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By Jeff Kropf
November 2, 2009

IRS enforced health insurance mandate is the new debtor’s prison.

I love the progressive social movement. They are so full of contradictions and hypocrisy that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad, or so dangerous to our liberty. After all, the irony of the progressives purporting to care more about the poor, but actually instituting policies which hurt them is stunning.

If you aggregate all of the concepts that the President and the Democrat controlled Congress are trying to implement (not to mention here in Oregon), it amounts to a huge increase in the cost of living, which disproportionately hurts poor people. Higher fossil fuel prices because Congress locks up America’s oil, higher overall energy prices from cap and tax schemes, higher cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes and on and on. Obviously, these higher prices ripple through the economy creating inflation that affects every aspect of life making it harder for the average person to live the American dream, but especially poor people.

Now add to this absurdity, the idea that Congress would mandate that each person in America (including illegal aliens) must buy health insurance, pay new taxes on their health care and if they don’t, the IRS will fine them up to $25,000 and up to a year in jail and it is clear what the result would be: the modern version of debtors prison. The Heritage Foundation has an analysis of the effect of this mandate on lower income and middle income people here.

So let me get this right: We are going to help those who don’t have health care because they can't afford it by taxing them up the wazoo for that very health care? And, if they don’t buy health insurance, then we are going to turn the limitless power of the IRS against them, fine them outrageous amounts of money and throw them in prison?

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This type of tyranny led to many revolutions in the world’s history, as people objected to the ruling elites oppressing them with outrageous taxes and prison time if you couldn’t pay the debt to the government. If this in actually implemented in the final bill, the revolution in America will be profound, as it should be. The average American trying to live the American dream will wake up from their slumber when this hits them square in the face and will throw out the bums who rammed this down their throat.

If being progressive means going back to the days of 16th Century England, then count me out.

2009 Jeff Kropf - All Rights Reserved

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Former State Representative Jeff Kropf represented Oregon House District 17 for eight years, serving the people of Linn and Marion counties. He was elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 1998 and served 4 terms until retiring in January of 2007.

During his tenure, he served on the Legislative Emergency Board, was a member of the full Ways and Means Committee, various sub-committees, Transportation committee and was the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee for two legislative sessions. Nationally, he served as the Chairman of the National Conference of State Legislature’s (NCSL) Agriculture and Rural Development committee and the NCSL Homeland Security Task Force.

After retiring from the Oregon House he lobbied for a short time until he became the state Director of the Oregon Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots, limited government political organization. Jeff serves on numerous boards including the Sublimity Rural Fire Protection District, Oregon Connections Academy and Water for Life.

In 2004 Jeff was embedded as a radio broadcaster with the Oregon National Guard in Iraq and again in Afghanistan in 2006, bringing live reports and interviews with Oregon Guardsmen from the combat zone. He hosts a week day radio talk show during early morning drive time on 1360 KUIK in Hillsboro, Oregon from 6am and 9am. His radio show website is

Jeff has received numerous awards from conservative business and government watchdog organizations and is a founding member of the New Budget Coalition. He is a passionate advocate for common sense government budget reform and speaks regularly to various organizations around Oregon on this subject.

His radio show website:










If being progressive means going back to the days of 16th Century England, then count me out.