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The Mechanics of Deception: Who’s Behind the Curtain?










By Ed Pointer
December 27
, 2014

Considering the world situation and the continual drive to consolidate all national governments under one leader, perhaps N. Korea is resisting the drive. Under our current president the United States is pushing hard for global government, even to destroying the United States if necessary to accomplish it.

Since N. Korea is a communist nation it could be the current move is to push it into becoming a world socialist member. While there may be little difference between communism and socialism the current form of “socialism” being promoted by the Power Elite is more Trotsky-like than otherwise; dictators however enjoy controlling every detail so perhaps it is N. Korea’s desire to fight the transition. It’s total speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Korean accusation the United States hacked Sony might be true, in an effort to place blame on the Koreans in an attempt to force them by peer pressure of sorts, to join the sheepfold of world socialism, forsaking the total control its leadership currently enjoys under communism.

Many have written of the Power Elite and their international agents’ continuous effort for world control over nations. Powerful influences are working to bring this into reality and, it appears to be working. Under Obama the USA recently achieved another victory for the world socialists when it opened relations with Cuba and the Castro brothers. Prior to that the PE’s efforts under Richard Nixon in opening Communist China to trade with the west; then the collapse of the Soviet Union and many other progressive achievements which advance the cause of global government. Currently those promoting global government are working to take the Ukraine further in their global conquest, I believe intentionally pushing Russia’s Putin—part of the BRIC’S nations currently working to replace the dollar—to consider military retaliation that quite possibly could lead to WWIII—should Ukraine in fact lead to such an event it will be the result of intentional planning on the part of those who manipulate governments from the shadows and who intend to control the nations no matter the cost.

If we take an objective look at current world events, including those in our own nation, there are many indicators something is in the wind. The latest protest: calling attention to the Ferguson riots and the death of Michael Brown. Then the unfortunate death of Eric Garner by heart attack after his arrest in New York City by police, these have caused visible protests highlighted ad infinatum in the media suggesting the police in every city are corrupt—if you believe that you are either a rioter or a Trotskyite lacking in common sense. If neither of those you’re victimized by the lies so easily dropped from the mouths of Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, all five race-baiters engaged in causing race division, hatred and ultimately--left to the abnormal outcome of such propaganda—murder, already having taken place in New York City with the killing of two police officers. Where race is the topic the phrase, “divide and conquer” seems appropriate to such events.

Protests by useful idiots of the left have taken place in New York City chanting “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want ‘em, NOW!” They got their request with the death of two New York City police officers the next day, both killed by a racist black man who was filled to the top with hatred influenced by Obama’s right hand man and king of the race- baiters Al Sharpton, at whose feet can be laid the death of these two police officers. Mr. Sharpton, appointed by President BO as his “go-to” on race relations, has been prominent in these episodes. There’s nothing “reverend” about “Reverend” Al or his mail-order seminary diploma, if he even has that.

The Mainstream and Fox have gone wild with 24 hour coverage of these events, like vultures over a dead corpse they incessantly tear away at the protests and murders in their insatiable hunger for more deprecating news, especially Fox; they just can’t seem to get enough of the rot to satisfy their unquenchable hunger, increasing tension in the process.

As if racial distress and murder is not enough “news” – behind the scenes lurk other assaults on our peace of mind which go unreported and out of sight by the news media. I refer to the government assisted money grabbing bank cartels having recently influenced a globalist law in coordination with the FDIC and the Bank of England (BOE, see quote below) giving to the big banks of the world, ownership of depositor’s money, necessary for them as they are overly invested in extremely speculative derivatives, should these collapse, as they inevitably will, it will be depositors covering the bank’s losses.

In Cypress last year the bankers confiscated deposits in their banks by customers, this criminality known as a “bail-in” instead of a “bailout”—these greedy intend depositors pay their bills and shaky investments with the hard earned cash of that harassed segment of world society known as “the rich”.

“It’s now legal for a big bank to confiscate your money without warning and at their discretion,” Sinclair said.

