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By J.B. Williams
March 11, 2011

On March 3rd, Arizona Senator Lori Klein was one vote shy of passing her SB 1433 initiative which would have made Arizona the first in the nation to protect its Tenth Amendment rights and place the state in a position to void unconstitutional acts of the federal government currently bankrupting all states.

Sixteen Senate votes were needed to pass the measure on to the House and on March 4th, sixteen senators voted YES to put SB 1433 back on the floor for consideration vote on March 8th.

But between March 3rd and March 8th, the leftist press came out of the woodwork against the bill and through a string of false news reports, convinced three YES votes to defect by Tuesdays vote.

Andrew Shepherd at Daily Wildcat was first to take aim at the bill, calling the constitutional bill first introduced by none other than Constitution authors Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, “unconstitutional.” According to Shepherd – “the federal government hasn't done anything to warrant nullification.”

So, why did 26 state legislatures and governors join a law suit against ObamaCare, and win in a Florida federal court? – “It’s currently being worked out in federal court, not in state capitols” – says Shepherd, as if he is totally unaware of the fact that the Obama administration thumbed their nose at the Florida ruling that took 80 pages to declare ObamaCare completely unconstitutional.

On March 2nd, the left-wing Huffington Post parroted Shepherds sentiments – falsely referring to “nullification” as a form of secession, when in fact nullification is a form of avoiding the need for secession by forcing the federal government to live within the confines of Constitution, Jefferson and Madison both agreed.

Steam was building in the leftist press – On March 3rd, Alia Beard Rau of Arizona Central falsely reported that the Arizona had passed SB 1433 in a 16-11 vote that day. In reality, the 16-11 vote was only to place the initiative on the floor for reconsideration on March 8th.

By the next day, TMPMuckraker had also falsely reported the SB 1433 story, borrowing its unchecked research from all the other “reporters” who had clearly not done their homework.
TMPMuckraker couldn’t resist the opportunity to give its scholarly opinion – “Nullification laws go against the language of the Constitution” – said writer Jillian Rayfield.

It was starting to sound like an echo chamber of leftist attacks, all of them based on a false story that none in the string of so-called reporters bothered to check before rushing to print. The leftists press was in full swing and nobody cared whether or not they were reporting the truth.

By the time Arizona Central printed a retraction of the original false report on March 5th, dingbat Democrats were up in arms across the state, especially Democrat dingbat Paula Aboud of Pima County, who was threatening that Pima County would secede from the state of Arizona if 1433 passed.

But what were they so upset about? Do Democrats not believe in state sovereignty and Tenth Amendment rights? Do they really believe that the two men most responsible for writing the US Constitution would also write nullification, if it was truly “unconstitutional?”

Or are they just scared to cross the tyrannical federal government and really represent Arizona citizens. Are they on-board Obama’s torching of the US Constitution and his blatant efforts to force every state into one great big international socialist third world existence?

Then Democrat Kyrsten Sinema helped perpetuate the “crazy” bundle of lies spewing from her friends in the leftist press, in her Modern Times interview, later retracted also, as writer John Guzzon had also failed to do his journalism due diligence and Sinema didn’t bother to correct him.

The entire string of “news” reports were bogus from the start and not one left-wing “reporter” stopped to check their facts before going to print, even after retractions had been issued on the original Arizona Central story.

But, Sinema knew better… She knew the reports were false and decided to grab her 15 seconds of fame and a chance to put her pretty picture in print, all based upon reports she knew to be false. Her dingbat Democrat friends from Pima County were so upset by what leftist members of the legislature and press had falsely labeled “secession” that they threated to, you got it, secede…

It was a parade of fools and even the AP and Business Week couldn’t resist the urge to join the chorus of clowns. Still, with all that coverage, not a single leftist publication managed to get the story right.

Worst of all, none of them seem to think that states have Tenth Amendment rights or state sovereignty, and that our Founding Fathers, who are surely rolling over in their graves by now, formed a third world nation run by federal Czars and unelected judges.

Just to be “credible,” Modern Times dusted off and dragged out a couple of obscure law professors from the local colleges to confirm that the press is right, the US Constitution is just a crusty old document that is no longer in force or effect.

Arizona State University law professor Paul Bender, said – “SB 1433 is entirely invalid. State legislatures can disagree with federal law, they can complain about federal law, but they cannot nullify the legal effect of federal law. Only the courts can do that.” – Huh? An unelected judge decides what rights a state does or does not have under the Tenth Amendment? Isn’t that a bit like asking the fox what the rules of the hen house should be?

Steven Gonzales, professor at the Phoenix College of Law, said – “SB 1433 and legislation like it are relics of a past that should be forever discredited.” Kind of like the US Constitution and Bill of Rights I guess, huh professor?

I can’t help but wonder what these esteemed law professor think the Founders meant by - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. -?

I guess we have to ask a judge somewhere… which means, the states have whatever rights we can get some judge to allow, according to the law professors.

The people need to understand that THIS is exactly how the press works. There was NO truth in anything these people printed, and they DO NOT care because they achieved their desired result. They whipped the public into opposing their own rights!

At the end of the day though, it was not nutty Democrats or their leftist press that killed SB 1433 and ended any hope of states’ rights in Arizona, it was nine Republicans in the Arizona Senate.

Nancy Barto, R - John Nelson, R - Rich Crandall, R - Steve Pierce, R - Steve Yarbrough, R - Adam Driggs, R - Linda Gray, R - John McComish, R - Michele Reagan, R – ALL voted against the measure on Tuesday, I guess after reading all the false reports from their local leftist press, proving again that Republican doesn’t always mean conservative.

These nine Republicans stood with nine senate Democrats, against twelve Republicans with real backbone and a deep respect for the constitutional rights of their state.

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Senator Lori Klein had done all she could do and Senate President Pearce admonished the body for lacking the backbone to protect the citizens of Arizona and he was right. Senator Don Shooter put his political career on the line to vote YES, even when he knew the bill was doomed, willing to do the right thing no matter the cost.

Funny how doing the right thing has always been considered radical. The Founding Fathers were all considered radicals too though, so Shooter is keeping good company, along with the other brave senators who voted YES on SB 1433, no matter the cost.

The good news is – This vote makes it crystal clear which nine senate Republicans need to be replaced in Arizona. Arizona conservative have some work to do…

The leftist reporters and lawyers should find new careers…

� 2011 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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The entire string of “news” reports were bogus from the start and not one left-wing “reporter” stopped to check their facts before going to print, even after retractions had been issued on the original Arizona Central story.