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Joyce Morrison
August 9, 2004

A recent survey showed that only 4% of adults have a biblical world view. An overwhelming 72% of American professors in universities were liberals according to the survey. What worldview will be passed on to the youth of tomorrow?

Liberal instructors were said to have scored 65% as embracing socialist and communist ideals.

The survey said that �few students say they learned enough Bible content while growing up to enable them to make important life decisions on the basis of biblical principles.�

Abraham Lincoln said �All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated through this Book; but for the Book we could not know right from wrong. All things desirable to man are contained in it.�

Have we crossed so far over the line of biblical principles that right from wrong will be fuzzy to future generations?

It appears churches who believe God�s word is true and believe the Constitution was written by Christians, are finding themselves facing increasing persecution. The �J� word is forbidden in our schools. Nativity scenes on public spaces are taboo. And now the Ten Commandments are not allowed in court rooms where they are needed the most.

Prophets for the Temple of Green, a commentary by columnist Alston Chase claims the real threat to the American Constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state is not school prayer, but that "environmentalism is a religious movement." "This growing, unholy alliance of theologians, environmentalists, politicians and scientists is gradually demolishing the walls that separate church from state and science from theology." (Washington Times 1996)

Our liberal denominations appear to no longer preach the gospel of Jesus Christ but now have a new mission to "save the lands."

National Council of Churches (NCC) Would Save Public Lands July 13, 2005 (ENS) (indent)

The Eco-Justice Program of the National Council of Churches USA has launched a new 10 state Public Lands Initiative to address what the Council views as "growing threats to our nation's public lands and associated resources, particularly in the West."

The new initiative will focus on oil and gas development, which has "emerged as a major threat to the health and productivity of millions of the acres of western lands managed by the federal government," the Council warned.

"If not conducted responsibly," the Council said, "energy development can disturb or kill wildlife, degrade soil quality, pollute water sources, scar landscapes, destroy cultural artifacts, and disrupt other uses of the land, such as ranching and recreation." "We try always to respond to God's call to be stewards of creation," said Methodist Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the NCC, and a former U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania

Well known author and speaker Cliff Kincaid reported that �Both (Al) Gore and Timothy Wirth were directly involved with a group called the "Joint Appeal by Religion and Science for the Environment." They met with various religious leaders and scientists in Washington in May of 1992 to formulate a religious plan of action to save the environment. One of them, The Very Reverend James Park Morton, serves as Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, an Episcopal Center which houses an organization called the Gaia Institute. He essentially declared that the purpose of the Christian Church is to worship the creation, not the Creator.

�The challenge before the religious community in America is to make every congregation � every church, synagogue and mosque � truly "green" � a center of environmental study and action. That is their religious duty,� according to Kincaid.

Kincaid continued, �But the religious overtones of this movement are too obvious to ignore. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) has described this phenomenon as "environmental religion" and says that it has "profound constitutional implications" because of the First Amendment prohibition on government establishment of religion. Columnist Alston Chase, a reformed environmentalist, agrees, warning that "It may be only a matter of time before America becomes a complete theocracy � a place where, in the name of environmentalism, science and religion fuse with civil authority to rule the populace."

Shouldn�t the church be teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we, as God�s children, will know right from wrong and choose to be good stewards of our Father�s creation? In Romans 1:25 we are warned that we would begin to �worship� the creation and not the Creator.

Is it no wonder Christian youth have no sound Biblical worldview. Has the Church been sidetracked on a well planned detour?

�The Bible is the cornerstone of liberty - Students� perusal of the sacred volume will make us better citizens,� said Thomas Jefferson.

The Church is now deciding to take on the mission to save public lands which evolves as a form of �earth worship.� The NCC article did not indicate concern for the creature made in �God�s image,� and the resources He provided for His children.

God has provided resources for us to use for our benefit. If our resources run out, I�m certain God has plan B in mind and will provide mankind the ingenuity to create energy without the dependence on the resources we now use. But at the rate that prophecy is being fulfilled, concern about future needs may be needless worry.

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The NCC article said �Through worship, education, and advocacy, the NCC initiative aims to begin "answering the Biblical call to protect and redeem God's lands." Everyone knows that God expects us to be good stewards but is there a new scripture telling us that God said to "redeem the lands?" My Bible says God told Moses to "Go in and possess the land." Deut. 1:8b

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Joyce Morrison is a weekly columnist and news reporter for the, an online conservative news source. She also writes for SOWER magazine,, as well as various other publications. She is a weekly participant on the teleconference of the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank and is a pro-life, pro-family activist.

Morrison attempts to educate the public regarding the dangers coming to their local communities through Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 programs which are designed to gradually take control of all private property through undue regulations.

She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America as well as Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston, MO. Her most enjoyable time is spent teaching a senior adult Sunday School class which is a focus on hope and encouragement.

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Shouldn�t the church be teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we, as God�s children, will know right from wrong and choose to be good stewards of our Father�s creation? In Romans 1:25 we are warned that we would begin to �worship� the creation and not the Creator.