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By Ron Edwards
July 16, 2015

The differences between shari’ah law and United States law is as separate as night is from day. Contrary to the overbaring all-consuming nature of shari’ah and the muslim’s efforts to force it upon everyone worldwide. U.S. law is fundamentally territorial and is mostly contained within it’s geographic boundaries. Laws created in the United States (until more recent years) are positive laws (as opposed to divine laws), enacted by Congress or other United States authorities.

Further, it is a longstanding principle of legal construction that positive law is territorial in nature. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., wrote, “The general and almost universal rule is that the character of an act as lawful or unlawful must be determined wholly by the law of the country where the act is done.” This principle is axiomatic to the American legal system.

Therefore, while shari’ah travels with a muslim wherever he goes and is expected to be enforced universally over the law of any other nation. That is why bigoted muslims try to take over wherever they move to. For example, Dearbornistan,MI. U.S. law is generally limited to the United States and does not apply in other nations.

Unlike here in the west, where separate nation-states are the political norm, islam “assumes that all people are to be subject or bound to one giant muslim community, bound by the brutal law of one ruler. Because islam asserts that allah revealed all laws, both religious and secular (in a western sense), through his prophet Muhammad to the entire ummah community of Islamic believers), islam is a divine, universal “nomocracy” meaning a universal state governed by divine law. Thus, every muslim is bound by shari’ah, which “binds individuals, not territorial groups.”

As a result, to muslims, shari’ah supersedes all other law. Americans can forget the concept of muslims ever respecting the national sovereignty of the United States, or truthfully pledging allegiance to our republic and what she should be standing for. While they want to take over the world and abuse non-muslims throughout the Middle East and Europe, muslims are calling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq crusades against islam. Funny thing, muslims desecrate Christian symbols and destroy ancient Christian and Jewish sites and artifacts with regularity. All in the name of allah. Mind you, these are the same holy people who marry and sexually abuse nine year old undeveloped little girls. That alone discredits their peaceful holy religion concept they proclaim to the world.

In the legal context, the loyalty to the Islamic ummah (community of believers) can be seen in the “active international grouping at the United Nations and elsewhere, [by fifty-seven] muslim governments, which together constitute the so-called Islamic states have joined together to defend and spread islam universality and require every muslim to safeguard the “binding divine commands… of allah.” Moreover, islam divides the planet into two territories: dar al-isla, the territory of islam and dar al-harb, the territory of war. The dar al-islam consists of all territories under muslim rule. These two territories will always be in strife until (in the eyes of muslims) islam conquers the entire world. (So they believe)

Although the necessary exclusivity of the uhmah (community of believers) distinguishes the “infidels” of the outside world from the community of believers, the ultimate goal of the islamists is to forcibly bring the entire world into obedience to allah and his law.

Because islam grew out of belief in complete world domination, by the sword, every dedicated muslim is obligated to labor in his own way toward achieving that goal. It does not matter where he lives or who claims his allegiance. That is why, it is impossible for a muslim (not radical, but dedicated) adhering strictly to shari’ah to honestly swear no loyalty to anyone besides allah. At the very heart of islam is the existence of a single islamic state, which is “entirely exclusive” of all other gods.

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Consequently, every muslim’s obligatory allegiance to the global Islamic state is inherently incompatible with any other oath of allegiance. That includes an oath of allegiance to the United States of America. So it was no surprise to witness thousands of muslims dancing in the streets of Dearbornistan, MI when their muslim brothers slammed airliners into the World Trade Center on September eleventh 2001. The muslims have vowed to bring down America and to force shariah law upon all of us. In my opinion, that is a declaration of war and “we the People” of America must pray to the same and real God who blessed the founding fathers and the patriots who defeated the British Empire. Hopefully His wisdom and Providential guidance will once again be sought and utilized. If not, The United States will simply be, one nation gone under. Many thanks to the American Center for Law and Justice for their contributions.

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© 2015 Ron Edwards - All Rights Reserved

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The differences between shari’ah law and United States law is as separate as night is from day. Contrary to the overbaring all-consuming nature of shari’ah and the muslim’s efforts to force it upon everyone worldwide. U.S. law is fundamentally territorial and is mostly contained within it’s geographic boundaries.