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By J.B. Williams
August 18, 2012

Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate’s most famous scumbag since Ted Kennedy, floated a story from a so-called anonymous source that probably doesn’t exist, accusing GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney of failing to file income tax returns for ten years or more. Reid is the only known source on the story and provided no evidence at all to back up the story.

But it didn’t matter at all that the story was totally unsubstantiated and likely a DNC fabrication. The left-wing press was ready to run with the story before Harry finished spewing the lie from his lips, investigative journalism not needed in the tabloid rumor mill we call a press today.

The Obama Campaign had their war room ramped up before the ink was dry on the story, demanding Romney release his tax returns to prove the story false. It’s the old “so when did you stop beating your wife” trick…. Forcing Romney to prove his innocence, instead of forcing Harry Reid to prove his allegations. That’s how justice works in Amerika now. Where’s Harry’s tax returns?

Of course, if even Johnny Nobody tries to over claim deductions, Obama’s I.R.S. will be up Johnny’s fiscal anus with a microscope, Obama’s D.O.J. will be looking to arrest and D.H.S. will label Johnny a potential domestic terrorist.

So, what are the odds that a very high-profile rich white Republican Mormon like Romney could ever get away with not filing ten years of tax returns without Obama’s I.R.S. Romney’s house 3 minutes after the first filing deadline? I’d say about the same odds as Obama being anything but a total fraud.

I do like Democrats sudden concern for transparency in presidential candidates though, and the press’s rapid response journalistic intrigue, even when the story is blatantly without foundation and an obvious political ploy.

The Obama campaign just made a generous offer to accept only five years of Mitt’s tax returns and never bring the subject up again. So, this seems like the right time to make a deal, yes?

If I were Mitt Romney, here’s the counter-offer I’d make the Obama Campaign, in good faith, of course. I’d release all of the following in good faith and demand that Obama do exactly the same.

I’d release a REAL copy of my REAL Birth Certificate (not to be confused with a forged COLB).
I’d release all of my un-redacted college records, including how my education was funded. I’d even include the names and phone numbers for people I attended college with.
I’d release a detail of my family tree, including birth place and time for my entire my bloodline.
I’d release an un-redacted copy of my passport records.
I’d release a complete list of all professional and family personal references and relationships.
I’d explain how my wife and I both lost our law licenses… oh wait, that’s not Mitt, that’s Barry and Michelle. Never mind…
Last, after releasing all of this, I would offer to release all the tax returns they want to see, right after Barry releases everything I just released….

None of us like it, but we all know how this game is played these days. Since Obama was kind enough to make an opening offer, it’s only right to make a reasonable counter-offer. It’s an insult to every American to think they could launch these kinds of assaults with total immunity. Only an imbecile would use the ole transparency attack on Romney when Obama has spent millions to keep his entire past under lock and key. We all know who Romney is… It’s Obama nobody can vouch for.

Barack Obama said that business owners don’t build their own businesses, Marxists in government do. Joe Biden says the Republicans wants to place Democrat voters back in chains when it’s Democrats who have been shackling their ignorant voters for decades.

They both want to see Romney’s tax returns but neither of them wants anyone to ever see any of Barack Obama’s official records, even the simple stuff, usually a matter of public record for every average American. Fine, I say Mitt should show them everything and then, demand the same in return.

Increasing our debt by 60% in one term, Obama-Biden just surpassed the $16 Trillion national debt mark and has absolutely nothing positive to show for it. The economy is still flat, GM is still broke and making crap cars, unemployment is still high, along with gas prices and food, and the black community is far worse off now than they were under Reagan or either Bush.

It is ObamaCare that raids Medicare for more than $700 billion, but it is Paul Ryan they accuse of wanting to raid Medicare. Obama is officially the most divisive political figure in American history, yet he claims to be a Uniter-in-Chief. Fact is -- Obama is a total fraud.

Nothing can solve this problem but the full unfettered truth. So, I say it’s time for everyone to lay all of their cards on the table, come clean, stop dodging the questions and open up full transparency for all candidates.

Let’s see everyone’s birth certificate, college records, passport records, associates, legal records and yes, tax returns. These folks are not running for local dog catcher here, they are asking us to entrust the future of this country in their hands. We deserve to know everything we want to know about these people and every legal U.S. Citizen has the right, as-in proper legal standing, to ask these questions.

We are talking about the highest offices in our land. There’s no room for error. Everybody lay your cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

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Maybe Romney and Ryan are bigger crooks and traitors than Obama, Biden and Clinton. That’s hard to imagine since Obama, Biden and Clinton are all bigger crooks than Capone and worse traitors than Benedict Arnold. But let’s put all the cards on the table and let the people decide who to trust going forward.

I’m in favor of full disclosure for all candidates. The saying “People with nothing to hide don’t hide” applies to all people, Republican and Democrat, conservative or liberal.

If I were Mitt, I’d make the first move. I would release all of my records and I would challenge Barack Obama to release EVERYTHING I release, file for file.

Only the truth will set the American people free! It’s the lies that bind….

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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We are talking about the highest offices in our land. There’s no room for error. Everybody lay your cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may.