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By Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq.

June 28, 2011

President Obama, according to the polls, is in serious danger of losing his 2012 re-election campaign. Former Bush White House advisor Karl Rove this past week noted that the U.S. unemployment rate still floats above 9.1 percent, and no American president has been re-elected with numbers like that since the Great Depression.

Sensing the impending electoral cataclysm, Obama's toadies are fast fleeing the sinking ship of state. A few weeks ago, Tammy Duckworth, an Obama political patronage hack from Illinois, resigned as assistant secretary for public and governmental affairs at the Veterans Administration, and her boss, Secretary Eric Shinseki is also apparently poised to leave as well. Shinseki wants to run for Senate, and is apparently headed for California to do just that quite soon. Duckworth, according to local media reports in Chicago, at Obama's request, had a Congressional district created for her in Illinois in one of the most imaginative acts of gerrymandering in U.S. history.

Look for more failed, and aspiring Democratic pols, political apparatchiks of Barack Hussein Obama II, who've been keeping their upscale lifestyles on $100K plus per year bureaucrat salaries for the last two plus years, try to dupe the American public too in the coming months. It seems these Democrats know that they are going to lose the White House next year to whomever the GOP nominates – be it Michelle Bachmann or Mitt Romneey – and they are making plans for their collectivist futures, on our taxpayer dollars.

Duckworth has maintained a web site, called Tammy Duckworth for Congress , for five years, more than two of which she spent on the federal payroll at the VA, as she planned her political future. A failed Congressional candidate in 2006, Duckworth, a veteran of the Iraq war, is so unpopular among those who really know her, i.e. actual veterans, that the leading advocacy group for soldiers and sailors, the Veterans for Foreign Wars (VFW), refused to endorse her when she was the Democratic nominee in IL-6. She lost that election, but was compensated with a job with Obama's good buddy, disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich in his cabinet. Because she is completely in synch with the Obama dream weaver agenda, she is still in favor with the sickeningly corrupt leaders of the Illinois Democratic party, which includes new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the foul-mouthed vulgarian, and former enforcer-in-chief for Obama.

Hatch Act Scofflaw?

Now, leaving aside the telling question of whether Duckworth violated the federal Hatch Act (5 U.S.C. §§ 7321-7326) by actively marketing herself for Congress with a web site, while on the federal payroll as a political hack, there are the even more important questions of why Obama chose this Duckworth to run for Congress in his adopted state.

Duckworth and Obama share many things in common. They're both virtual foreigners to American culture. They both speak Indonesian, an odd language for any American, no doubt, to have "picked up" along the way.. Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii. We don't know for sure. He lived for years in Indonesia. She was born overseas, in Thailand, to a foreign mother and an American father who worked for the United Nations. Like Obama, who has foreign parentage too, his father was a socialist government official overseas, she went to high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, and apparently has an "America last" mentality. That's right, Duckworth, in my opinion, was raised, like Obama, to believe that the U.N. is great, but the U.S. is badly in need of "reform."

We've seen where this kind of mentality can lead, with Obama making the most absent-minded decisions in the history of American foreign policy, i.e., letting international elites decide the fate of Egypt and Libya, rather than taking a stand for American interests, and making speeches overseas apologizing for past U.S. international leadership.

If the foreign-born Duckworth gets into Congress in the new IL-8, and defeats rookie GOP Congressman Joe Walsh, a Tea Party favorite, it will be a disaster for U.S. foreign policy in the future. She will position herself for leadership on military affairs committees, and have influence on U.S. strategy setting and budget making.

This woman, who culled conservatives from the ranks of the bureaucracy at the VA, it has been alleged, is quite ideologically dangerous. She is of the school of thought that would let the U.N. rule the world – it was her father's vision after all, drummed intoo her for years. Just like Obama has tried to fill the Leninist vision of his mother, father, and his mentor Frank Marshall, Duckworth wants us all apparently singing kum-bye-ya with Fidel Castro and other despots in a new world order of peace, love and tranquility, an age of Aquarius.

Conservatives and Tea Party activists cannot let this happen. We cannot let the utopian, idiot savant legacy of Obama continue on in the Congress for years after he is gone from Washington through the offices of politically correct hacks Duckworth and Shinseki. I was told by VA spokeswoman Gina Clemons that Duckworth disdained the U.S. so much that she did not even use VA health care services, when eligible, as a veteran, for certain prosthetic devices, and that her boss, Shinseki, didn't use the VA, period, for health care.

These two malcontents need to be ejected from U.S. politics as soon as possible. Let these two go to an U.N outpost in Burma., where they belong, and hold jobs where they can berate the U.S., openly, rather than secretly, behind the scenes. Duckworth and Shinseki don't deserve to be in Congress. Ever. (Remember, Shinseki was fired by Donald Rumsfeld for insubordination…and that's probably the only reason Obama hired him too.)

I brought up the story about Duckworth's pending candidacy to Nathan Naylor, a spokesman for the VA, and a failed founder of, earlier this week, and he made veiled threats to me in an e-mail. I got the feeling he wanted to send some thugs after me for me having the temerity to question the glorious Obama administration.

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We can expect more of this kind of flagrant abuse of power on the American populace, at large, if the likes of Duckworth and Shinseki are elected, somehow, to Congress in 2012. Maybe they will have federal agents from the IRS show up at the doors of Tea Party dissenters who opposed them, pretending to want to ask questions, and hoping to trip them up in a perjury trap? These socialists want to continue to exercise the power they had, however fleetingly, with Obama, when they drove the U.S. into insolvency at home and irrelevancy overseas. You know that's true.

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These two malcontents need to be ejected from U.S. politics as soon as possible.