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By Ron Edwards
July 16, 2015

A great example of the unlikely mix of islam and civility and the conflict of allegiances is muslim Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s decision to blast away at his fellow military mates at fort Hood Texas in November 2009. He chose to kill over a dozen people, because they were not muslim. While blowing hs victims away, he yelped the Islamic slogan, “allahu akbar!” (“god is great”). For a soldier to viciously turn on his fellow soldiers in arms is incomprehensible enough, especially when one considers that in order to receive his commission as an officer in the Army, Major Hassan had to sign his name to an oath requiring his name to an oath requiring him to swear allegiance to defend the Constitution. The oath also called for Major Hasan to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion.

Nevertheless, despite swearing an oath to protect the United States and to remain loyal to his compatriots, Major Hasan, most certainly displayed glaring conflicting loyalties. According to one of his former classmates, Major Hasan would not support the effort to defend against terrorism because he viewed such an effort as a direct war against islam. In a way Hasan had a point. After all even if somehow all islamists are not terrorists, all of today’s terrorists are islamists. Oh well! In fact, Hasan had energetically advocated for a conscientious-objector clause for muslims serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The tug of war between his alleged allegiance to islam and his so-called loyalty to the United States came to a snapping point, and Major Hasan went to nutsville and followed through on the murderous tradition of islam and obeyed the tenets of his religion. Hasan, gleefully killed twelve of his fellow soldiers, with the permission of allah, of course.

Do you remember the Times Square bomber? He is another sterling example of the transcendence of loyalty to islam over loyalty to anything American. Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-born muslim, became a naturalized United States citizen in April 2009, about one year before he attempted to detonate a bomb in the middle of New York City. Indeed, the dialogue at trial between the presiding judge and Shahzad demonstrates this completely.

Judge: “Didn’t you swear allegiance to this country when you became an American citizen?”
Shahzad: I did swear, but I did not mean it.”
Judge: “You took a false oath?”
Shahzad: “Yes”

Examples like these demonstrates that, to many muslims, islam demands single-minded loyalty from its adherents that can admit no other allegiances. The driving force behind islamic unity will inevitably seek to eliminate all other contenders for allegiance and will not let the demands of American citizenship stand in its way.

One of the most obvious methods used by muslims to demonstrate their loyalty to nothing but islam or allah is Jihad. Jihad is commonly described as “to war against non-muslims.” The term jihad derives from the word mujahada, which signifies the use of warfare to establish religion. Those in support of islam claim that there are three distinct forms of jihad. The first form is the “greater jihad” of battling against the inner-self to attain private holiness and devotion to the path of allah. The second form of jihad is da ’wah, or the invitation to non-muslims to convert voluntarily to follow islam and to follow shari’ ah. The third, most well-known form of jihad is the violent use of the sword in physical conflict with non-muslims (“unbelievers” or “infidels”). The ultimate objective of the three forms of jihad, collectively, is to convert all unblievers to islam (either voluntarily or forcibly) and to subject all non-muslim territories to Islamic rule and government, i.e. shari ‘ah.

All three forms of jihad are mandated by shai ‘ah. While violent shari ‘ah is the most commonly known form of jihad, politicl jihad (a type of da ‘wah) is currently the most significant threat facing Americans because it is latent and because it is imminent. Da ‘wah literally means “call,” invitation,” or propaganda.” It is a prerequisite to violent jihad because the qur ‘ran states that allah does not punish anyone until one has received the invitation to believe and an introduction to allah’s law (shari ‘ah). After the call or invitation to believe is extended, non-muslims have three choices: convert to islam, submit to the Islamic ruler and pay a massive tax (jizyah) or fight and die.

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My fellow Americans, the threat of islam against us and our way of life is ever present. The question is, will we be able to hold on until the imam is finally gone from the White House? We can ill afford, nor should we tolerate any threat to our republic, including islam, shari ‘ah, jihad, or whatever those women abusing Christian murdering gumps come up with. Politically correct butt kissing of muslims only strengthens their wicked resolve to kill, steal from and destroy any and every non-muslim they can get away with harming in some way. Many thanks to the American Center for Law & Justice for their worthy contributions to this column.

May God Bless America an May America Bless God.

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© 2015 Ron Edwards - All Rights Reserved

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Examples like these demonstrates that, to many muslims, islam demands single-minded loyalty from its adherents that can admit no other allegiances. The driving force behind islamic unity will inevitably seek to eliminate all other contenders for allegiance and will not let the demands of American citizenship stand in its way.