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By Kathleen Marquardt
15, 2011

Like many of you, I am working with several groups in my town to fight onerous legislation that puts us more and more under the thumbs of the globalists. One of the women, let me call her Diane, who is working with me on one piece of nasty land planning called the other evening while driving back from a neighboring state to check on the progress of our effort.

And as often happens, when we had finished talking about our local problem, we ventured into the national political quagmire. We talked about a number of the candidates being fielded this week. If you were listening in, you might surmise from our conversation that she is the optimist and I the pessimist. I would counter that I am just playing devil’s advocate and am as optimistic as the next person, but then again maybe I am losing my optimism.

Diane would throw out a name and offer up his or her good points and I would point out the negatives. This went on for a while, and we both understand that if any party -- Republican, Independent or Constitutional -- puts up an outstanding candidate, the mainstream media (MSM) will shoot them down with lies or innuendo, or they will somehow marginalize the person. And let’s face it, even if the Democrats were to field someone with integrity, he or she would be shot down as well. We all know MSM is controlled by the globalists; they certainly don’t try to hide it anymore, nor do they even pretend to offer up unbiased news stories.

So as our conversation began to wind down, Diane very pragmatically said, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t know, or perhaps it is better put: the lesser of two evils.” Naturally I had to come back with something pithy.

I pointed out that if you go with the “lesser of two evils” maxim you might as well not vote. Let me give you an example: two men break into your house, one looks quite clean cut and is even well-dressed in chinos and a button-down. The other has greasy hair, dirt under his fingernails and his clothes smell like he uses them as his latrine. You are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter which. You cannot get to your gun so they have you at their mercy. They inform you that you are going to be raped, so get used to the idea, but they are going to let you choose by whom -- the clean-cut looking thug or the scumbag.

Now, do you get my point? Raped is raped. It doesn’t much matter how one rapist might be nicer or cleaner or better spoken, he is still a rapist.

You might say that a president doesn’t rape us. I would beg to differ but the point is that the lesser of two evils is still evil. And, yes, I am a person who sees the world in black and white, right and wrong, good and bad. I figure if something is gray, it has black in it.


But let’s look at the idea that we might be better served by not voting. Right now, as I see it, we go to the polls, hold our noses and punch holes for those lesser of the evils. Some of our local candidates are definitely upstanding and have integrity and they worth going to the polls to try to get them into office. But as far as the presidency goes -- no way, no how are we going to be offered a candidate who would help get the yoke of tyranny off our shoulders. I will say this as forcefully as I can: NO CANDIDATE WHO MAKES IT TO THE TOP WILL BE ONE WE COULD BE PROUD TO VOTE FOR. The powers-that-be would not let that happen.

I hear some of you saying, “Okay, Kathleen, tell us what you really think.”

Yes, I am somewhat outspoken on politics today. But I have earnestly studied what is going on and have thought about this for a while.

What would happen if we didn’t vote at the next general election? Right now at most about 30% of the population votes in an election. Not very many, but we have been inculcated to go to the polls and exercise our right to vote. My grandmother used to take me with her when she voted so I would get in the habit. So I am saying that those of us who vote are doing it not because we are excited about one or more of the candidates but because we have been programmed that voting is not just a right but a duty.

Yet are our elections much less rigged than in say, Russia? Yes, I am back to the black and white issue; this is relevant. If no candidate of worth can make it to the final list, what is the difference between having the choice between V. Putin or Vladimir Putin on the ballot? What difference do we have now?

It is not because good people don’t put themselves forward (though I cannot understand why anyone with any common sense would want to put themselves and their families through that process), it is because those good people are NOT going to be on the ballot. Period. We must wake up to the fact that every aspect of our lives is being controlled or soon will be.

At one time, the period before JFK, candidates were decided upon in smoky back rooms. While Kennedy’s father may have bought him the White House, most of us were not aware of that fact and thought, great, now it is true, anyone who wants to be president can run for that office. But what really happened is that after that one election cycle, there was a vacuum -- no boys with cigars and bourbon were picking the next candidate. An opportunity was there; the globalists moved in and began offering up candidates ostensibly from both sides of the aisle. As Tom DeWeese so aptly describes it, we get Tweedley Dee (D) and Tweedley Dum (R); both of whom are more than willing to be useful idiots to the Sustainablists if they aren’t Sustainablists themselves.

So I will ask you again, why are we voting? Why don’t we show our disdain for this farce of a process and just say NO. No we are not going to help you carry off this deceit of the American public. No we are not going to the polls and let you think that we are willing sheep. You (the globalists and their useful idiots) are not going to lead us to the slaughter, we are not going peacefully. You will have to drag us. We are no longer going to help you fleece us. We are going to stand up and say that you do not represent Americans.

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The Tea Parties have put the government on notice that people are sick of being overtaxed and regulated. Now we need to take the next step. We are no longer going to let the Sustainablists pretend that what is happening to America is just business as usual and is the outcome of the market. IT IS NOT. It is planned destruction of the Constitution and the American way of life. And it is not okay by me.

I am not voting for the lesser of the evils anymore.

What about you?

� 2011 Kathleen Marquardt - All Rights Reserved

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Kathleen Marquardt has been in the freedom movement since before it was called that. She was founder and chairman of Putting People First, a non-profit organization combatting the animal rights movement. Her book, AnimalScam: the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights, was published by Regnery in 1993. Kathleen has been Vice President of American Policy Center since 2000. She is a contributing writer and researcher for Freedom Advocates.

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So I will ask you again, why are we voting? Why don’t we show our disdain for this farce of a process and just say NO. No we are not going to help you carry off this deceit of the American public.