is and how to use it, correctly. I should have re-released these two pieces once the Tea Party arrived on the scene. We might have moved in the right direction quicker and avoided a few political pit falls.

Calhoun County Michigan

In 2008, we learned that more than fifty percent of Republican precinct seats sat vacant across the country. More than thirty percent of Democrat precinct seats were vacant too. How could this be? This is where the people’s power is in our political system. The platform, leadership and policies of the political parties is set at the local level, from the ground up, in the local precincts - yet those seats sat empty.

By late 2009, people were beginning to wake up and look at those precincts for the first time in decades, and those who understood the power in those largely ignored venues, were about to begin the process of real change.

In early 2010, I was contacted by Linda Garcia, a regular reader of my column who had had enough and was begging to know what she could do to make a real difference in her community and the nation, for sake of her four children and the future of freedom and liberty. I told her about her precinct…

Linda researched her county precincts in Calhoun County Michigan and learned that her county GOP precincts were sitting seventy-three percent vacant, with only twenty-seven percent of the delegate seats occupied and that it had been sitting that way for a very long time.

In March of 2010, Linda Garcia decided to take it upon herself to change that.

Like all great ideas, movements and achievements, she started with one believer, herself. It would not be easy to find other believers, teach them about the power of the precinct, and get others to lay down their daily routines long enough to make a real difference. But it was possible…

By the May deadline for precinct applicants, Linda had single handedly recruited and trained many new GOP delegate applicants, as local GOP insiders caught wind of her efforts.

The official application period ended in May, however write-in candidates could be recruited up through August 3rd, allowing more time to recruit new delegates for both Linda and GOP insiders.

Linda and her recruits simply kept going, recruiting write-in candidates and by the August meeting of the new Calhoun County Republican Party, Linda Garcia had 137 county delegates – the old GOP guard had only 54…

Linda and her team had increased Calhoun County GOP precinct occupancy from twenty-seven percent to sixty-four percent in just a few short months, and her new conservative voting bloc now represented seventy-two percent in Calhoun County.

Dirty Tricks from the Old Guard

It took Garcia five months of hard work to gain a voting majority in her county GOP. But it took members of the local old GOP guard only six hours to sabotage that achievement.


With seventy-two percent of county delegates firmly in her voting bloc, Garcia hoped to send at least sixteen of her new delegates to the state convention, the number representative of her new voting majority. When the lying, shouting and manipulation of the Roberts Rules system was over, Linda would send only eight of her new delegates to state, herself being one.

Linda and her team had worked hard, but it was dirty tricks from the old guard that would win the battle that night. Despite her seventy-two percent voting majority, she ended that marathon evening with thirty-three percent of the delegates heading to the state convention instead of seventy-two percent. A lesson learned…

One Bad Apple

The individual responsible for sabotaging Garcia’s otherwise complete victory was someone she had recruited and trained. This individual was brought into the precinct and trained by Linda Garcia. He was welcomed into her home, trusted with his part of a mission Linda had poured her heart, energy and resources into for five months.

In the end, he was not a patriot, a friend, or a fellow public servant seeking change. He was just another wannabe politician seeking personal gain and willing to do anything to gain favor with the old GOP guard, angered by Garcia’s efforts to inject new conservative values into their private play pen.

While Garcia was out of the main room caucusing with some of her new delegates in an effort to organize her voting bloc, this gentleman was inside the main room dropping names, including mine as if we were old friends, and working to undermine all of Garcia’s hard work.

When the final votes were tallied, Linda ended up with half of the delegates she should have had going to the state convention. The sabotage had worked and the old GOP guard had held onto their convention power, despite their reported ACORN-like tactics in the county delegate race.

The Final Outcome

Did the sabotage really work? At the end of the day, no matter which delegates go to state, they are going to state to represent the will and official position of the County GOP, which in Calhoun, is now controlled by Garcia’s seventy-two percent voting majority.

The sabotage only left old guard insiders in a position of going to state with eight of Garcia’s delegates standing watch. The delegates going to state must carry the message of Calhoun County, which can now be set by Garcia and her 137 new delegates, her seventy-two percent voting majority.

If that committee attempts to carry any other message to state, delegates may have trouble holding on to those positions upon returning to Calhoun County.

As for the saboteur…

His name is Steven Mobley and he is a Republican House of Representatives candidate for Michigan’s 62nd District. This is NOT the kind of new ethical public servants we seek. This is just another wannabe politician who is out to serve himself, proving once again that dirty politics is not just in Washington DC or political insiders.

Small town outsiders become corrupt political insiders very fast, when their agenda is not that of the people. This is a glaring example of the difference between politician and public servant.

Obviously, Mobley won’t get much support in Calhoun County after such a public display. Every individual in the room watched as he played power-broker in his own self-interest.

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When the rest of his district finds out what Mobley is really all about, he won’t get conservative support from anyone else either. No more “lesser evil” candidates, remember?

Ethical people really do have the power to take their nation back from unethical politicians. To use that power properly, accountability must begin at home, in this case with Mr. Mobley.

Mobley is currently an icaucus endorsed Tea Party candidate. But he represents everything that both groups dislike most about politics and politicians.


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� 2010 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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Then with precision timing, just as I’m about to let myself off the hook and find a more enjoyable way to spend my time, a glimmer of hope shines through and I am reminded of why I research and write, trying over and over again to reach fellow Americans...