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By Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq.

December 22, 2010

William F. Buckley famously wrote that the job of the conservative is to "stand athwart history, yelling stop!"

What the founder of the modern conservative movement meant, of course, was, from the beginning, conservatives are supposed to be the "party of no."

Today, in my column, I am writing to ask some alleged conservatives in the Republican Party to "stop" their descent into madness. I am writing to say "no" to those who would like to elect a strange new, mutated form of RINO as the new chairman of the Republican Party.

There are several RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, in the hunt for Chairman Michael Steele's job at the top of the Republican National Committee, and they are generating breathless news coverage every day from simpleton left wing journalists inside the beltway who themselves want to destroy the success that was the 2010 election and pave the way for President Obama to win again.

Let's look at the credentials for two of the top contenders for the chairman's job.

One is a nebbish-like fellow, Reince Prebius, a lawyer from Milwaukee. What's Prebius's greatest accomplishment in politics and government? Well, per a report on, Prebius' law firm generated millions in billings getting Obama stimulus money for its clients, and Prebius was a key part of the team that pitched the Obamunists for the funding. The law firm was bragging about this, until reported on the matter, and then they engaged in some "digital shredding," and removed all reference to Prebius and the stimulus from the law firm's web site. As if that retro Nixonian behavior wasn't enough, Prebius then had the audacity – there's the Obama connection again! – to claim that he never personally received any money from the stimulus project. But Prebius is a partner in the law firm, so that claim is less than credible.

Another candidate for the RNC chairman's job is a rather hefty, neurotic woman (think Kathy Bates in Misery) named Maria Cino. She's a former Bush administration operative, but has spent the last two years working as a lobbyist for Pfizer, one of the world's biggest drug companies, whose CEO was quoted in The Wall Street Journal as endorsing Obamacare.


Worse than Republicans in Name Only

Calling Prebius and Cino RINOs – Republicans in Name Only – will not suffice. They are some new kind political animals, genetic mutations, exhibiting ideological characteristics of statism, cleverly camouflaged with Brooks Brothers clothing to mask their inner, radical characteristics. They make Nelson Rockefeller look positively Hayekian by contrast, and we all know he was the original RINO.

Then there's another character running for RNC chairman – Saul Anuzis. This fellow has been painted as a something of a "race baiter" by the online edition of the non-partisan and respected National Journal. I've never met him, so I can't say. But that's not a good reputation for a candidate to have, especially when the Democrats are already quite willing to call conservatives and Republicans racists without hesitation.

Lastly, there's a woman running for RNC, a character who reminds one of the Berlin-accented dominatrix played by Madeline Kahn in the old Mel Brooks movies – Ann Wagner. She was reported in some political publication this week to be going around telling the voting members of the Republican National Committee – there are but 168 voters from around the U.S. and its territories – that they had to "stop Michael Steele" at all costs.

At all costs? Just what does that mean, Ann? Planning a beer hall putsch, are we?

These borderline unhinged RNC candidates have descended into a form of collective madness here, group psychosis seen in many fringe subcultures. There's a great book by a psychologist turned Catholic theologian called The People of the Lie, which comes to mind here. The author of the book, Dr. Scott Peck, argues that groups develop elaborate excuses for their aberrant behavior, and scapegoat on others to cover up their strangeness. Lies are used to sustain their illusions.

What's happening here is that the GOP was wildly successful because of its alliance with you – the Tea Party/independent voter – and retook the Ho House of Representatives in the biggest election victory since the 1940s on November 2.

All of these aberrant characters want raw power for themselves. They seek to discount the real reasons for the election's success, Steele's outreach to independents and minority voters, and the renewal of the inherent American conservative fighting spirit amongst voters, brought out by Obama, as an unintended consequence of his academic Marxist-Leninist rhetoric and policies. (Obama is not a real Marxist-Leninist – he just plays one on TVV and portrayed one in the classroom at University of Chicago.)

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So the candidates scapegoat each other, puff themselves up, and denigrate the voters who truly brought us back from the brink on 2 November. It's time to say "no" to them. As the party of no, we know how to do that quite well. As a young journalist, in Washington D.C., I worked for a protoge of William F. Buckley back in the 1990s. We must honor our forbears like those men and preserve our civilization from this onslaught of RINOs by standing "athwart:" them now.

� 2010 Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq. - All Rights Reserved

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These borderline unhinged RNC candidates have descended into a form of collective madness here, group psychosis seen in many fringe subcultures.