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January 3, 2005

Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

The Associated Press carried a story December 18, 2004 regarding the escalating violence in Mosul and the coming elections in Iraq. Buried in the article was the following comment: "Although the election campaign officially kicked off Wednesday, so far only the Iraqi Communist Party � which is part of the U.S.-installed interim government � was known to have had a public gathering."

Several individuals contacted NWVs about this and expressed their outrage that our soldiers are being sent to die in a foreign country to establish communism. Hank Goller is a Viet Nam veteran who commented, "It's not bad enough that Bush invaded a foreign country without a formal declaration of war built on a mountain of lies, but now we find out our fighting brothers are dying to install communism? This whole (expletive) government is rotten beyond redemption." (search)

Cliff (last name withheld by request) served in the first Gulf War under Bush, Sr. and was "appalled" not only because "America got sucked into this war based on a bunch of lies," but knowing his fellow soldiers were over there away from their families and getting shot and killed to set up communism "frosts my windows right up." He added, "It's not the responsibility of the United States to set up any government in a foreign country nor are their elections any of our business. This whole thing has gotten totally out of hand."

Historically, 'nation building' has never been successful and the general consensus is that no matter how much money or bodies President Bush ships to Afghanistan and Iraq, failure will be the end result. "Nation-building is thus grossly unsuitable as a tool to combat terrorism, or the religious fundamentalism that drives it. An America that takes on the task of rebuilding the many failed or failing nations around the world will drive itself into bankruptcy and will find itself struggling against the same insecurity and combating the same forces that it encountered on 9/11," said Subodh Atal.

Atal is the author of a recent Cato Institute Foreign Policy Briefing, "At a Crossroads in Afghanistan: Should the United States be Nation-Building?" He also went on to say on November 23, 2003, "Rumsfeld's candid comments suggest that some in the administration have doubts about whether the terrorist threat can be neutralized by billions of dollars in foreign aid. President Bush should be equally candid with the American people. He should explain that we won't be able to bribe away international terrorism, and he should refuse to authorize any more resources for counter-productive nation-building."

In a July 11, 2004 commentary, Morton Abramowitz and Heather Hurlburt pointed out in a Washington Post article, July 11, 2004, the following: "No fewer than nine times over the past decade, Western powers have deployed noble rhetoric, soldiers and taxpayer dollars in the service of nation-building. And no fewer than nine times, they have, to one degree or another, failed to build stable, self-sustaining nations."

There is no authorization in Art. 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution for foreign aid or money from the people's treasury to be used for building new schools, roads, towns, airports and other facilities in any foreign country. The cost of the war in Iraq is currently running $5.4 billion dollars a day. There is no money in the U.S. Treasury so the money being spent will have to be borrowed from the privately owned Federal Reserve and added to the growing national debt.

Jeri Lynn Ball, author of Masters of Seduction and Time Bomb, sets forth the following in her opinion as the reason behind these endless conflicts and the "war on terrorism":

"The definition of the term: "War of National Liberation": To achieve its goals of constant expansion and ultimate world domination, the Soviet Union has worked to "incite" and arm 'liberation wars,' guerrilla movements, [and] subversion" in the West. Again, the CFR-dominated Clinton/Bush Administrations and the Communist Chinese have cooperated in this massive effort to attack and destroy the Western way of life. Ray S. Cline and Yonah Alexander write, "A succession of major victories in regional 'liberation' conflicts would in time change the balance of power irreversibly, presaging Communist triumph in the end."

"Warmongering Communist criminals, who have waged a war of aggression against the West and who aim to achieve world domination, pose as the law-abiding, peace-loving liberators of mankind. Martin Ebon says that Vladimir Bukovski left the USSR in 1976 to live in England. Bukovski quoted Lenin as saying: "As an ultimate objective, peace simply means Communist world control..." Bukovski explained further: "We must at the same time bear in mind that wars are the 'inevitable consequence of the clash of imperialist interests under capitalism,' and therefore they will continue to be inevitable as long as capitalism exists. The only way to save humanity from the evil of wars, then, is to 'liberate' it from the 'chains of capitalism.'" In the Communist view, the world can only be liberated from "evil of wars" through "just wars." Lyons observes that the Communists "always specifiy support for 'just' wars, so-called wars of liberation - in fact, those "conflicts" instigated or sanctioned by Communists. Khrushechev stated: "The communists fully support just wars."

"On April 5, 2003, President Bush spoke about the war in Iraq and the advance of American and coalition forces. Just as the infamous Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev reaffirmed Communist support for "just" wars, so President Bush said, "By our actions...we serve a...just cause." Carrying forward Lenin's and Stalin's program for Communist global control, the Bush Administration and its Russian and Chinese Communist allies seek to "liberate" humanity from the "chains of capitalism." Like Stalin, they aim to conduct their war on various "fronts" and, now, upon entering the "second phase" of this war, they plan to arm and incite "liberation wars" for humanity in other countries.

"On March 10, 1939, Stalin said, "...we shall be in a position to move from the first phase of Communism to the second phase. To do this, there must be an indomitable desire to go forward and a readiness to make sacrifices." Following Lenin's lead, Stalin armed and incited "wars of national liberation." On April 30, 2002, President Bush said, "...America has...accepted a great challenge in the world: to wage a relentless and systematic campaign against global terror...We are in for a long and difficult war. It will be conducted on many fronts. In the first phase of our military operation, American and coalition forces - have liberated - the people of Afghanistan from a barbaric regime...We have entered the next phase of the war." On April 3, 2003, Mr. Bush echoed Stalin's call for "a readiness to make sacrifices" when he said, "These are sacrifices in a high calling..."

The fact that the U.S. government is financing the establishment of communism in Iraq is sure to cause even more controversy in the future.

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"Warmongering Communist criminals, who have waged a war of aggression against the West and who aim to achieve world domination, pose as the law-abiding, peace-loving liberators of mankind.