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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
October 8, 2007

In the midst of the current presidential race, American voters are being denied information regarding alleged plans to merge the three nations of North America -- the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Not only are most political leaders in both major parties failing to discuss allegations of an impending North American Union, but the mainstream news media are failing to examine what promises to be THE major news story of the 21st Century.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government has revealed to its own citizens that Mexico has entered extensive discussions with government officials in Texas and top representatives from the Bush administration to extend what it called the Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico, with a plan to connect to the Mexican ports on the Pacific, including Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas.

In fact, the official website of the Mexican northeastern state of Nuevo León contains multiple reports that José Natividad Gonzáles Parás, governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo León, has actively discussed these plans with numerous US government officials, including Texas' state and local officeholders.

"All one needs to do is to look at the social mass viewpoint on Americans themselves by their own media as well as media outlets in other countries," Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning actor Michael Moriarty told during an exclusive interview.

"Americans are looked at [sic] majoritively speaking, as gun-toting, constitution quoting, trigger happy [sic] misinformee's. Yet, carrying a gun is the first and foremost sign of being a truly free person. The view that Americans are stupid is a widely held one, yet they are one of the last bastions of freedom left to view," added the former Law & Order star.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice all discussed the extension of the Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico to create what's called a "Trans North America Corridor."

In fact, just last August during a trip to Mexico, Perry made news in the conservative news media by calling the idea of building a fence along the US-Mexico border "idiocy."

"Largely unreported in the American press were meetings Perry held in Mexico with Gonzáles Parás in which the two discussed extending the corridor into Mexico," said Moriarty.

"In their private meetings, the pair thoroughly discussed extending Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico," said Moriarty during his NWV interview.

"We have had interaction with the governor of Texas," Gonzáles Parás said on the government web site. "We have had a very productive relationship with Rick Perry, who is also interested in what we can do to continue that which is known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, that in reality is the corridor of North America, the Trans North America Corridor, that includes railroads, bridges, passenger automobile highways, and truck highway lanes."

Gonzáles Parás further explained the extension of TTC-35 into Mexico would connect through Monterrey, a city which he suggested would function as a hub for truck-freight traffic. Monterrey is the capital of Nuevo León.

"One of the themes that merited the most attention on the part of the two governors was the development of the infrastructure needed for the competitive development of the region as it relates to developing the Trans-Texas Corridor in connection with the project we call the Corridor of Northeastern Mexico," the Nuevo León government web site reported Gonzáles Parás saying Sept. 1, at the conclusion of Perry's visit.

"Gonzáles Parás is reportedly pursuing plans to establish Monterrey as an 'inland port' where international container freight cargo, largely delivered into Mexico via the Mexican ports on the Pacific, could be transported via a Trans North America Corridor into the United States via Laredo, Texas," claims Moriarty, who's been following this story closely.

Once on I-35, the Mexican trucks transporting the Chinese containers could travel north, heading toward US inland ports are being established by the Free Trade Alliance San Antonio in San Antonio and in Kansas City by the Kansas City SmartPort.

On May 24, Gonzáles Parás announced during his meetings in Austin, Perry had agreed the envisioned Trans North America Corridor would pass through Laredo and connect with San Antonio, just as Mexico ultimately planned to extend the superhighway south into Colombia.

"We have also worked in Monterrey to create an inland port, a metropolitan center for moving rapidly the commercial traffic from Monterrey to the inland port at San Antonio," Gonzáles Parás said in the state-published interview.

"For this strategic project to be accomplished, we have been working with the federal government in Mexico as well as holding discussions with the secretary of transportation and the secretary of state in the United States," he said.

Similar comments made by Gonzáles Parás at a press conference in Mexico that first announced Transportes Olympic had been selected as the first trucking firm to cross the border in the Mexican truck-demonstration project.


