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By Larry Pratt
January 7, 2011

Left-wing atheist Clay Duke (check out his Facebook page) reminds us once again how desperately we need to get rid of zero tolerance policies and gun free school laws.

Duke was a loser who blamed rich people for having made him poor. His class warfare rhetoric sounds just like President Obama’s.

Consider the irony surrounding Duke, who almost certainly included support for gun free school zones in his panoply of lefty opinions. These disarmament regions became very convenient for him as he decided to carry out his crime in a gun free school zone. Is this why other liberals support gun free zones? I jest.

What was not funny was what it took to take Duke out of the gene pool. Mike Jones is an ex-detective and is the head of the security program for Bay County, Florida’s school system. The Panama City School Board was conducting a meeting in the same school where Jones has his office. Alerted by one of the hostages freed by Duke, Jones was in his office at the opposite end of that very large building.

Since Jones was no longer a sworn officer (ditto for most of the security officers he supervises), Jones’ gun was in his car (a violation of law). Jones appears to be in his mid-sixties, but managed to run the long distance to his car and then to the auditorium where the crime was occurring.

Jones got back to the auditorium just as Duke began to providentially miss his victims from about eight feet away. Breathing heavily, Jones leaned against a door jamb and fired repeatedly. Duke apparently was wearing body armor because the shots to the torso had no effect. Jones then managed to wound Duke in the leg, stopping the attack. That is when Duke saved the taxpayers millions of dollars by killing himself.

Jones had to receive medical attention due to the stress of the ordeal. The man is a real hero, not to mention a good shot. Hitting the perpetrator repeatedly under the circumstances was quite remarkable.

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Two measures demand urgent attention. At both the federal and state levels, funds should be denied to schools with zero tolerance policies that are training a generation to believe that guns are inherently evil, rather than the life-saving tools they happen to be. And both the feds and the states must move to eliminate so-called “gun free” schools, which are nothing more than shooting galleries for criminals like Clay Duke.

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Duke was a loser who blamed rich people for having made him poor. His class warfare rhetoric sounds just like President Obama’s.