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By J.B. Williams
September 27, 2012

I never thought that an NFL game would bring American society into focus, but it happened in the recent Monday Night game, in which the Green Bay Packers were screwed out of a hard-earned victory by the worst officiating in NFL history. Is it the fault of replacement refs or the labor unions?

While most are focused on ending the referee union strike, as if union referees don’t make bad calls too, what troubles me most is how the game was decided not on the basis of what everyone knew, but rather on how most players and fans felt. Reality was eclipsed by emotion and the team who actually won the game, was overruled by a team willing to cheat and referees willing to go along. Remind you of something else we see every day?

As we all watched a clear interception - ruled a touchdown reception by Ref #26, who must be the worst referee in football history, we also watched Seahawk receiver Golden Tate act like he made a catch he didn’t make, after committing blatant offensive pass interference that only honest football fans bothered to notice. Tate knows he cheated Green Bay… no doubt about it. He doesn’t care…

Seattle Coach Pete Carroll also knows his team cheated Green Bay, but was perfectly happy to win on a string of bogus referee calls benefiting a player that knows he cheated. Seattle fans couldn’t have cared less that their team was being given a win they didn’t earn, via the worst officiating in football history, so blatant on the final play that nobody watching could believe it. The Seahawks didn’t care…

Tate knows that he did not catch that pass, but he doesn’t care. Tate knows he pushed off illegally to even have a shot at that catch. Pete Carroll knows that his team did not win that game, but he does not care. Seattle fans know that their team cheated to win, along with help from referee #26, who had numerous ridiculous calls throughout the game, putting Seattle in a position to win by hook and crook.

What does all of this have to do with the true State of our Union, the American society? Everything….

We live in a country where it is no longer how you play the game, but whether you win or lose. The end justifies the means. The focus is on bowing to union demands to solve the problem, but the problem is really much bigger than that and the unions are largely to blame.

The NFL is now played just like American politics, where labor unions can use collective bargaining power to destroy another industry – the players have no aversion to lying and cheating in order to win – coaches pay players to injure opposing players – players can’t stay out of jail long enough to make the game – and amateur referees only make matters worse, trying to play in an arena they are ill-prepared for… Sound familiar?

Labor unions have destroyed every industry they have touched. The only remaining BOOM industry for labor unions in America is government employment, which is bankrupting the nation and every state in the country. Now they are holding the NFL hostage, resulting in the destruction of yet another American industry and all people can talk about is succumbing to union bargaining demands in order to stop the bad officiating, as if union officials aren’t just as bad, sometimes worse.

Remember how Reagan solved the Control Tower Operators union strike in the 80s? He fired them all and hired new operators. The unions said that planes would fall from the skies all over the country, but they didn’t. They said those new operators would cause traffic problems on the tarmac, but they didn’t.

Do you know that NFL referees currently make approximately $9400 per game, plus full union benefits and pensions? In total, NFL referees can make nearly $250,000 per year if they are refereeing every week during season, placing NFL referees in the top 5% of income earners, along with doctors, lawyers, entertainers and business moguls. They are game referees for heaven’s sake!
It’s a GAME!

Just like our runaway government, the NFL has forgotten who pays these paychecks… It isn’t the players or the team owners -- it’s the fans in the stands. As of the 2011 season, the nationwide average price of an NFL game ticket was $113.17…. if you don’t mind the nose-bleed section.

It will cost a family of four more than $500 to go see an NFL game today, if you eat and drink before the game and wait until you leave the stadium to eat and drink again. That’s more than the average weekly take-home pay for the average American.

Do you know why this beloved American pastime cost so much? Because of labor unions, who are not happy that referees only make $9400 each, for a game it cost you, your wife and two kids $500 to go see.

Americans have clearly lost sight of their values. They make decisions based upon what they think or feel, instead of what they know – and that’s why our country is in HUGE trouble today.

Of course those fans want their team to win no matter what they have to do to win…. They paid $500 to sit in those seats on game day. Seattle fans love the bad calls that went their way Monday night. But what about when bad calls don’t go their way next time?

We are talking about referees here folks, the same job dads all across America volunteer to do for their kids from peewee football through high school. If we are talking about the players, that’s a whole new level of insanity. Players making millions of dollars to play a sport do not need both an agent and a labor union to hold fans hostage at negotiation time. Yet they have both…

And, last but not least, the comparison between NFL team owners and American citizens, both of which refuse to stand united against the insanity, as each tries to advance their own individual agenda ahead of the best interest of the NFL, eventually succumbing to the collective weight of the labor unions and talent agents until no average American can afford to go see a live game anymore.

In the end, it paints a dismal picture of American society. Like the current fight with the NFL referees union, Americans are being held hostage by public sector labor unions. ALL labor unions draw cash from their members and funnel that cash directly into the Democrat Party. The Democrat party then uses those funds to maintain political power, redistributing private earnings from those who earn to those who vote Democrat in every election.

It costs a family over $500 to see a game because some of that money goes to the labor unions that fund the Democrat Party. It’s time to boycott everything with a union label attached to it… Professional sports, Hollywood movies, and most of all, government workers who are the DNCs biggest donors today.

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The Democrat concept of “job creation” is creating government jobs from thin air on the backs of taxpayers. Do you know who Obama’s biggest campaign donors are? Government employees… the only jobs Democrats know how to create.

And the NFL? -- Well, they are now stuck in the same rut as our government, caught in a downward spiral forced by leftist labor unions and in the end, American taxpayers and ticket buyers cannot afford either one of them.

Well done! Who knew that a Monday Night football game could expose so much about American society? It's every man for himself and winning is the only rule of the game. Sadly, in the end, everyone loses...

Whatever it takes to win…. That’s what thugs do and white-hat good guys are no match!

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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Seattle Coach Pete Carroll also knows his team cheated Green Bay, but was perfectly happy to win on a string of bogus referee calls benefiting a player that knows he cheated.