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Joyce Morrison
October 13, 2007

My house is piled with books and papers needing to be sorted, filed or pitched. This morning I decided to tackle the books and realized how many I had not read - or had started and not finished. Ephesians tells us there is a time to keep and a time to throw away.

I fight the same battle every day - the battle is for more time and space. More issues are coming at a faster pace, and there is not enough time to write all the comments, contact legislators and keep up with information as it filters through.

Congresswoman JoAnn Emerson from MO was recently quoted as saying, �we put out one fire in D.C. and seven more spring up.�

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the issues I try to watch, and yet we expect our Congressmen to know all the details on every issue from war, trade, energy, healthcare, education, resources, immigration, border issues, property rights, social issues and the list is endless.

In defense of our Congressmen, they are forced to spend over half their time fund raising and campaigning while depending on staff and briefings for their information. They are often swayed by special interest groups on important decisions. That is why it is crucial that we do not throw everything away but try to become as well informed as possible and contact the staff of our Congressmen with solid documented information.


The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is the most controlling regulation imaginable and yet groups supposedly representing the farm community such as Farm Bureau and Cattleman�s Associations are promoting NAIS for themselves � not the producer. Apparently they see dollars for their coffers regardless of the fact it will put the small producer out of business. It has nothing to do with prevention of disease.

The federal USDA says NAIS is �voluntary� and is �market� driven. But as my good friend from Arkansas said, �If you don�t mark it - you can�t sell it.� USDA�s own material indicates NAIS will be mandated � state by state. Every farm will be required to have a premise identification number and �all� livestock � even if you only have two chickens and a goat for 4-H - will be required to have an RFID tag or chip. There is no doubt we will be next to be chipped. Follow the money trail on this one and greed will lead you to Orwellian control of your property, your possessions�.and you.


National Heritage Areas are popping up everywhere loaded with pork. Chances are you will not know you are in a Heritage Area until you want to change something on your property. You will then be told you cannot because you live in a �National Heritage Area.� You cannot opt out because you are inside a boundary. The National Park Service is in charge of Heritage Areas. Property within this boundary will be regulated by guidelines coming from a management plan drawn up by an elite group of stakeholders under the direction of the NPS.

When it comes to World Heritage Sites, Bruce Woodhull has an interesting article that will give you food for thought posted in the September 30 Alamogordo Daily News entitled Heritage Sites Would be Used as Debt Collateral.


The Clean Water Restoration Act has a provision that you could find as ridiculous as having your bird bath or swimming pool placed under the authority of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. David Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research reported, �Congress will soon take up the Clean Water Restoration Act that will extend federal authority under the Clean Water Act to �all� United States waters rather than just �navigable waters.� By �all waters,� I don�t just mean lakes, rivers and streams, but literally �all waters,� right down to drainage ditches that are periodically wet.�

Only navigable waters apply at this time, but the new Clean Water Act will require ponds, streams and basically any water on your property be placed under U.S. Corps of Engineers jurisdiction. Is this another move to control every drop of water � even the wells and springs on private property?


Wetlands is a dirty word to most property owners. If you go to your local USDA office and ask to see a map of your property, you might be surprised to find a little spot right in the middle of a field with a special mark. When you ask what the mark represents, you will be told it is a �wetlands,� and you better not do anything with it or you are in big trouble. You may not know it exists until you do something to disturb it�.and then you will know. There are several cases of property owners being jailed because they disturbed �wetlands� on their property.


A Governor�s River Conference will be held this week in Illinois. They will discuss the issue of farmers no longer raising corn and soybeans in the rich, fertile soil of the Illinois River floodplains (which only floods every 100 � 500 years), and at the suggestion of The Nature Conservancy begin to raise switchgrass, poplar and willow trees. Constantly taking more land out of production makes it more apparent there is a plan for our food to come from third world countries�..just as Al Gore said.

Many concerned about these proposals would like to attend this governor�s conference. $175 for the conference - plus travel, hotel and extra meals is not a lot for the government to send a lot of employees, but to the average person to take the time and to pay his own way, it becomes prohibitive. What better time to have a meeting like this than at harvest when the farmers are in the fields and can�t attend?

There are a lot of meetings throughout the year where decisions are made about your property. Government employees and NGO representatives have their expenses and per diem paid so it is no skin off their nose to make rash decisions that will affect you. The Nature Conservancy will be there in full array promoting wetlands and willows�.as a stakeholder in your property. There�s an old saying, �whoever attends the meetings rules.�

The Governor�s Conference will no doubt talk about the farmers causing the �dead zone� in the Gulf. On a recent trip to Wisconsin, we traveled the rural highways through Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. You will not hear the dead zone promoters mention the meticulous contour farming and conservation methods used by small farmers. These farms were beautiful and their tillage had been planned with the expertise of an engineer.

The smaller family owned farms are where care, skill and knowledge are passed on from generation to generation. Regulations such as NAIS, Heritage Areas, Clean Water Act, wetlands and other regulatory mandates are forcing these farmers out of business. These are the farms that prove to be the most environmental and conservative source for safe food in the world.


In sorting my shelves, I ran across a book I had not read called. �The Judas Syndrome� written by James Farrell, author of �Give Us Your Poor� (The Immigration Bomb). As I glanced through the book, Farrell saw 30 years ago the problems we are facing today with illegal immigration. Add eminent domain and the Trans-Texas Corridor, Security and Prosperity Partnership, and the North American Union and his books are very timely.


Very few take the time to read the Bible these days much less the 40 chapter Agenda 21 document. If they would check it out, they would see how fast we are complying with the global plan. Most people simply are not aware they are promoting the United Nations global Agenda 21 which was signed by the United States in 1992 at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janerio. A follow up conference was held in 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa to see how much global progress had been made.

If you are part of a local committee promoting visioning, Sustainable Development, open space and wilderness areas, Smart Growth, International Building Codes, Hazard Mitigation, floodplain management and other programs advancing the global cause, then you have been used to further the Agenda 21 plan and you didn�t even know it. Most of our freedoms are lost at the local level because of lack of knowledge.

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While we focus on ballgames, television and computer games in our spare time, we cannot seem to grasp what is really happening. Hosea 4:6 says, �my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.�

In the battle for time and space, do your own research and don�t cut corners by believing the �sales pitch� of those wanting to bring change to your community. There is a time to keep and a time to be careful what you throw away, because it may be the freedom of your children and grandchildren.

� 2007 Joyce Morrison - All Rights Reserved

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Joyce Morrison attempts to educate the public regarding the dangers coming to their local communities through Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 programs which are designed to gradually take control of all private property through undue regulations.

Morrison writes for Eco-logic Powerhouse,, Range Magazine, SOWER magazine as well as numerous other publications. She is a weekly participant on the teleconference of the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank and is a pro-life, pro-family activist.

She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America as well as Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston, MO. Her most enjoyable time is spent teaching a senior adult Sunday School class which is a focus on hope and encouragement.

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The Clean Water Restoration Act has a provision that you could find as ridiculous as having your bird bath or swimming pool placed under the authority of the U.S. Corps of Engineers.