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By John Longenecker
August 31, 2011


I’m receiving a lot of email alerts about riots coming in the next year or so. Probably will happen.

Some of these disturbances are already being attributed to anticipated food prices. Though this is likely going to be a widespread problem, I think one of the very best ways to head it off is to attack the root cause: shortages. Political Shortages.

In a previous article posted at, I spoke of how shortages are not naturally occurring phenomena nearly as much as they are engineered to get a leg up for bureaucracies.

Shortages of water are socially engineered by inserting a fish (or is that phish?) into the case to take precedence over the interests of the food industry in California, a corner of America’s breadbasket.

Shortages of energy are in diverting corn from the breadbasket to become a rotten fuel that doesn’t have nearly the horsepower of gasoline, but it’s taken anyway. Shortages of electricity are engineered so that people can claim clean air or jobs.

Shortages of light bulbs irk citizens who have to buy rotten substitutes which cost more, leave more crud in the environment, and produce less light. Where is the integrity of office on this?

I have a hunch that if we did away with these bureaucracies, there would be no shortages of energy, food, water or jobs. Why keep them in time of urgency: Hell, they created half the urgency we’re now experiencing as one people!!

Shortages are some of the earliest warning signs of even more crises to come, and we don’t even need to have shortages as a condition of clean air or jobs or even national security. Shortages are engineered to make adverse social change in the transfer of our sovereignty from the people to the State. It’s done by creating crisis which can make political solutions sound reasonable. This is how the people are duped: nonsense they never would have tolerated is made to sound necessary to fight some emergency; the people fail to make the connection of the emergency to the dopes who gave us stupid policies in creating the problems.

And if persuasion doesn’t work, stonewalling does. It’s all governance against the will of the people.


This is an old Hegelian model, but few Americans realize it is a blueprint for the State.

If only the 2012 presidential candidates and Congress had the same values and integrity we do. The elitism in candidates prohibits their seeing the realities we have to live with. Only a handful sees things as we experience them. This is why so-called conservatives can imagine so-called sensible gun laws: they don’t live with the realities we have to live with, even when they are armed themselves and show how they at least understand the concept! Where they say they can’t have people running around with guns, they get to run around with a gun.

Environmental laws have suppressed domestic exploration and drilling. Furthermore, the idea that some refineries have been damaged such that less refined product comes to us is more nonsense. Where is the integrity? No doubt, Hurricane Irene will spawn several conditions in need of legislation due to ‘shortages’. Watch.

Where is the guts of the 2012 conservative candidates to follow through and repeal laws which are no longer necessary, the ones which produce shortages? Our air is cleaner than ever thanks to some laws, yet we consume energy from everywhere else such that where it comes from creates a shortage and a dependency, but not cleaner air!! The air is now quite clean not because of where we buy and how much we pay, but because of new technologies and other forces consumers pay in autos and the compliance of industries. As far as I can see, those regs have worked. So, why then the shortages, the restrictions on whose oil we use? Why not use our own and pay less?

The people are the Sovereign, not the non-profits who claim shortages. So, drill, baby, drill.

Food shortages are bogus, too. Where is the integrity of candidates to drop corn as a fuel and put it back into the breadbasket?

Where is the integrity of candidates to be uncivil to the snail darter fish in California and be civil to put humans ahead of fish? Water, baby, water! Turn on the spigot. Flow, baby, flow!

And where is the integrity of seeing the people as the Sovereign to begin with? This, I have not heard from them.

Where we will be ignored and face shortages due to a lack of integrity of officials, riots may very well ensue. Gun control plays a part in the ultimate outcomes of these, specifically whether the State will get another leg up by having an excuse for crackdowns versus armed citizens who will protect their lives and property without the help of the State in many, many instances.

The State cannot do everything, and with only thirty-five enumerated powers, it shouldn’t. What it really ought to do is get out of the way.

Why? Won’t that lead to chaos? Vigilanteism?

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If we turn on the water for farmers, if we go back to the better light bulbs, if we repeal gun laws so citizens can fight crime where it is fought best, if we return corn to America’s breadbasket, and if we drill for oil and sell it for under $2 a gallon, the jobs will return and the unemployment will take care of itself. This will be because dependency diminishes.

There is nothing an official fears more than the idea that the electorate doesn’t really need them as much as they want to be needed.

Where is the integrity and shared values?

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If only the 2012 presidential candidates and Congress had the same values and integrity we do. The elitism in candidates prohibits their seeing the realities we have to live with. Only a handful sees things as we experience them.






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