In speaking to the group assembled at the company's headquarters, Gonzáles Parás announced the Trans-Texas Corridor was not just the NAFTA Superhighway, but "the Logistical Trans-Corridor of North America," uniting Mexico, the United States and Canada.

He next announced the time had arrived to declare a North American Economic Community. Gonzáles Parás explained the Trans-Texas Corridor was more accurately known in Mexico as the "Logistical Trans-Corridor of North America."

"I want to let you know how much we in this border state of Nuevo León have been working with our neighbor state of Texas," he said, "making agreements which permit us to enrich what in Texas is called the 'Trans-Texas Corridor,' but what we in Mexico know as the 'Logistical Corridor of North America.'"

"We, Canada, and the United States have to perfect this Logistical Trans-Corridor of North America for our mutual benefit," Gonzáles Parás continued.

He expanded his vision of a Logistical Corridor of North America to include the construction of a train and truck corridor that would cut through the heart of North America.

As far as a NAFTA Superhighway, the first segment is the planned four-football-fields-wide Trans-Texas Corridor which the Texas Department of Transportation plans to build parallel to Interstate 35.

"At the recent Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) third summit held in Montebello, Quebec, President Bush and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper ridiculed the idea that SPP might result in the creation of a North American Union or NAFTA Superhighways," said Moriarty.

"However, these reports written in Spanish and published on the Nuevo León government website suggest that discussions about extending TTC-35 into Mexico are much further advanced that have been admitted by the Bush administration or reported upon in the US mainstream media," Moriarty added.

The well-known actor and musician takes a dim view of America's future if the current trend continues unabated.

"The Old World Order is now legally dead, but is still on life support in America. The old world was about individual freedom and protection of the family unit and the family of countrymen. The New World Order is about the loss of sovereign rights given by God, and the replacement of those rights with freedoms handed out by man, or "the world government" such as the United Nations," said Moriarty.

"The New World Order is alive and well today and has been for quite sometime. The founding of International Banking Cartels, Foreign Relations advisers and the creation of a World Court were all the political egg and semen needed to begin the pregnancy, global crisis (real or fabricated) was all that was needed to give birth to the dreams of powerful men."

Hitler Meets Christ, A Michael Moriarty film.

Municipio de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Nuevo Leon - Wikipedia

Michael Moriarty, the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning star of Law & Order, is set to premiere his much anticipated film Hitler Meets Christ at the 17th Annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California.

A dark comedy exploring the polar philosophies of two of the most controversial figures in human history, Hitler Meets Christ stars Moriarty as Hitler and Canadian actor Wyatt Page as Christ. Moriarty adapted the screenplay from a controversial play he wrote in New York in the early 90s (then called Hitler and Christ Meet Death at the Port Authority Bus Terminal). The film has already generated sizable online interest due to both its risky characterization and the recent crop of films and novels centered on Hitler and the Holocaust.

According to Moriarty, the film is about the tenacity of Christ and his love — and Hitler's agony in the face of it. "It ultimately comes down to good and evil," says Moriarty. "And the two greatest, most polar opposites of good and evil are Jesus of Nazareth and Adolf Hitler of Germany... It's a comedy in as much as it allows the audience to laugh at Hitler, and it's a tragedy in that he's really a poor homeless man trapped and imprisoned by the soul of Hitler."

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Shot on location in some of the darkest neighborhoods of Vancouver, Canada, Hitler Meets Christ was directed by newcomer Brendan Keown and produced by Keown and Jeremy Dyson, whose previous production credits include the award-winning Dark Arc (2005).

Moriarty has starred in Law & Order (1990-1994), The 4400 (2004), Shiloh (1997), Pale Rider (1985), Holocaust (1978) and Bang the Drum Slowly (1973). He received his most recent Emmy Award in 2003 for the television movie James Dean.

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Meanwhile, the Mexican government has revealed to its own citizens that Mexico has entered extensive discussions with government officials in Texas and top representatives from the Bush administration to extend what it called the Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico...