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By Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq.

February 26, 2011

The Founding Fathers of the U.S. believed in the Rule of Law. President Obama believes in the Rule of Relativism – moral relativism. He's encouraged his Secretary of the Interior to ignore court orders on an illegal moratorium on offshore drilling, and the court has found Secretary Ken Salazar in contempt of court. This week, no doubt also at Obama's encouragement, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that he would no longer defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), passed during the Clinton administration, with broad-bipartisan support, as he deemed it to be a trifle, not worthy of his time, which is apparently still spent trying to figure out ways to spring terrorists from GITMO and other important matters.

What we have here today in Washington is a presidential administration that has absolutely no regard for the law, and only regards its current ethical imperatives as sacrosanct. We have a lawless administration, bent on imposing a weird, warped anti-social, anti-traditionalist worldview on the rest of us.

As a Republican lawyer, and former professor of law, as well as a good friend of mine, Gregory A. Bedell, wrote to me, and some other friends, in an e-mail this week, this is profoundly troubling.

"Our first clue to the Democrat Party's level of respect for the rule of law should have been its derisive reaction to the reading of the Constitution at the beginning of the 112th Congress. Describing this as a 'Republican Stunt' and scoffing that the Republicans treat the Constitution as 'some sacred document' (which, in fact, it is) the Party reaction reflected an utter lack of appreciation of the legal principles for which it stands," wrote Bedell, sounding something like a latter-day Thomas Jefferson in his defense of the document which protects our liberties as Americans.

But the problem with the party isn't just in the administration. It's also in the courts.


"We were reminded yesterday that the Supreme Court is not immune from the Democrats' view of the less than binding nature of the law," wrote Bedell, who ran for Congress two years ago to replace Rahm Emanuel, who was then departing the House of Representatives to be White House Chief of Staff, and is now mayor-elect of Chicago. "One of only two dissenters, President Obama appointed Justice Sotomayor voted to allow lawsuits against vaccine makers despite the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which limited state lawsuits in return for a special fund, and a special court, for those claiming injury from vaccines."

As The Wall Street Journal quite aptly put it this week, Sotomayor is a proponent of "results-first, law-second jurisprudence."

This is most troubling to my friend, and, frankly, to me as well, as a law graduate and scholar. "One finds a Supreme Court that is perhaps one Democrat appointed justice away from being one that considers the Constitution as something that is to be merely consulted, like any other law, foreign or domestic, and presents no binding restrictions on its decisions," Bedell wrote in his e-mail.

Impeach Holder, then Sotomayor

Of course, the lawlessness amongst Democrats is not just limited to the national level. The party of the little guy is running out on its responsibilities to the law in Wisconsin, as legislators there have fled the state, hoping to avoid a controversial vote. As another friend of mine, former GOP Congressional nominee Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, who nobly took on Jesse Jackson Jr. for congress last year noted, the Wisconsin Democrats need to "take" their defeat at the polls and deal with it like men. They need to get back to work, vote, and lose, as they no longer have the majority, as they squandered it, by acting frivolously in the past, and were upbraided by the voters last fall for their earlier bad behavior.

I agree with my friends, fine political minds and scholars that they are. But I have additional suggestions – at leaast for the lawless Democrats on the national level.

The GOP now controls the House of Representatives. Articles of impeachment, per the Constitution of the U.S., originate in the House. Why not draft articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder, as a starting point, and make him come to the House to defend himself and explain just why he doesn't believe that he, as the nation's chief law enforcement officer, should actually enforce laws? GOP members of Congress could hold hearings on the matter, take testimony, and basically reinforce the idea that we are a nation bound by the rule of law, not the rule of relativism. Maybe Holder – who apparently skipped Constituttional law class during law school for several consecutive semesters – woould learn a thing or two.

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Maybe the other lawless brigands appointed by Obama would have some sense scared into them. Think of this as a "scared straight" program for extreme progressive appointees to the government. I don't know if Holder would be removed from office by the Senate if convicted by the House, but, being the first attorney general in history of the U.S. impeached for what is definitely a high crime of not enforcing the law would not be a resume enhancement, and, as I said, might even coerce a couple of other Democrats into behaving like responsible citizens, rather than Barbary Coast Pirates.

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What we have here today in Washington is a presidential administration that has absolutely no regard for the law, and only regards its current ethical imperatives as sacrosanct.