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By Larry Pratt

January 19, 2007

We have Kate O'Beirne, Washington editor of National Review, to thank for exposing the damage done by feminism to modern culture. She has set out her case in her best-selling book, now in paperback: Women Who Make the World Worse: and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports.

O�Beirne makes her case by heavy use of the feminists' own words. She found a consensus in the feminist world that gender differences are a terrible thing. The idea that boys and girls, men and women, should have different roles in society is a feminist nightmare.

In order to right this perceived injustice they have decided to treat boys in school as if they were defective girls. One reason so many feminists are such angry sourpusses is that God made boys and girls different, and while feminist meddling can have a negative impact, it cannot rewire what the Creator has made.

For example, it really enrages these angry gals when boys are given dolls to play with and they turn around and use the dolls arm as a gun � "Bang!" Conversely, girls take that Tonka Truck and make a crib for their baby doll in the bed of the truck. Aaaargh! Normal people (non-feminists) tend to react to these ingrained behavior patterns with a "Duh!"

The feminist attack has led schools to do away with entire sports teams because they were all male. The teams might have remained if standards could have been lowered for say, the wrestling team. But with not enough women interested in the team � either on a segregated or integrated basis, and if the offending teams violated the school�s overall politically correct gender ratios � the teams were abolished.

Another area of attack in the schools has been the zero tolerance of guns. Up to 25 or 30 years ago, kids took guns to school and left them in their cars or in cloak rooms. Now, boys have been suspended for using their thumb and forefinger to visualize their "Bang! Bang!" Classes of little children are led in chants of: "I will never use a gun." This dangerous fruit of feminism is both anti-gun and anti-self defense.

The other feminist assault that bears directly on the use of firearms is the military. The feminists' myth that men and women are equal has resulted in the military, fire and police departments lowering their standards so the myth will not be challenged by reality � at least during the watered-down training. But when it comes to schlepping 75 or even 100 pounds of gear into a burning building or a burning desert, women cannot do it.

Physical reality has not kept feminized military and first responder brass from having curtsied to the feminist demands for putting women on the front line. When Private Jessica Lynch became a POW in the assault on Baghdad, the feminized media never reported (at least I never knew it until reading O'Beirne�s book) that Lynch was substantially unharmed and able to stand when taken prisoner. She ended up repeatedly raped and having most of her bones broken, presumably by rifle butts. She has yet to recover. To have made anything of this barbarity (sending Lynch into a battle zone, not to speak of the Iraqi thugs) would have likely endangered the irresponsible women-in-combat policy.

The ultimate objective of putting women in combat will be to make us reluctant to defend ourselves by using our armed forces. The same pacifism that tosses kids out of schools for using a chicken leg for a "gun" wants to so impair the military that it becomes a social-worker organization rather than a killing machine.

I wonder if the feminists have ever thought about why there is no such thing as day care in Muslim countries? Are they aware of the extreme second class status of women under Islamic law? They seem to have convinced themselves that the lot of women under Islamic law won�t fall to them if America succumbs to the jihadis. This is exactly what will happen if we let them reduce our military to a pack of wussey do-gooders.

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At least Sarah Brady might be happy. Infidels have never been allowed to keep and bear arms in Muslim countries. The jihadis would be delightfully disarming for Mrs. Brady.

Readers are invited to listen to my Live Fire interview with Mrs. O'Beirne.

� 2007 Larry Pratt - All Rights Reserved

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In order to right this perceived injustice they have decided to treat boys in school as if they were defective girls.