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By J.B. Williams
April 19, 2012

International Socialists and their Washington D.C. politicians have successfully divided the once United States into competing factions, both ready for all-out war in 2012.

As the Tea Party still struggles to find an identity, unity and direction, the international left steam rolls ahead, forcing the United States towards an economic abyss via policies that promise to enslave every citizen for generations to come. It no longer requires any imagination to see the Cloward-Piven Strategy in full bloom.

In a recent missive from DSA USA, (The Democratic Socialists of America) which operates through both the Progressive and Black Caucus’s in congress and the Obama White House, the marching orders are clear…

Netroots Nation is an important gathering of the American progressive movement. It started in 2006 as a meeting of liberal bloggers organized by Daily Kos, but it has evolved into something much more. It is place where bloggers, labor activists, environmental and community groups, and progressive office holders can come together to discuss issues, develop strategies, and learn new organizing tools—both social media and conventional.” – DSA Memo

Democratic Socialists now in control of nearly every aspect of government, media and academia in America, keep their friends close and watch their enemies closely…

“Remember the December Pew survey showing that more and more Americans have a positive view of socialism. And that absent a strong socialist voice in the progressive movement and American politics, even the most moderate reforms to rein in corporate power will be red-baited off the map. (Not to mention that the Right continues to call even mildly progressive politicians socialist as a scare tactic.)” - DSA Memo

The subject Pew Poll provides some frightening statistics concerning America’s new attitude towards socialism. The left-wing Huffington Post sums it up by simply stating – “socialism has more fans than opponents among the 18-29 crowd. Forty-nine percent of people in that age bracket say they have a positive view of socialism; only 43 percent say they have a negative view.”

The dots are easily connected today, unlike the movement that operated in the shadows during the McCarthy era, when being a communist or socialist could get you black-listed in almost any industry, including Hollywood. “Young people -- the collegiate and post-college crowd, who have served as the most visible face of the Occupy Wall Street movement -- might be getting more comfortable with socialism.”Huff Po

Contrary to the totally divided and grossly un-funded Tea Party operation, the leftist Netroots Nation is very united and very well-funded. Netroots is an international operation complete with wealthy financiers and big corporate sponsors like –

Democracy for America – Credo Mobile – Alliance for American Manufacturing – AFL-CIO – SEIU – AFSCME – American Federation of Teachers – Speed Matters – Daily KOS – Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee – Planned Parenthood – – Salsa – Advocates for Youth – Advomatic – American Constitution Society – American Values Network – American Wind Energy Association – America’s Voice – Faith in Public Life – International Association of Firefighters - International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers - J Street - Living Liberally - Middle Coast - NCC Media - Ploughshares Fund - The Union of Unemployed.

Look at that list of corporate sponsors…. We are talking billions in funding for left-wing causes and the sponsors span the spectrum of hi-tech industries with mass and social media expertise. We are looking at a massive international cabal of very well-funded left-wing operatives with a take-no-prisoners attitude towards anyone foolish enough to resist the current Marxist assault on the United States.

And this is just the beginning…

The battle cry for left-wing violence against all resisters is reaching a crescendo… as left-wing leaders like Louis Farrakhan call for people to “kill their leaders” in the coming days – Obama’s New Black Panther’s call to “suit up and boot up” for the “killing of white pigs” on open radio…. and even Fox News Democrat power-broker Bob Beckel can’t hold back his on-screen F-bomb rants anymore.

Democratic Socialists are simply “democrats” who have adopted “socialism” as their agenda for America (or) socialists and communists who seized control of the DNC almost forty years ago now.

At the 2012 Netroots Nation Event, ALL of the well-known “democrat” leaders of our federal government and many states, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, will be in attendance. Yet even patriots seem unaware of the reality that today’s Democrats are not progressives or liberals, they are SOCIALISTS.

Leftists have created the perfect Cloward-Piven storm -- broad-based economic collapse, race war, class envy, religious persecution, mass-moral relativity and wide-spread social chaos fueled by increasing anger and pure bloodlust.


