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By Dr. A. H. Krieg

    The Peoples Communist Republic of China and America share the Pacific Ocean on which both border as their common periphery.

   Changes in Chinese posture particularly their new Pacific strategy, when coupled with the introduction of their new DF-31 mobile intercontinental ballistic missile together with an increase of 17.7 % in military budgeting for 2001 seems to require a re-thinking of American Pacific strategy.  How long it will take America’s executive and legislative branches to realize that the change from strategic partner to strategic rival occurred sometime in the 1980’s is anyone’s guess. On trade issues Washington’s policy remains stuck in the 70’s without any remote comprehension of the real situation. The fact that China is utilizing over 90% of its American trade surplus to purchase Russian military equipment, to the tune of well over $ 40 billion per year is not even considered on this side of the Pacific. The more than exponential growth of the Chinese Pacific fleet with new advanced Russian ships although noted by the military is ignored by State Department policy.

    It is un-questionable that policies of our State Department seem to operate in a political trade and military vacuum. In fact this entire policy is a repeat of our actions in the 1930’s in regards to Japan. Unfortunately the present situation is much worse for America due to several factors. First the Chinese are able with their new DF-31, whose guidance system has been up-dated thanks to Loral and Clinton, and that has an 4800 mile range, to hit all American cities bordering the Pacific. Japan never had that capability. Second China has the world’s largest land army, and is rapidly developing the third larges naval presence in the Pacific. Third again thanks to Clinton China has been provided scores of super computers, and secret bomb technology that has allowed them to up-date their nuclear arsenal. Fourth Israel has entered into contracts with the PRC to supply sophisticated military hardware developed form American technology, such as Python air to air missiles now mounted on Chinese J-8 fighter jets.

    It is, and has been State Department policy for 50 years that in order to maintain the peace all parties should have military parity. This stupid, and that is the only thing it can be called, policy lead to such moronic strategy as MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), which was Americas primary external policy thru ought the cold war. To these ends there has been treason, betrayal, most favorite nation status, along with any number of failing and stupid endeavors. Wars are avoided only if your opposed is convinced that any military action against you will meet with utter failure.

    Stresses and strains in China/US relations have become more apparent every year. Notwithstanding the tenuous relationships between Taiwan/China/U.S.A., with China continually beating the war drums on that issue. Lines are being drawn, demarcations are made, and reactions are taken daily. The most recent action was downing of an American reconnaissance aircraft (1) by a Chinese fighter over international waters of the South China Sea and the taking of American servicemen along with the aircraft, and equipment as hostages by China. The implication was more than clear we have been warned to stay away from Taiwan (free China for you leftists). No totalitarian state can tolerate any portion of its previous territory as a free and autonomous region. All we have to look at it Korea, Russia, Viet Nam, and China. This is even more so the case for Taiwan because that little island with a population of a mere 6 million has a individual standard of living 100 times that of China, and in trade exports and imports more from America than does China. 

    The new strategic partnership between Russia and China is now a fact having been officially sealed in July 2001. This in more than one way completely negates State Department policy of equal powers; a combined Russian Chinese axis far outweighs the American Pacific fleet especially after Clinton’s strategic blunder of down-seizing our navy by 40+ %. The foreseeable outcome of these acts include Chinese opposition of missile defense as this would negate their ability to blackmail America on the Taiwan issue, Full Chinese integrity of captive nations in their sphere of influence including occupied Tibet and Tschetschenia, and to date unconquered Taiwan. Most probably also opposition of our Balkans policy in support of Russia whose client state is Serbia.

    It would help State Department fools to ponder the 20th century history of China, which includes; wars with Tibet, Russia, Japan, Viet Nam and India. In fact there is not one nation bordering China that has not at one time come to war with that nation in the last century. To blame all that on Western imperialism as does China smacks of second-rate propaganda. The character of a nations leadership is demonstrated in the manner in which they deal with their own population. The confrontation between the Peoples Army and freedom demonstrators in Tiannamen-square in which over 1000 Chinese were ruthlessly gunned down more than demonstrates the position of China’s political leadership. The ethnic cleansing of Tibet demonstrates their external policy.

    The ideology of a nation may be found in her schoolbooks. China’s history schoolbooks have a recurrent theme; the West is our enemy, Western nations with American leadership will in the foreseeable future attempt to split China and to conquer it. Not only does this demonstrate a total lack of understanding of western political and ideological thought it shows a leadership who is actively preparing its people for a war with America

    (1)  It was not as china claims a spy plane—spy would indicate secret, hidden, it was neither, and it was over international air space at the time the Chinese J-8 flew into its left engine.

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