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By John Longenecker
October 15, 2008

All candidates bring with them their experience to date and all candidates are groomed, advised and reported to once they take office.

Two years ago, I was nominated to go to Sacramento for the 55th Assembly District in our California State Legislature. I declined. Twice. I knew then and I know now Had I been elected, I would have been supported, protected and groomed by my staff who is already there ahead of me, loyal to the mission and to the office. They will be loyal to the person-elect. This is probably true for every single office. Thus, Sarah Palin, like every other vice-president who is elected, will be supported by her staff. She brings with her the experience of being Governor of a large state and not party to a European way of thinking which is becoming increasingly prevalent.

I enjoyed this experience when I was in Paramedic Training in Los Angeles in the seventies, and went to my internship at various hospitals. The nurses I worked with knew I was just getting my feathers, like all the other paramedic trainees before me. They made sure I didn't screw up, and they made sure I learned what I needed to know. They made sure that when I was turned loose I would be reliable and effective. Being well trained first, I gave them something to work with. This is the very same for new physicians. At this stage, they don't know anything by comparison either, and are coached, protected and supervised by the nurses they depend on to make their internship a most valuable experience before beginning practice.

So why, then, was Governor Sarah Palin chosen? Sarah Palin was chosen for her Integrity, not something she will learn in office, but which she brings to office. She was chosen for her Courage. Anyone - whoever it may be - who comes to the Oval Office and to the vice-Presidency will be supervised by staff, briefed by staff, groomed by knowledgeable experts on their staff and others who report to the President, but they have to have something to work with. The same thing could be true for the Obama team, but the question of integrity looms. I wonder if Freshmen Senators don't usually get that much experience until they can show colleagues they can be re-elected. This would not apply to a Governor who begins to get things done from Day One.

Many of us can imagine others we might have preferred, but the choice always comes down to a few. We will elect a take-care-of-me ticket and policy, or will we elect a ticket and policy of integrity, which, for some, discourages big government lifting of burden in largess? I think this reduction in big government is what America really wants in 2009. If one thing John McCain is
known for away from all the others who are really messing things up right about now, it's Integrity. Some won't like that, but carrying our own burdens is more American than the European view of take-care-of-me, and Governor Palin's values system is more in resonance with America than the alternative European views of dependency. Her staff will have something to work with in helping her become a fine vice-president.

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This November, will we be choosing Integrity or a more European view of our way of life with bigger government?

Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice-President of the United States, not only for what she brings to office, but for that which she will become - the very same idea true for anyone taking that office.

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Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice-President of the United States, not only for what she brings to office, but for that which she will become - the very same idea true for anyone taking that office.