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By Lauren Lane
March 5
, 2013

Sex, drugs, rock and roll, ....and now politics.

What can be more distracting than insanity? As long as we are battling something we are always in a state of illusion.

What are the real issues? How can we make this insanity clear to those who cannot see or understand how really ignorant and distracted they are?

Clearly it is imperative that we continue to work hard at getting more of the ‘good guys’ into office and the bad guys out. But the majority of our country (if you trust the votes) has been brain-washed for so long that they don’t even know they are not thinking their own thoughts. As the saying goes: “Don’t believe everything you think.”

If we just could encourage some common-sense.... it would all go-away, right? Wrong. There is always a percentage of the people, like the creepy bad guy in the movie “The Matrix,” who just do “not” want to see. Here we are, spinning our wheels with logic, reason and “sanity” while wondering why they can’t see how really blind they are?

The media is great at creating ILL-isions to perpetuate their ill-gotten gains. Think about it- if they played a part in waking us up, we would not need half the crap they sell us, half the cures for the disease they cause, or half the stuff being sold to us as we get brain-washed through our emotions to buy every feel-good to be-good fix on the market.

‘Drive this car’ = be sexy, ‘Wear this perfume’ = be desired, ‘Own this home’ = be successful, etc. Come on, you know we can all go down to McDonalds and get happy. It’s by buying a “HAPPY MEAL”. Then we hear ‘ Coke ADDS life’ (well, not according to the latest news reports) and you can “HAVE IT YOUR WAY” at Burger King. (Who hasn’t heard these ad campaigns?) It’s serious and manipulative marketing when the media controls us through our own emotional weaknesses. Now- Obama and wife Michelle, know how to control the masses the same way.

They only need to create a way to make those who are easily distracted or emotionally lacking, feel good. It’s like eating the Happy Meal, and embracing the hap-hap-happy place. Clearly, we are more sophisticated then that. Cures and solutions for problems they have created has been conquering generations through different forms of mass media, and it seems manipulation is always at the core. It’s very simple. We have the Ten Commandments; a basis and foundation for a moral code. We have our Constitution, a foundation to protect our moral code.

We have let too much slide for too long. We were silent when we should of shouted, we were distracted and busy and in the dark. Now we are awaking to the truth. Now we are outraged at the insanity and now is the time to protect our Constitution and all that it represents.

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People write me that they are scared. They see what is coming, they know it is on its way. We have been given this gift to see. We have both the common sense and light to clearly see through the insane governing of our country.

I propose a cure for the insanity. The question in my mind is what are we doing? They hear us shouting, they read our signs and mock our demonstrations. United we stand, divided we fall. How are you rallying in your community? What are you doing to drive change instead of compliance?

Please share your ideas and let us know how you would like us to help, what you are currently doing to help and remember what the good book says
“There is wisdom in the council of many.”

Don’t forget that “Faith without works is dead.”

If the Commandments are your conscience then the constitution clearly should be your guide.

© 2013 Lauren Lane - All Rights Reserved

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Lauren was born in Los Angeles, California and currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Lauren is an author, speaker, former radio host and acclaimed publisher.

Ms. Lane studied Law in Ventura, California and was nominated during her Career as 'Business Woman of the Year'. She is an avid reader, loves nature and has a passion for niche marketing.

Ms. Lane has been published throughout her career, and has assisted fortune 500 companies with their marketing, business strategies and media campaigns.

For 15 years she headed up the largest publishing company in the Rocky Mountain region, consulting for companies such as ReMax International, Wells Fargo Bank, and Coors, to name a few.

Her new book "Victim or Volunteer" (launching in spring of 2013) and her reprint of the book that inspired her and woke her up to her freedoms as an American, will be offered exclusively at, beginning March, 31st, 2013.

Ms. Lane is mom to four grown children and has eight wonderful grandchildren scattered throughout the United States living in Texas, Virginia, and Utah.

With a love of traveling, she says much of her inspiration came from a trip to Dublin and Dingle, Ireland with her then 16 year old son, and a real passion awoke, when her oldest son shared his experiences after serving his country and coming back from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

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What are the real issues? How can we make this insanity clear to those who cannot see or understand how really ignorant and distracted they are?