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By Michael LeMieux
February 6, 2010

The elitist mentality that exists in Washington DC is becoming more and more visible. It is not that this is something new; quite the contrary. We all know of the double standard that has dominated the political strata of Congress voting for their own pay raises while denying Medicare or Social Security cost of living raises to the American people. Or the haranguing of auto company executives for flying company jets to a meeting on the hill but a few months later the DC elites are doing the same thing as well as taking junkets around the world at the taxpayer’s expense. At least the auto company exec’s used their own money.

For many who have grown up in the previous generation, the 50’s and 60’s, we are reminded by what some of us have come to know as “Do as I say, not as I do” scenario. It seems the power elite in Washington have become replacements for the parents of the entire country and after all they know what is best for us. Don’t they?

We have heard from President Obama over the last 12 months such things as:

Make government fiscally responsible & live within budget. (Oct 2008)
Every citizen should save energy & resources. (Oct 2008)
You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas. (May 2009 & Feb 2010)
American people are cutting back on everything (Mar 2009)
Americans to support a "new spirit of sacrifice." (Nov 2008)
With respect to the American people, I think folks are sacrificing left and right (Mar 2009)

And the list goes on and on as to what he expects of the American people and the sacrifices we should be making; but as for himself and Washington, not so much.

Since taking office the Obama’s have held at least monthly parties, and at times weekly parties, with a cost to the taxpayers in the millions. These parties have included numerous live bands and lavish stage sets and one outdoor party that accommodated thousands of people with Greek Columns to set the mood.

He has taken numerous trips both overseas and within the United States with his wife and occasionally with his children all at the taxpayers’ expense.


At a time of economic crisis the government, under the reins of President Obama, has spent record levels of the taxpayers’ funds while advocating the rest of the country tightens our belts. In my humble opinion this smacks of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

It is becoming more and more apparent that those that are supposed to be representing the people of this nation have little in common with the average American. As an example; the average American would not presume that their job would entitle them to free transportation yet Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, demanded and got a brand new jet airliner because she didn’t want to ride in the military jet. On top of that she has used the jet to fly family members, children and grandchildren, across the United States, again at taxpayer expense.

We keep hearing day in and day out how Americans need to tighten our belts, live within a budget, don’t take a vacation in Vegas and blow our money away. All in all good advice when in an economic crisis but then we are also told that we are now recovering from that economic crisis and what aided that recovery was spending money provided by the government. So either the government’s money is somehow magical in its ability to remedy our financial crisis and ours is somehow tainted and spending our money the way WE want to will again destroy the economy OR we are being fed a line to manipulate us into doing what they say but not as they do?

To me leadership was never a trickle up process but always emanated from the leader and was enforced by the example set by that leader. Many of us can recall our father or grandfather telling us not to smoke while he puffed away on his Lucky Strikes. Now the advice was good yet the example carried more weight, at least it did for me, as I saw Dad puff away I wanted to be more like my role model and I eventually took up the habit. (Luckily I was smart enough to quite a few years later.)

The point is that for the government to insist that the recession is over and at the same time tell us we need to budget and not spend our money on things THEY don’t want us to spend it on while all the while they are spending millions on international junkets, parties, lavish jet airliners, and personal benefits that the rest of society can only dream of is at best hypocritical and at worst borderline criminal – after all its our money isn’t it?

We need to demand the same fiscal responsibility of our government that they demand of us. Stop spending what you do not have money for. If you or I cannot afford a new car we get a used one, and if we cant afford a used one we fix the one we have. The place for the government to start revitalizing the economy is not in Congress or even in Washington DC – it is to leave the American people more of their own resources so THEY can do what needs to be done.

Stop trying to fix the world until we first fix our own problems. If you are facing bankruptcy and your neighbor asks for a 10,000 loan would you go take out a loan to give to him? I think most of us would recognize that as a bad thing to do; so why does our government not recognize that?

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We need to demand of our representatives that we, the American people, will no longer sit back and do as we are told while they do as they want. The madness must stop!

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Michael LeMieux was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1956 and graduated from Weber State University in Utah with a degree in Computer Science. He served in both the US Navy and US Army (Active duty and National Guard) and trained in multiple intelligence disciplines and was a qualified paratrooper. He served with the 19th Special Forces Group, while in the National Guard, as a Special Forces tactical intelligence team member. He served tours to Kuwait and Afghanistan where he received the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat.

Mr. LeMieux left military duty at the end of 2005 after being medically discharged with over 19 years of combined military experience. He currently works as an intelligence contractor to the US government.

Michael is a strict constitutionalist who believes in interpreting the constitution by the original intent of the founding fathers. His research has led him to the conclusion that the republic founded by the Constitution is no longer honored by our government. That those who rule America today are doing so with the interest of the federal government in mind and not the Citizens. Michael believes that all three branches of government have strayed far from the checks and balances built into the Constitution and they have failed the American people. A clear example is the Second Amendment, which the Supreme Court and the founders have all said was an individual right and could not be "infringed" upon, now has more than 20,000 state and federal laws regulating every aspect of the individuals right, a definite infringement. He has traveled around the world living in 14 States of the Union including Hawaii, and visited (for various lengths of time) in Spain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Korea, Scotland, Pakistan, Mauritius, Somalia, Diego Garcia, Australia, Philippines, England, Italy, Germany, and Puerto Rico.

Michael now lives in Nebraska with his wife, two of his three children, Mother-in-Law and grandchild. His hobbies include shooting, wood-working, writing, amateur inventor and scuba diving when he can find the time.

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He has taken numerous trips both overseas and within the United States with his wife and occasionally with his children all at the taxpayers’ expense.