Similar action is being undertaken in Europe following the example of Cyprus. As WND recently pointed out, finance ministers of the 27-member European Union in June had approved forcing bondholders, shareholders and large depositors with more than 100,000 euros in their accounts to make the financial sacrifice before turning to the government for help with taxpayer funds.

That authority derives from a little-noticed 15-page December 10, 2012, joint resolution paper from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, and the Bank of England, or BOE.

FDIC and BOE decided to issue this joint authority to make sure financial institutions operating in their respective countries will operate “unaffected, thereby minimizing risks to cross-border implementation.”

“The FDIC and the Bank of England have developed resolution strategies that take control of the failed company at the top of the group, impose losses on shareholders and unsecured creditors – not on taxpayers – and remove top management and hold them accountable for their actions,” the FDIC/BOE paper said.

The FDIC/BOE paper points out that its authority to act in such a way is buried in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 which was passed in response to the 2009 financial crisis.[1]

These are just a few of the many assaults on the goodness of the American people and others in the world populace under attack by the destructive and secretive globalists and their agents whose only goal seems to be the creation of chaos, at which they are becoming expert.

The Hegelian tool used in subversive destruction in the past and still active is world communism, created as the bogeyman by the shadowy agents and money grabbers of the global government planners for pushing against capitalism, using the fear thus generated to pass laws and put in place agencies that destroy our representative form of government; of, for, and by the people, leaving us literally without a vote in the process. With the “passing” of the Soviet Union the new bogeyman is ISIL and Islam, there has to be some reason or excuse for the plotters to destroy our freedom and our natural resistance to tyranny, moving as they do toward world government, justified by intentionally planned fear and chaos. The major losers in this scheme are the middle class and the so-called “rich”—the PE prosper every second of the day, not only financially but in their greedy desire to control the world.

My comments regarding these various developments are not new, as noted earlier many have written well-researched articles and books on this subject to which the vast majority of our populace pay little attention, many dismissing them as conspiracy theory.

These writers have sought for years to warn the American people of what is happening to the United States. Writers and authors whose collective nose for corruption is finely developed and substantiated by proof, something we can’t say for the Mainstream Media and the aforementioned PE criminals, dedicated destroyers and agents of chaos.

Much of what I know about this subject has come from the above mentioned writers and others whose careful research covers what many have labeled “the shadow government,” all of them having spent time looking behind the curtain in their attempt to discover why there’s an abundance of terrible diplomatic decisions and freedom robbing alphabet agencies daily multiplying in the United States and other nations—the American writers have seen our Declaration, Bill of Rights and Constitution under the reign of the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Barack Obama daily flushed down the sewer of the New World Order.

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The change agents of the PE directives, both men and women, are dedicated to removing our free enterprise and the liberties we have enjoyed under our constitutional republic, to which they and the Mainstream Media including Fox, constantly label a “democracy.” It seems appropriate to remember the much quoted comment by Ben Franklin to a woman who asked, “What kind of government have you got us Mr. Franklin?” To which Franklin replied, “A republic Madam, if you can keep it.” That we’ve failed to keep it seems obvious, we’ve experienced “democracy” at work in Ferguson’s mob rule and its illogical result in the burning of several Ferguson businesses and the resignation of the grand jury investigated and proven to be innocent police officer, Darren Wilson. Those protests contributed to the murder of two New York City police officers, sadly to be expected when “democracy” rears its ugly head and mob rule dictates outcomes.

© 2014 Ed Pointer - All Rights Reserved


1. US Banks Already Can Take Your Money

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Ed Pointer has been writing since he was in college. He writes about current affairs and the world scene as it relates to Biblical understanding. He teaches Scripture and finds happenings in the world better understood in the light of those same Scriptures. He is an artist/painter who finds various political movements fascinating, particularly as they relate to the diminishment of our constitutional freedoms and resultant socialist takeover of our nation.


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Considering the world situation and the continual drive to consolidate all national governments under one leader, perhaps N. Korea is resisting the drive. Under our current president the United States is pushing hard for global government, even to destroying the United States if necessary to accomplish it.