Meanwhile, the Tea Party remains completely divided, un-funded, without direction, largely unaware of the pure massive evil it faces and in a word, impotent. The kinder-gentler nature of the Tea Party movement is in way over its head in the battle with the massive evil empire of international socialists they face and the sooner they recognize this reality, the sooner they can self-correct and become a viable resistance.

Where are the huge corporate sponsors behind the so-called patriot movement, the only resistance standing between American freedom and a socialist abyss? Where is the huge international support from people all over the world that recognize the reality that if America is no longer free, freedom will exist nowhere on earth?

And why have so-called patriots allowed themselves to be divided between more than twenty-thousand competing groups, leaving all of them completely impotent against a very well organized and funded enemy of their country?

Do patriots really believe that this election or any other will turn this country around and head it back towards individual rights over collective rights, freedom over the false promise of free-stuff for all? Do patriots really even understand the battle they are in for the future of freedom, or the evil nature of their enemies?

It’s not game on… it’s a suicide mission. The Tea Party operation in its current form is simply no match for the Netroots Nation, currently occupying all positions of power, totally unified, well organized, big time funded and deeply committed to destroying all individual dreams with their collective dream of Marxism for all.

The American patriots can win the future of freedom and liberty, but only if they quickly adapt to the current battle field and rules of engagement necessary to win.

They MUST unify
They MUST drop ALL individual agendas and pick up ONE common goal, freedom
They MUST realize that winning is the ONLY rule of engagement
They MUST accept that failure is NOT an option
They MUST choose a winning strategy
They MUST have contingency plans in place
They MUST organize quickly
They MUST arm themselves for victory
They MUST adopt a no prisoners attitude
They MUST be more committed to winning than their enemies

IF patriots can quickly drop everything else and pull together in this fashion, they can win. But if they stay the course, refusing to do the things necessary to protect and preserve individual freedom and liberty, they will lose everything and they will lose it all very soon.

The left has a hundred-year head start and they control all of the weapons. The right is simply too divided among individual agendas at present. As a result, they cannot attract any serious financial or international support and they remain no match for their well-healed enemies.

Without adapting to a war footing, they will continue to cede ground to the left. They may stop an amnesty bill, but they will not stop defacto amnesty. They may stop tax increases, but they will lose tax deductions. They may stop the next raising of the debt ceiling, but they will not stop deficit spending or the increased debt level that naturally follows. They can clamor about closed borders, but they cannot close the borders. They can talk about the constitution, but they cannot enforce the constitution.

The patriotic pro-freedom right needs much more than the occasional symbolic victories that the Tea Party seems to focus upon. We need much more than another crop of do-nothing Tea Party candidates like those elected in 2010.

I truly applaud all of the energy and effort put forth in the Tea Party patriot movement, but that and five bucks will get you a small coffee at Starbucks. Nothing in this country is running well at present, including the so-called resistance to Marxism.

The election isn’t going to solve the treachery that has seized our nation. Petitions, blogging, forwarding emails and “educating people” will not solve this problem. Besides, one need no more than a 3rd grade understanding of freedom and liberty to know what must be done and that it cannot be done without a massive unified movement.

Until the people grasp this reality and act on it in appropriate measure, there is nothing the people can do to save this nation or freedom on earth, nothing! The left fears only ONE thing, a unified resistance. So long as the left can keep resisters from unifying, there will be no real resistance. The left knows this….the right seems to have overlooked it.

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I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. False hope is not hope -- it’s a fool’s errand. I am sickened by the endless effort to focus true patriots on things that have no chance of preserving freedom, including the current election cycle. People must focus on the few things that really matter now. They must stand for something real, or they will continue to fall for every side show distraction that comes down the pike.

As long as the people focus upon their individual agendas, their individual goals are unachievable. Only once they focus upon the simple common goal of freedom, laying all other issues and personal agendas aside long enough to secure freedom, and unifying in tangible strategies to accomplish that one goal, can they do anything they want.

Until then… there is nothing they can do that will salvage freedom and liberty at this late date. Without freedom, every individual agenda is dead. United, we CAN stand…. But divided, this thing is already over.

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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Democratic Socialists now in control of nearly every aspect of government, media and academia in America, keep their friends close and watch their enemies closely….