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By John Longenecker
July 30, 2011

Safer Streets 2011: Disaster management: The better preparedness model will be armed

Shortages are weapons of mass destruction

In Part I, I talked about how the household armed with lethal force will be more likely to survive in the absence of Police and EMS in time of disaster. Preparedness Lite is what I call the current crop of preparedness lectures that exclude guns from their preparedness checklist. Even Robert Kiyosaki, the voice of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, brings up the importance of being armed. Item #5 of Robert Kiyosaki’s preparedness list is buy a gun. [Internet search term Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Prepper Dad?]

It is not likely that America has shortages of anything. We don’t even have shortages of Gold.

We may have a shortage of Helium 3, but it’s only because we’re giving it away. Whose fault is that?

In the wonderful days of new car sales, up to and throughout the eighties, car salesmen, mechanics at both dealership and independents could punch a hole in your radiator and sell you a new one. Anyone could be as dishonest as they liked. J.D. Power and associates conceived of a thing called the Customer Satisfaction Index. With the CSI, automakers had a greater stake in pleasing the customer with a new product, Integrity, a whole new stock on the shelves in the retail automobile business. In the eighties, new car franchises would compete for the better rating with the Manufacturer, and get the pick of the litter for everything from new car inventory in the pipeline to prompt parts delivery to make the Service Department into heroes. J.D. Power was pure genius.

Wilhelm Hegel is not a name that is well known to most Americans. It is the opposite of integrity and good faith. Hegel wrote that governance ought to preside over crisis. This cannot happen in a free country without first sabotaging societal safeguards. The predators – officials who govern with this sort of management style – then move in. The trick is to be seem needed or to seem necessary. Our Founding Fathers and contemporaries reported this when they knew that necessity has been the cause of more societal disaster than nearly anything else. This spells political success, but the nation is looted, the predator’s idea of success. The application of Hegelian thought betrays a very dangerous, self-indulgent agenda which is incompatible with liberty, i.e. takings. It is a cold-blooded governance of cruelty and older anger. Hegelian principles are not differing opinions on the same goals in America, they are hostile to the United States as just another prey.

Isn’t it about time Americans caught on to this scam?

Food shortages are engineered for takings in various ways. Availability of corn is engineered by converting corn to fuel and garnering up all the available crops. People go hungry in the name of the environment. Nothing new here except a valid case study in a long list of them.

Then, genetically engineering food crop seeds to produce only one generation makes a shortage of food as commanded by law. Who wrote such a law?

Food is not in short supply, it is regulated to be in short supply as part of a spiteful model.

Energy is not in short supply, it is being legislated away by refusing to drill for domestic oil, discouraging coal burning, and more, all for spite.


[Marxism isn’t only a political belief system, it is a mindset of spite. The kind of people who become Marxists and Statists are cruel and vicious to be sure, but you can also find spiteful persons who adopt Statist policies purely for the satisfaction of being spiteful. This is a disease which has grown out of the easy-out divorce models. Three generations of broken homes make angry children who carry that wound of abandonment with them into adult life. All they know is that they like bugging people.

Jerks like Saul Alinsky give permission to these angry fellow travelers to be spiteful to others. Broken homes unleash millions of minions of heart-broken kids to seek justice which they will never find in politics, but they can extract revenge. It all serves the Marxist purpose of chaos, and we then see in retrospect why no-fault divorce was fought for so fiercely; an endless supply of minions.

Shortages are a tool of the spiteful. Starvation in other countries is one such example and it’s no accident there any more than it is here.]

The point for disaster preparedness is this: shortages can be anticipated. In fact, better count on them. There are Americans who urge you to buy precious metals, experts who talk about saving food and seeds, experts who educate people on community preparedness, and experts who advocate being armed with lethal force.

Anticipate shortages as a hostility to our way of life.

The Pantry-level Brain Drain

Shortages are engineered, socially engineered. In this country, you have to actively screw things up to get the results we see.

When NASA cuts back, where do all of the engineers go? Many talented people report that they have job offers from around the world.


Sovereign nations can offset their debt by taking on new pantry-level skills and talent. I just coined the word pantry-level. Pantry-level is entry level or lateral level entry of specialized, high-demand technical skill and talent such that a host nation can make a ton of money with new items to sell, develop, or export. In other words, they no longer have to go hungry with nothing to export.

Helium 3 is an isotope which is rare on earth, but in fairly abundant supply on the moon. Helium 3 is essential for the manufacture of nuclear fission. The eggheads know what is does and what it’s for, and it’s fairly important to any agency or sovereign who wants to lead in the 21st century.

This is no accident. You can call it a transfer of wealth if you like, but that’s too vague; the real name is a brain drain, and it puts America in the back seat again.

There isn’t a bus long enough to have rear seats far enough at the back of the bus for us where we’re going. It’s just another engineered shortage.

Preparedness is now a survival skill

The main thrust of preparedness is independence of a community from its public servants. You can try and depend on public services for this and that and somewhat comfortably -- that’s what they’re for! -- but if they let you down because they are overwhelmed, it’s not their fault, it’s yours. You are the Sovereign in this country, and the maximum effective range of an excuse is Zero.

Preparedness Lite has people keeping a flashlight handy with a few batteries. Preparedness True has a year’s supply of batteries as if your flashlight is the only light in the house for weeks and weeks. Get the idea?

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Survival is not a matter of staying alive after a disaster’s shock or infrastructure insult, but of quality of life. It is eating well, being comfortable, being unstressed, being safe from whatever you can, and making sure others do well, too. After all, you are there and services are not.

Do this as a community where you remember that servants may come and go -- they may never even show up -- but the Sovereign remain always. If you don’t, there won’t even be a Sovereign in this country any more. The takings, remember? Those endless takings.

There’s more to survival than surviving. Freedom and liberty have to live, too, and come out intact with you on the other side.

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Safer Streets 2011: Disaster management: The better preparedness model will be armed

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Food shortages are engineered for takings in various ways. Availability of corn is engineered by converting corn to fuel and garnering up all the available crops. People go hungry in the name of the environment. Nothing new here except a valid case study in a long list of them.






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