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FTAA no more America


 By Dr. A. H. Krieg

    Last week saw the beginning of the end of America and Canada, as we know them. Quebec City had some visitors; to be more specific there were 34 hemispheric heads of state and their lackeys, and 34,000 protestors. Did I forget the 6700 Quebec City police, RCMP, fire departments and military, which successfully suppressed the protestors over a mile distant from the oligarchs? Isn’t it interesting that for every official delegate there were over 10,000 opponents. What however, I found seriously offensive was the use of 6700 black clad shock troops paid for in confiscatory taxes by Canadian citizens against themselves, and that Canadian police would perpetrate such an offensive act.

    In suppressing protestors and keeping them away from they’re elected officials, whose salaries they pay, Canadian troops police and fire departments used rubber bullets fired from automatic weapons, water cannon, tear gas, and the usual clubs with which they were seen all over the city beating their tax paying benefactor into the ground.  It was a distressing repeat of what American officials did in Seattle not so long ago, and what has come to be the modus-operandi of the New World Order.

    It has come to my attention that police forces in all of North America appear to have forgotten who pays their salaries, preferring rather to ignore their constitutionally mandated behavior for cowardly cowering to the elected bums. I believe the time has come to remind all of our police whom they work for; and it’s not politicians.

    In the United States we will see a concerted effort to give Bush “Fast Track” so that the odious FTAA treaty can be negotiated, and then ratified by a Senate who’s Republocrats have already all indicated their support. Oh they changed the name from fast track to something else, so you won’t notice as the legislative Republocrats pass it.  At all costs we must prevent this occurrence in congress. I suggest every reader write his congressman and senators in opposition to FTAA.

    What is FTAA: It is the expansion of NAFTA to the entire hemisphere, including all nations in the Caribbean basin excluding Cuba, and including all of South America. We are speaking here of a duty exempt status for countries many of which have an average annual individual income is below $ 500. Exactly how you as a Canadian or American worker are supposed to compete with such pay scales has not even been addressed by the oligarchs. The fact that environmental regulations, Socials Security, Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment’s benefits, nor any work related safety such as OSHA regulations, are unavailable in most of those nations is not even talked about. In a comparison between two NAFTA countries Mexico and America we see that it costs an American manufacturer about $32. Per hour for manufacturing employees. In Mexico that same manufacturer can cut his cost to about $ 4.50 well below America’s mandated minimum wage.

    To see what the result of FTAA will be all we have to do is examine the outcome of NAFTA. Before that horrible agreement, which was illegally implemented, (1) America had a trade surplus with Mexico of $ 5.6billion annually. Our annual deficit with Mexico grew to an astounding $33 billion in 2000. That means a loss of $38.6 billion just in one year. When we add all the annual deficits between America and Mexico together since the implementation of the agreement we come to a whopping $ 307 Billion total.

    That’s only money! Now comes the bad part. Direct loss of manufacturing employment due to NAFTA is 3 million manufacturing jobs. The absolute lie by the Clinton administration that all this was offset by new jobs is borne in the facts not reported that almost all new employment during the Clinton administration was service sector jobs that pay on average 40% less than manufacturing jobs. Once more that’s not all! American manufacturers are building and have been for five years $ 2 billion in new plants in Mexico every single year. All of those plants would have been built in America. 4 million more jobs down the drain! Total job losses to our economy since NAFTA inception 7 million.

    Now understand and clearly so, that Mexico has one of the higher standards of living in the hemisphere. In other words was a manufacturer for example to go to Haiti where there are no laws and the average annual income is $340.00 he could produce at a labor cost one third that of Mexico. At a total manufacturing cost of $1.50 per hour vs. $30. in America or $4.50 in Mexico, those numbers include all social, tax, and overhead costs. With numbers like that how long will you have your job? Protests with 34,000 people simply will not do. At the next meeting we had better have a million protestors, that is of course unless you like the idea of a standard of living of about one third what you have today. The combined population of Latin America and the Caribbean basin is over three times that of America and Canada and their average standard of living is about 15% of ours. When free trade is enacted all economies within ten years will become equal. Do you honestly believe that 750 million South American’s standard of living will be automatically increased by 80% or is it more realistic to accept that ours will be lowered by two thirds?

(1)   The NAFTA agreement is not a treaty because the states or the senate never ratified it. NAFTA was illegally implemented by executive order. Those words executive order are not in the constitution. Furthermore Section I Article 1 of the US constitution restricts the making of law to congress. No citizen or state is required to participate in or pay any attention to NAFTA.

Dr. Adrian Krieg is an author who has widely written on NAFTA and FTAA in books and columns



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