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By Ellen Makkai
May 21, 2009

Give the guy credit; he knows how to knead an audience.

This past Sunday, Mr. Obama sashayed though a brilliant speech with customary grace at Notre Dame University’s graduation. It belied the big stink surrounding his visit to a severely compromised academic institution.

Pro-life legions were stunned when Catholic Notre Dame invited the abortion-on-demand president to deliver the commencement address. The Fifth Commandment of the Catholic catechism reads, “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”

Adding fuel to the inferno, unprincipled administrators bestowed on Obama an honorary law degree. Not one of moral law, I suppose. Catholic champions routinely condemn the bloody procedure that suctions, scrapes and dismembers unborn children.

But forgive me, Mr. Obama, you requested that we excise explicit abortion vocabulary in favor of civility. Instead you prefer “open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words.”

So what fair-minded words should we substitute when describing mutilated legs, arms, skulls and torsos? Perhaps, “components disconnected from the central processing unit” would suit you more, Sir. Better yet, Planned Parenthood’s phraseology is more palatable to your homogenized preferences.


“Empty the uterus” replaces the blunt-force “abortion.”

Our grandiloquent president suggests that the abortion dispute “discover at least the possibility of common ground.” Common ground implies agreement, an absurdity when faced with the slaughter of innocents.

But for argument’s sake and in keeping with Notre Dame’s mission statement (“The University is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake.”), let’s ground-zero with truth.

The Encyclopedia Britannica, National Right to Life, Alan Guttmacher Institute, Centers for Disease Control and provide data for our righteous quest.

Truth: The single-cell zygote, formed at conception, is a living organism containing all human chromosomes that determines sex, skin and hair color, etc. Agreed?

Truth: By day-22, the heart beats in our living organism. The backbone, nervous system, liver and kidneys are forming. By week-five, eyes, legs and hands begin developing and during week-six the mouth, lips, eyelids and nose are seen. Brain waves are detectable. Agreed?

By week-nine most internal organs are in place. Fingerprints appear and the fetus (Latin: “young one”) begins to hear. Truth: In week-nine 61.3% of all abortions occur.

By 17 weeks this life form can urinate, grasp objects, experience pain, dream and suck its thumb. Its heart already pumps 25 quarts of blood a day. By week-20, when partial birth abortions are first performed (a procedure Obama voted twice to protect), our “young one” recognizes its mother’s voice.

Obama said we must “honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion.” Just days after inauguration, he removed conscience clause protections for health care providers, potentially forcing abortion participation or job termination.

“Remember that each of us, endowed with the dignity possessed by all children of God, has the grace to recognize ourselves in one another to understand that we all seek…the same fulfillment of a life well lived,” he said.

Talk is cheap and thousands cheered Obama’s dazzling oratory.

Meanwhile, a small, noble coterie shunned Notre Dame’s disgrace. In protest, Harvard Law professor, Mary Ann Glendon, declined Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal, which honors an exemplary Catholic layperson. Several principled graduates and parents held a mini-commencement elsewhere.

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I doubt we are still in agreement, Mr. President; abortion truth bursts the perimeter of your hypothetical “common ground.” You, Sir, seduce with the same “fair-minded words” and deceptive rhetoric that in 1973 effectively dehumanized our children and allowed the slaughter of over 50 million.

Either you are ignorant of the truth, or would conceal it. In which case you are no better than a stylishly handsome, silver-tongued devil.

� 2009 - Ellen Makkai - All Rights Reserved

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� 2009 - Ellen Makkai - All Rights Reserved

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But for argument’s sake and in keeping with Notre Dame’s mission statement (“The University is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake.”), let’s ground-zero with truth.