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By: Dr. A. H. Krieg

    In the wake of the terrorist attacks on America on Sept 11/01 it should be more than obvious that we are reaping 30 years of meddling in other peoples affairs and are now reaping the result of it.

   Appropriately called 5th generation war terrorism is difficult to combat because it is not a unified military action, but rather a means by which the terrorists, not associated with any national functioning or military structure, attempt to alter public sentiment on issues. Terrorism is not about winning it is about changing society to the direction desired by the terrorists. Terrorism is often state (government) sponsored, and in the 20th century has been used by all sides including ours. The primary difficulty in combating 5th generation warfare rests with the difficulty of identifying the enemy (perpetrators) of the acts when they are not openly carried out by a government, and if identified; the difficulty of preemptive action against them.  The key to understanding the cause of 5th generation war, and successfully opposing it, rests in understanding its cause and the desires of the terrorists.

   In our case it is not very difficult to understand foreign as well as domestic terrorism, as well as its causes. While our federal and state authorities spend billions of dollars in dozens of agencies in response to it, they are going about combating this evil in the entirely wrong manner. In this instance it behooves us to separate foreign and domestic terrorism into two completely separate entities. The reason is that the cause of it differs, the greatest danger being that government action may possibly lead to shared aims of foreign and domestic terrorists, which would be a national calamity of huge proportion.

   All terrorism is a reaction by a dedicated group of individuals, against an established order, who conspire and by violent means attempt to bring about changes they deem to be in concert with their goals. A reaction to such acts by any established order is inappropriate because it is invariably late. The response taking place after the act has already occurred making it mute. To arrest adjudicate and punish is appropriate but does nothing for the victims of the act, nor does it produce a deterrent. Military response to 5th generation war is neither practical nor does it work. Police action invariably deprives members of the indigenous society liberty and freedom, the exact results that the terrorists want. How then do we fight this latest development of military strategy?

    Domestic Terrorism is the result of government arrogance, lack of appropriate response to citizens, and acts of state terrorism against select groups of individual citizens. In the realm of arrogance we clearly see the creation of law at a pace that neither government nor individual citizens are able to keep up with. The resultant act by governmental bureaucracies is selective enforcement by various agencies against opponents of those bureau’s individual policies. It has not gone unnoticed that a majority of the citizens of America fear their government, according to 1998 statistics. When citizens of any nation fear the bureaucracies created in their government that regime becomes a tyranny.  The most flagrant offenders of this are the IRS and BATF. Internal Revenue Statutes as of 2001 constitute a volume of over two million words, written in such a convoluted and confusing manner that no one is able to understand the statute. In past years Money Magazine has created a mythical tax return and offered it to scores IRS agents as well as CPA’s, no two have ever produced the same tax liability. Furthermore according to Pamela Gardiner inspector general at the U.S. Treasury Department errors in advice to taxpayers drooped from a whopping 81% down to 73% in 2000. That would indicate that three quarters of the advice given taxpayers by IRS agents is wrong.  If the enforcers as well as the experts are unable to produce a uniform result it is high time to scrap the entire mess. The Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco institutes stupid regulations which their agents and management are unable to explain to anyone. Why for instance would a percussion cap firearm developed in the 1800’s require a sales license if the hammer strikes in the center of the barrel and none if on the side? Why would a semi-automatic AK 47 (developed over 40 years ago) be illegal with a pistol grip and legal with a sports grip? The function and ability are identical for both. Why would a bayonet fixture be illegal on a firearm? Have you heard of any crime committed at bayonet point? Why would there be a law about the length of a shotgun stock or barrel? Why would you require a $300. license for a silencer, when a soda pop bottle will serve the purpose for free?  Both these agencies utilize their written confusing legal structure to selectively enforce their statutes against often-innocent citizens, more often than not for the purpose of property confiscation and for agency self- enrichment. These are the causes of domestic terrorism, which are simple to combat at minimal cost. To end domestic terrorism government must be made more responsive to individual as well as groups of citizens. Written law that is unintelligible must be removed from the books. Tax statues (the IRS code) must be scrapped in favor of either a flat tax or a sales tax. Selective enforcement of statues must be condemned at the highest levels of the bureaucracy. All agencies of government must be forced to be cooperative and courteous when dealing with the public. No agency of the government should be allowed to wear black uniforms and ski masks (looking like thugs) in performance of their duty. Most importantly all agencies must change direction in the attainment of their espoused goals. All new statute should not be punitive but seek to achieve its goal by reward. Instead of penalizing a land owner for having spotted owls on his land by not allowing him to harvest his property offer him a tax write off, and a generous reward for any increase in spotted owl population. Such actions will eliminate domestic terrorist acts, serve all the public and bring a more civil society.

