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By J.B. Williams
September 29, 2011

Actor Morgan Freeman recently made a statement that Barack Obama was making racism worse in America and he was right about that part of his statement. Before the 2008 election, I was one of many white American’s who foolishly believed that we had mostly overcome racism in America. My children had no concept of racism and no concern for skin color, before the public school system taught them the differences between white folks and black folks, in the name of celebrating diversity.

In this regard, Freeman’s comments were on point. We shouldn’t have Black History Month, nor should our schools be teaching kids that there is some difference between white people and black people, that runs more than skin deep.

But then Freeman used his otherwise intelligent American-sounding message to launch an assault on the Tea Party, as if there are no black members of society who belong to the Tea Party movement, as upset with Obama’s socialism as white folks are… At that moment, Freeman used race to promote his political agenda, which is what he said people should stop doing.

I believed that racism in America was largely dead, until I watched the 2008 election turn from a contest to elect the most qualified leader for our nation, into a circus based on “making history” by electing the countries first black president. Then I watched 98% of black voters cast their votes strictly on that basis, the color of Obama’s skin, with no concern over whom and what Barack Obama really is.

It was that moment when I realized that racism was alive and well in America and that any notion of putting racism in our past was just plain silly. Obama is not the messiah of hope and change – he is the messiah of hate and division.

Since the 2008 election we have witnessed members of the Black Caucus telling white Tea Partiers to “go to hell…” – We witnessed leaders of the labor movement calling for “war in the streets,” against white non-union workers… - We heard Vice President Biden tell blacks and union thugs in Cincinnati that they are “at war” for the future of the black and labor union agendas in America, referring to anti-Marxism Americans against socialism as “barbarians at the gate…” - and Obama just told guest at the Black Caucus event to “stop crying and put on their marching shoes…”

Meanwhile, incidents of black mob violence have been increasing across the country. Young black mobs have been attacking whites, gang robbing stores, destroying property and in short, responding to calls from the political left to RAGE against American capitalists. Using community organizing orgs to organize violence, blacks and labor union thugs, is ratcheting up racism from coast to coast.

Are they simply responding to left-wing calls to take to the streets, at war with white capitalist America?

Obama & Co. have intentionally painted a target on white capitalist America, and they often name the Tea Party specifically, as their political enemy, calling upon blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and union thugs to take their war on white capitalists to the streets. It should surprise no one that youths from these groups are following the current administrations call to action.

This resulted in a recent violent home invasion in Philly, placing the security of an innocent family at risk in their own home as young black and Hispanic kids shouted – “We got you, you white mother-------!” – “Something's going to happen now!” – just before they crashed into the home, hit 37 year-old father and coach Mark LaVelle with a pipe, punched him in the face and pulled a gun on him in his own home.

Recently in Florida, a mob of black high school football players and coaches attacked a referee on the field. The political left has convinced these folks that they are entitled to other people’s property, and now they are telling these folks that if Tea Party types won’t give up their property willingly, they should take it, violently if necessary.

Philly is trying to lock the city down in order to get the thug violence under control.

Obama ran for office on race, and has governed like a racist every day since. Freeman is right -- Obama has indeed made racism worse in America. But Obama is not doing this accidentally, he is doing it purposefully.

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Now that Obamanomics has driven black unemployment and poverty to record levels, of course the black community is angry and ready to take that which they feel entitled to, that which Obama failed to deliver. Now that Obama has made it nearly impossible for America’s youths to find honest work, of course they are raging against “rich folks.”

Obama & Co. will continue to ratchet up the racism because it’s the only thing they have to try to salvage Obama’s failed administration in the 2012 election. But will the black community continue to be duped into violent action by hardcore leftists exploiting them for an anti-American agenda that is costing blacks more than anyone else?

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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In this regard, Freeman’s comments were on point. We shouldn’t have Black History Month, nor should our schools be teaching kids that there is some difference between white people and black people, that runs more than skin deep.