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By J.B. Williams
October 27, 2010

While every Democrat voter is not a communist yet, almost every Democrat politician is - certainly every party leader. So, why are we still pretending that there is some kind of nuanced difference between today’s Democrat Party and today’s Communists? JFK would be no more welcome in today’s DNC than Juan Williams is at NPR.

Yes, the Soviet Union fell in the 1980s thanks to Ronald Reagan breaking their bank in the arms race. Cuba, the last standing Soviet-styled communist nation, is forced lay off a million public sector employees because their bank is bust, too. Red China is on the rise, however, and Democrats have long ago introduced Marx into every facet of American society.

As Democratic Socialist of America National Director Frank Llewellyn states in his latest missive to his socialist comrades, “There are just 8 days until the election: This is not a time when progressives can stand on the sidelines.”

Note that Llewellyn did not refer to his comrades as communists, socialists or Marxists, all of which would be accurate. He referred to his comrades as “progressives.” That’s because today’s hardcore leftist is no longer considered hardcore left, but rather “progressive.”

Obama – Pelosi – Reid – Frank – Biden – Clinton – Dodd and every other Democrat politician is proud to proclaim openly the title of progressive. None of them is in the closet anymore. Bernie Sanders, a long-time card carrying Socialist, heads up the “progressive caucus” and John Conyers, a long-time card carrying Communist, formed the Black Caucus, which is not focused on Black issues, but rather the communist agenda. Both are legislative bodies under the direction of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Before Obama was repackaged as a moderate Democrat from Hawaii to become a shoe-in Senate candidate from Illinois, he was first a failed third party candidate of the New Party, a temporary front org for the Communist Party USA. But what’s in a title?

DSAUSA Director Frank Llewellyn warns his progressive comrades:

“Frankly the stakes could not be higher. A Republican takeover of the House of Representatives or the Senate would put an end to any chance of meaningful reform until after the 2012 election.
Moreover the limited gains of the last two years would be put at risk. Republicans have made it perfectly clear that their primary goal is to repeal all of the legislation --from health care reform to student loan reform to the modest reforms that were intended to rein in the Wall Street speculators who were the primary cause of the economic crisis that we still suffer from today-- that the current congress passed and the president signed into law.”

Then Llewellyn calls his comrades to arms… 4 things you can do now!

1- Friends don't let friends forget to vote
2- Join with others in local efforts to turn out progressive voters
3- Work from your home to help turn out progressive voters in other areas

Llewellyn has done a magnificent job of convincing people that despite the fact that he is the most powerful individual in today’s most powerful communist/socialist organization in America, there is some kind of nuanced difference between communist – progressive and democrat.


In his CBS News column from 2009, Llewellyn complains, "Socialism is now an active part of the Republican lexicon, among the litany of routine charges to be trotted out whenever they cannot come up with a substantive critique of policy initiatives they oppose."

We have heard all Democrat politicians repeatedly regurgitate this message since. However, in his latest urgent missive to progressive comrades, Llewellyn seems to say quite the opposite, as he takes aim at ALL Republicans and calls upon ALL of his socialist/progressive comrades to “get out the vote” for Democrats, or lose their entire leftist agenda under Republicans:

“Such a result would further diminish the prospects of restoring the economy and would legitimize the campaign of obstruction, vilification, and mendacity that they have carried out for the last two years. Further, a Republican wave would bring into political office a new class of political extremists representing the worst elements of the right-wing fringe.”

The bigger problem is that progressives think that everyone in America should (read does) have the right to vote. This includes duplicate votes, illegal alien votes, felon votes and even deceased voters. But it does NOT include the military vote, or the corporate America vote, the employer vote or the self-reliant patriot vote, aka the Tea Party vote.

2.9 million Military votes are being compromised as we speak, due to Democrats in control of DC refusing to mail ballots to deployed soldiers in time for soldiers to return them before the deadline. Caught in the crime, their answer was to allow a 24-hour grace period for soldiers deployed.

Meanwhile, ACORN perfected the art of voter fraud and 2010 promises to set new records, according to folks keeping a close eye on such things.

So, at this late hour, with all that is at stake, and with all of the evidence needed to convict in any honest court in the free world, why on heaven’s earth do we still allow communist/socialists to hide behind much more marketable names like progressive or democrat?

Maybe you will understand if you listen to Democrat Maxine Waters (Black Caucus) explain their plan to “socialize” the oil industry in America?

What do you think they mean by “wealth redistribution?”

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How long will the lies be allowed to stand? If Americans don’t begin to stand up and speak the truth, the lies will stand and soon, the truth will have no audience in this country.

I sure hope Glenn Back talks about this soon! If Glenn doesn’t say it, people don’t seem to get it. But I sure hope they get it soon. I sense that time is short.

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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Note that Llewellyn did not refer to his comrades as communists, socialists or Marxists, all of which would be accurate. He referred to his comrades as “progressives.” That’s because today’s hardcore leftist is no longer considered hardcore left, but rather “progressive.”