   Foreign terrorism: It goes without saying that foreign terrorism will be substantially weakened if domestic tranquility and confidence of governing bodies is restored domestically. All foreign terrorist acts against America, American property as well as against our citizen’s soldiers and diplomats stem from our foreign policy. If in fact a foreign government did to us what our state department does congress would rapidly declare war on that entity. America’s foreign policy is a development of “Study Committees” of the CFR. All their policy is politically motivated without the slightest consideration of American advantage; it is solely based on the internationalist philosophy of the New World Order that permeates the leadership of every single study committee at the Council on Foreign Relations, on 68th St. in NYC. This semi-secret organization has dominated the structure, policy making, and leadership in our department of state since the FDR administration. To further wreak havoc on America these people are the instigators of the EU, NAFTA, GAT, WTO, and the coming FTAA. Whether you agree or disagree with this internationalist bent is relatively unimportant. What is important is the outcome of these international agreements and treaties along with their influence on Americans. Take NAFTA, it has lost us 7 million manufacturing jobs, and turned a $5.76 billion annual trade surplus with Mexico into a mind boggling trade deficit of $ 33 billion in 2000. Total projected trade losses amount to over $320 billion since NAFTA inception. The last issued (suppressed) report on NAFTA by the U.S. Department of Labor (1996, 122 pages) indicated a loss of 1,586 manufacturing plants to Mexico. Not satisfied with that it is now the policy of both parties to expand NAFTA to FTAA, a hemisphere wide free trade zone encompassing all of Latin America as well as the Caribbean Basin. Consider the population of America at about 260 million, while the combined population of FTAA is 750 million. The average American income is about $ 24,000 annually and that of the balance of the FTAA nations is $875. Equalized free trade would result in a decline of the average American income to $3.360.00 per year. That these guys are unable to add subtract or multiply is blatantly obvious. Scrap NAFTA and don’t even consider FTAA.

   In the Middle East a political flash point almost since Pax Romana, but most certainly since the Balfour Declaration American foreign policy has been nothing if not stupid. The world contains about one billion adherents of Islam and perhaps 14 million Jews. Our State Department relies on the Mossad (Israeli secret service) for the major part of our Middle East intelligence, and is staffed by an un-proportional number of Zionists particularly in their Middle East section. That this results in a lopsided policy can be understood by any six year old.  Furthermore it has been our national policy (separation of church and state excluded) that we provide a socialist theocracy Israel the bulk of our foreign aid. All of our Middle East terrorist activity could easily be eliminated by reasonable evenhanded federal policies towards that part of the world. This does not mean that we cannot guarantee Israel’s security, but simply that our policies must conform to fairness in everyone’s eyes, something it does not now do.

   Likewise our Balkan policies gain us nothing but more enemies. The Balkans has been in intermittent war for over 900 years. For Clinton to have stated that “we will be out of there by Christmas” was perhaps the stupidest statement of the 20th century. It is more than apparent that our NATO/UN policy of “Cultural Marxism” in ramming our political philosophies down the throats of the indigenous population has not resulted in peace or tranquility. To my mind the only accomplishment of our Balkan policies has been the interminable hatred of the majority of the population of what once was Yugoslavia. We presently have over 5000 troops in the Balkans bring them home. We have thousands in Germany and Japan bring them home. We have troops in over 80 nations around the world bring them all home. We are not the world’s police force, and the majority of nations consider their methods of governance and social stance as good as ours. Who are we to try to impose our system of governance on others?

   There are two ways by which a society can be altered. These are unrelenting military involvement, and uncontrolled unrelenting legal and illegal immigration. Both policies along with the “Trojan Horse” of “Free Trade” represent to corner stone of our national policy under both Republican as well as Democrat administrations. We in fact do not have political parties we have a political  “System” whose two goals are an international feudalistic state managed by a small group of internationalist plutocrats, and its own self-preservation.

   To end foreign terrorism requires a dramatic shift in our foreign policy adhering more closely to Teddy Roosevelt’s “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. In other words minding our own business and stay out of other people’s business. This has always been sound policy for personal affairs, and is likewise perfect policy for national foreign affairs. 

Dr. Krieg is an author inventor and columnist. More may be found on him at  & his columns appear in numerous national papers and magazines. Feel free to E-mail to [email protected]