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By Angie Carlson

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is an imminent master of statecraft and a senior establishment strategist.  In the Grand Chessboard, a candid and disturbing 200-page book he wrote in 1998, Brzezinski dispassionately explains the dire import of U.S. geostrategic interests in Eurasia and how they must be accomplished if other strategies fail:
"But the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the [U.S.] public's sense of domestic well-being."   p.36
    Two years after those fateful words were penned, mass murder most foul was accomplished. 
    That forever unforgettable "sudden threat or challenge to the [U.S.] public's sense of domestic well-being" left its bloodstained mark upon a shaken nation.  Right on cue, all pawns on the periphery of the Great Game for Eurasian control, on both sides of the Atlantic, still curse endlessly the big pawn in the center of the Eurasian Great Game: Osama bin Laden and his scapegoat warriors.  Not to be outdone, like wound up tin soldiers, the peripheral pawns of the greater Islamic mass, is goaded into a defensive and now war-like posture.  Festering with wrath on one hand and with fear on the other, the opposing masses compete with invincible hate, upon their perceived moral high ground, to best their complaint.
    This is global manipulation as never before witnessed, on an unbelievable scale. 
    Truly the whole 9-11 and aftermath, is a design hatched out of Hell, for its devilish brilliance in mass mind control, its sheer insolence, its ultimate degree of fraud against all the people of the world, brilliantly staged by the masters of statecraft, the Great Game players of the Grand Eurasian Chessboard. Doubly ironic is that within nations like the U.S. and those of Europe, the fraud works its vitriol by dividing the populace against itself.  It works its perpetuating malignancy to further manipulate the U.S. and European peoples into accepting the shackles of "security", in exchange for their civil rights, even the right to be secure in their homes without interference--in the name of an Islamic enemy.  Even though the enemy has not been conclusively identified, even less is the deadly fraud perceived.  It works to replicate to a far more heightened level the historical  mistrust the Islamic world feels towards the Western world--not always unjustified.  Any progress in the interests of harmony that existed is set back many years.
    It works ultimately to create volatile conditions in societies, chaos, disorder, which then necessitates uncivil containment of the people by the managers of the Great Fraud and which we see legislated daily unhindered.
    Nightly in the comfort of their Western homes, the various international broadcasts, and on other  media, the terror, mayhem and murder of a poor people and their bombarded homeland is little noticed, given minuscule import, as all the rules of civility and human charity, are laid dormant as the great fraud proceeds--in the name of war on terrorism.  The nations' keepers have called for self-righteous indignation across the Western nations and the flag bestows upon a fragile people that moral authority to emotionalize with plastic patriotism while their critical thinking faculties are laid down to sleep.      
    9-11, and its aftermath, is testimony to the highest success of the masters of spin. 


Angie Carlson has been an activist for many years, specializing and educating those who care, through radio and the Internet, about matters regarding the underlying message of legislation and other diverse programs and issues. She writes profusely on the net and never ceases to research and study the issues herself.

Angie can be reached at Data Source International  [email protected]