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By John Longenecker
October 11, 2009

Rumor has it that health care reform has four objectives: 1) To cover up the fact that Medicare will soon be bankrupt, and that a transfer of wealth will co-mingle taxpayer funding and seemingly the medical mission sufficiently to drop Medicare's crisis off the radar. It is to kick you in the shins so you forget about your hangnail. We suspect this - there's been a lot of coverage on a bankrupt Social Security and Medicare - but it is more horrific than that. It covers up the negligence of ineptness and fraud of a Hegelian governance of the United States with another.

Hegel was a bastard who believed that governance was a playground of the idle ambitious whereby national safeguards were attacked and dismantled, then solutions introduced which were not really engineered to work. Another crisis appears and more ineffective solutions. In this practice, you could transfer wealth and gain power by never fixing what you broke, and never revealing that you broke it as part of governance.

Marx took the concept and applied it to breeding out want, by force of the state, in an insane concept of doing good by breeding out unhappiness over generations. He was ill in this concept of takings for the sake of happiness.

Hegel and Marx live today in the practices of socialists who are also mad and ill, using the formula as a blueprint for personal gain and hardly public service. Citizens are starting to wake up to this scam.

2) Replacing our currency. What happens to our dollars when legal tender coin of the realm is some other currency when due as debt (as with health care reform)? Taking such large sums of money earmarked for healthcare will be a cloning of the formula of robbing Medicare as it has been robbed. Trust fund or no, it is a model of ineptness and stealth.

3) Inflation. Some have pointed out that when it takes $1 Million to buy a loaf of bread, we'll be able to pay off 2010 debt with 2020 dollars... if it is in fact dollars that we have by then.


What do they know that they are keeping from us, and why the big rush?

I've urged a complete moratorium on health care reform for at least two more years. Without this reform, they cannot likely order vaccines, invoke laws and penalties for refusal, or utilize currency changes and other things in store. Why not take the time to look things over? Why can't the electorate have the time to think?

4) Power grab. Oh, well that explains the rush. With the previous three looming over the nation, it has to be a warped concept to obligate our kids to pay for something they think they won't have to really pay for after all??? At least not in 2009 dollars.


Can I try that? Can I run up my credit cards in 2009 charges so I can pay them off in 2016 dollars?

The power grab of reform will do one more thing: once in place, it will make it entirely too late to do anything about it in due process in legal remedies for dissatisfaction. Rights will have been waived. A usual, officials will gloat and rub our noses in the fact that this is what we voted for.

Did we? How does one vote for a reform one is most vociferously objecting to? The problem is that the older truth that "If you don't like the law, you can change it" will have vanished. Officials are fighting for 'reform' with a very suspicious ferocity incompatible with our sovereign authority to refuse it all.

The practice of hiding the ball in options the electorate could exercise in resolving any crisis is age-old, and it is one of the best kept secrets of an abusive governance, including the governance of the United States. Hiding U.S. History is one such example, gun control is another, and what we call lying to Americans is in the use of the straw crisis (the lie that we even have a crisis) and straw promises (the promises that their solutions will even work).

As an activist to repeal all gun control, I say often that it's all tied together. The crises coming over us - violent crime, health care reform, currency threats, shortages, vaccinations, environmental plans, anti-terrorism, National ID Card, early release of felons, and the supervision of Czars over their sectors are all current solutions to past frauds and boondoggles based on taking citizen independence out of the equation. These now will join the portfolio of more solutions to create more frauds to come.

These will also become case studies in the most leftist universities in America.

Nothing really new, but the crescendo is new. This stuff was taught.

The electorate is the best solution to nearly every crisis, liberty the solution to nearly every crisis on earth, real or boondoggled. Taking the electorate out of the formula only creates more power opportunities to solve problems of their own neglect or worse, design. Take note that this neglect or design is backed by official force, and more of it to come.

For the sake of regaining our own independence, we need to look to 2010 as the last chance to choose the right officials to unwind everything the left is doing. Key to aiding their ability to even do this at all is to buy them the time to unwind the left's gains by averting health care reform now.

The health care crisis - if any - is much smaller than enunciated just as the frauds are much larger than admitted.

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Hegel was a bastard who believed that governance was a playground of the idle ambitious whereby national safeguards were attacked and dismantled, then solutions introduced which were not really engineered to work.