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By J.B. Williams
January 27, 2011

In a mailing to Michigan GOP delegates heading to the state GOP convention this weekend, local Tea Party Patriots leader Gene Clem opened with - “I am recommending Robert Schostak to you as the next Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party (MRP).” - calling upon fellow Michigan GOP delegates to support Schostak and his bid to become Chairman of the Michigan GOP.

Clem goes on to make a very important statement in his missive to fellow Republican Delegates – “Let me be clear: the Tea Party Movement (TPM) is not a part of the Republican Party. The TPM has many Independents and Democrats who would never join the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the chosen tool of the TPM to elect government officials. You must understand that relationship.”

The reason Clem wants to be so clear, is his candidate for head of the Michigan GOP is not Republican, or at the very least, he is certainly not a “constitutional conservative” like Clem and other Tea Party Patriots claim to desire in office.

In the 2008 election cycle, Robert “Bobby” Schostak not only gave thousands to Tea Party nemesis John McCain, he also gave generously to several key Democrats that make the list of the Tea Parties top political targets…

Nancy Pelosi (D) California
John Kerry (D) Massachusetts
Frank Lautenberg (D) New Jersey
Mark Udall (D) Colorado
Jack Reed (D) Rhode Island

According to all known Tea Party propaganda over the last two years, the Tea Party is for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, secure borders and constitutional conservative principles and values. On this basis, why would “conservative” organizations like Tea Party Patriots and icaucus support a GOP leader who supported known hardcore leftists like Pelosi and Kerry in the last election cycle?

The answer might be easier than you think. From 2008 thru 2010, Schostak also gave tens of thousands to the fledgling Michigan Republican Party, greasing the path for his bid to take control of the Michigan State Republican Party.


From a February 2009 Michigan Republican Party press release – “Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser announced the appointment of Robert Schostak as the party's new finance chairman. Schostak has an extensive background in campaign fundraising strategies, previously assisting United States Senator Spencer Abraham, Gubernatorial Candidate Dick DeVos, and 2008 Presidential Candidate John McCain.”

Schostak’s campaign giving pattern is that of a politico buying a seat at the big boy table, spreading his wealth around both political parties as he searches for a way in the door of party power somewhere. I get what he’s doing and why… but why would this type of individual draw the endorsement and support of Tea Party Patriots and sister organization Freedom Works, or constitutionally conservative candidate vetting group icaucus?

Why would a Tea Party organizer like Gene Clem work so hard to support a GOP Chairman that supported Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and John McCain in 2008?

“We are two concerned citizens who have given two years of our lives to the current struggle for the restoration of our republic. I am proud to march at Bobby's side for the next two-year fight.”

Said Clem, in closing his campaign pitch for Schostak.

Last December, Tea Party Express darling, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was in Michigan offering up her special brand of political rhetoric. Bachmann was in the state to stump for Robert ‘Bobby’ Schostak and his bid to become the chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

So, let me see… Schostak was hand-picked by new Governor Snyder? – and…

Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Freedom Works, icaucus, Gene Clem and Michelle Bachmann all support Robert “Bobby” Schostak for Chairman of the Michigan GOP, who supported Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and John McCain in 2008?

Seems at least some real Michigan conservatives find this a bit odd as well – “Now that Michigan has a choice for the GOP chairman position, I would like to ask everyone who might be voting at the Michigan GOP convention on Friday, to support Troy Rolling. He’s not part of the existing Michigan GOP party and that, my friends, is his BEST ASSET. Let me tell you a few things about the current powers-that-be in the Michigan GOP.” states – “The biggest complaint that people talk about are Schostak's connections to Democrats like Al Gore, John Kerry, Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow and Jennifer Granholm.” This is a race for leader of the GOP, isn’t it?

My how the stomach turns inside today’s political Tea Party wrestling match for power. Funny what money can buy, huh.

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As Gene Clem said in closing his pitch for Democratic Socialist financier Schostak, – “Do your own research. Take any opportunity you may have to speak to Bobby and make your choice based the best information available and your knowledge of the man.”

Get to know your fellow Tea Partiers a little better too… a Republican Party of non-republicans… hmmm, only a Democrat would have come up with that!

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The reason Clem wants to be so clear, is his candidate for head of the Michigan GOP is not Republican, or at the very least, he is certainly not a “constitutional conservative” like Clem and other Tea Party Patriots claim to desire in office.