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By Cliff Kincaid

August 5, 2006

Senator Rick Santorum gave a recent speech saying the “war on terror” is actually a battle for Western survival against “Islamic fascists.” But some disagree. Drew J. Asson, who runs a political action committee (PAC) trying to defeat Santorum in the fall elections, says that President Bush is the real “fascist” and that Israel is guilty of “aggression” and “murder” in its campaign against terrorists. Asson’s PAC has given $5,000 to Santorum’s opponent, Bob Casey, who is promising a “new direction” in foreign and domestic policy. It seems like a story deserving some follow-up from the press. Is this the kind of campaign cash that Casey wants to hold on to?

With the liberal press seemingly preoccupied with the “culture of corruption” and how special interests buy access to members of Congress, the curious story of Drew Asson’s PAC is one that should see the light of day.

It is associated with Citizens for Global Solutions, formerly known as the World Federalist Association (WFA). The WFA has openly stated that a “world federation,” a euphemism for world government, can be achieved by advancing “step by step toward global governance” through establishing new U.N.-associated entities such as the International Criminal Court and by passing measures like the Law of the Sea Treaty. One of its main priorities is “To provide the U.N. with sustained and independent sources of funding.” That is, global taxes.

However, the group was so concerned about the negative connotations of being associated with the terms “world federalism,” “world federation” and “world government” that it changed its name.

Asson is deputy director for governmental relations at Citizens for Global Solutions and runs its PAC. He describes himself as someone who assisted in the creation of a “globalist study group in Congress” and wants to “increase the number of globalist members of Congress.” Bob Casey in Pennsylvania is one of dozens of Senate and House candidates who have taken campaign cash from his PAC. Another candidate supported by the Citizens for Global Solutions PAC is Joseph Sestak, a favorite of many former Clinton officials who is opposing Rep. Curt Weldon in Pennsylvania.

Regarding the current conflict in the Middle East, Asson is adamantly opposed to the manner in which Israel is defending itself from terrorists. “When will this senseless onslaught by Israeli hawks end?,” he asks in one blog entry. “When will the UN Security Council step up to the plate and condemn this vicious obviously disproportionate response by Israel? When will the U.S. stop its blind support (both materially and politically) for its ally in the Middle East? Doesn’t anyone care?”

Asson told this columnist, however, that he doesn’t want his personal views, as expressed on his blog, to be considered the official view of the PAC that he heads. “That’s my personal blog,” he said. “It represents my personal views. It’s not associated with and endorsed by or condoned or supported by my employer, Citizens for Global Solutions.”

In fact, however, when you click on his blog, you bring up several references to his work for Citizens for Global Solutions, which he describes as “my organization.” Photographs show him posing with Maryland Senate candidate Kweisi Mfume and House candidate John Sarbanes.

It’s easy to see why he would want people to separate his blog from his work. It has recently been full of invective against Bush and Israel. One recent entry was boldly headlined, “BUSH HATES THE CONSTITUTION AND HATES ARABS/LEBANESE.” It began, “As Lebanon burns, Bush sits in his emperor’s chair and pontificates. The US won’t intervene in the bloodshed in Lebanon as Israel slaughters innocent civilians in its quest to kill the terrorist members of Hizbollah.” He goes on to accuse Israel of a “disproportionate response” to terrorist attacks. Asson says that “Bush and his royal court refuses to intervene, either because they love the messianic war being waged or they just don’t care.” In other entries, Asson calls the Israeli response “murder” and Bush a “little fascist” and an “emperor.”

Asson & Company have equal disdain for John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations whose nomination is coming up before the Senate in September. One of his blog entries refers to the “Stop Bolton” campaign having been “spearheaded” by “my organization,” Citizens for Global Solutions.

My new report on this organization goes into more detail about its history, agenda, and association with such figures as Senator Hillary Clinton. One of its current projects is to create a rapid reaction “United Nations Emergency Peace Service.” A formal proposal for the creation of such a force has been published by its sister organization, the World Federalist Movement, and Rep. Albert Wynn, the recipient of cash from Asson’s PAC, has introduced a bill, H. Res. 180, to create it. The World Federalists have stated that they believe in the ultimate establishment of a “standing international military force” of 100,000 troops.

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This proposal takes on added significance because of the talk of an international or U.N. force being put between Israel and the terrorists in Lebanon. If such a force was put in too soon, it could serve as a brake on Israel’s campaign to wipe out the terrorist threat. Perhaps this makes it attractive to people like Drew Asson.

But do the dozens of candidates who get campaign money from this world government PAC share that anti-Israel view?

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Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Cliff has written or co-authored nine books on media and cultural affairs and foreign policy issues.

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My new report on this organization goes into more detail about its history, agenda, and association with such figures as Senator Hillary Clinton. One of its current projects is to create a rapid reaction “United Nations Emergency Peace Service.”