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By J.B. Williams
March 10, 2012

Sadly, watching the GOP primary unfold is a bit like watching paint dry. You don't have to be Nostradamus to see the future outcome of this process, nor do you have to be a political science major to know how it is able to happen.

It's true that the two major political parties are more alike than different today. It's not true that we don't know how this happened or how to fix it.

For decades now, conservatives have been complaining that it is impossible to advance a truly conservative candidate within the Republican Party primary process. Yet, not one of those complainers has been smart enough or focused enough to solve that problem by simply putting an end to open primaries.

Simply stated, you will never get Democrat and Independent voters to help you nominate a real conservative in your party, so why do you allow them to vote in your primaries? It was party suicide from the start and now we are reaping the consequences with RINOs galore.

As of the final Super Tuesday tally, here's how the GOP primary shapes up...











































Just like John McCain in 2008, Mitt Romney was chosen as the 2012 RNC favorite before the process ever started and the process was then manipulated to make sure that the RNC chosen one would emerge the party victor. Think not?

Rick Santorum cannot catch Mitt Romney in the race for GOP delegates, no matter how many dirty tricks he pulls out of his hat.

In Michigan and Ohio, Santorum linked up with famed leftist Hollyweirdo Michael Moore to drive democrats and union workers into the GOP voting booth in an unbridled and unprincipled effort to upset RNC golden boy Mitt Romney. That effort failed in both states...

But in Tennessee, they tried a different underhanded tactic and succeeded… Hours before the election, Santorum met with several state delegates declared on the ballot for Gingrich, one even the Co-Chair of the Gingrich campaign, convincing them to switch to Santorum delegates even though the state ballots declared them all for Gingrich.

It amounted to election fraud, as millions of Tennessee Gingrich supporters cast vote after vote for Gingrich delegates that had quietly switched to Santorum hours before the election. The old backroom switcheroo had worked and Santorum won Tennessee, snatching the number two spot in the GOP race from Gingrich for the first time.

As I write this morning, Santorum demonstrates just how far out of check his ego really is by suggesting that he would consider Newt Gingrich for his running mate. As we used to say in my old football days, Santorum can't carry Newt's jock strap… He isn't qualified for more than Newt's water boy!

The rest is already written…One need only understand that united defeats divided every single time.

This is what Party Unity looks like, by the numbers…




On Hand


Barack Obama (D)




Randall A. Terry (D)








In 2008, Barack Obama outspent John McCain by a 3-to-1 margin and the man from nowhere with a totally blank résumé became Dictator-n-Chief of the Divided States of America.

So far in 2012, Republicans have out-raised Democrats, $176,896,702 to $137,009,999…

However, this is what a Party Divided looks like… (as of the most recent campaign filings)




On Hand

Mitt Romney (R)




Ron Paul (R)




Rick Perry (R)




Newt Gingrich (R)




Herman Cain (R)




Michele Bachmann (R)




Rick Santorum (R)




Jon Huntsman (R)




Tim Pawlenty (R)




Thad McCotter (R)




Fred Karger (R)








  • Italicized is no longer in the race

Not counting Ron Paul, who was unable to win a single state out of twenty-two contests despite placing second to Romney in funds raised and spent, GOP voters wasted over $56 million on candidates no longer in the race, seven of them. If you do count Ron Paul, they have wasted over $86 million on candidates not going anywhere.

Romney has the clear lead and the money to make it to the finish line. Gingrich and Paul both have more money on hand than Santorum. Without the dirty tricks, Santorum would not be in the race at all by now. Santorum was never going to win the nomination. He just doesn't have the résumé for it.

An honest résumé on Santorum would read: 1) I was present in congress when Newt Gingrich was successful; 2) I voted for everything I am running against now. Still, Santorum would be able to derail the Gingrich campaign… and that is what the RNC was counting on. You're welcome Mitt!

Conservatives need to pay attention to how he stayed in until now… once again, they will get what they deserve for supporting a candidate willing to use such underhanded tactics in the race.

Santorum may have positioned himself for Vice Presidential running mate on the bottom of the ticket with Romney, however. He could be Romney's Dan Quayle.

Where does this leave the GOP in November?

As of today, Obama has a $76 million to Romney's $7.5 million, a 10-to-1 advantage, and Obama has only begun to raise his billion dollar war chest for re-election.

In the good ole days of party unity, candidates dropped out of the race when it became clear they could not win and tossed their delegate and financial support behind the front-runner.

But in today's my way or the highway - every man for himself party, candidates don't get out of the race until they run out of money and have completely divided the voters. This is what a party divided looks like and it comes at a very high price this time around.

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Ron Paul's nine-hundred thousand libertarian voters are not likely to ever vote for anyone other than Ron Paul.

Most of the Tea Party voters once behind the plethora of candidates now out of the race are split between Romney, Santorum and Gingrich. Way to go you independent thinkers!

In the end, from every angle you can assess the situation -- the door is wide open for Obama's re-election in November and it is hard to imagine any means possible to change that outcome at this point.

But I do look forward to reader mail from each candidate's supporters telling how I have the math all wrong.

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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It's true that the two major political parties are more alike than different today. It's not true that we don't know how this happened or how to fix it.