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By Ron Edwards
September 4, 2015

It does seem as if the United States of America has devolved rom the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the hemmed in and home of the cowards. More and more, sovereign United States citizens are witnessing a literal unraveling of the very pillars of society, in particular, segments of the government and the economy. Of course, the usual suspects are taxes that are too high, and regulations that are too many. Elsewhere America is being plagued by knuckle dragging cowardly crooks ambushing police officers who are simply doing their jobs.

Racial tensions are being stretched to the point of almost breaking. Primarily because the creepy black lives matter goons and your garden variety of thugs have been advertising their hatred of police officers and white people. As of the writing of this column, the president of the United States has shown very little regard or concern for the fallen members of the thin blue line, who have fallen victim to thugs who are emboldened by Obama’s general disregard for the rule of law level.

Wherever one looks almost every aspect of society has been reversed and that is causing a general deconstruction of the very important fabric of society. Recently China conducted military operations and sailed war vessels off the coast of Alaska, while president Obama war there stressing over climate change and Glacier conditions. Iran is laughing now that American congressional democrats have rallied to give Obama the OK to sign an agreement with Iran that endangers both America and Israel.

Other than Jimmy Carter who at least tried to get American hostages released from Iran, No other president in history comes close to Mr. Obama’s lack of real concern, regarding United States military preparedness. Our economy has been in a non-recovery recovery for years and could soon collapse under the upcoming onslaught of the rights inhibiting Obamacare and continued government debt.

I have noticed how Obama policies, rhetoric and minions in the streets throughout America are instigating a massive age of division that rivals the civil war era. This is all playing right into the hands of puppet masters like George Soros who are utilizing their immense wealth and influence to literally bring about nationwide destruction via Agenda 21 for example. One major aspect of Agenda 21 is the removal of your right to bear arms for the protection of yourself and your family. Agenda 21 is also designed to help undermine United States sovereignty.

But the sad fact is that America did not have to find herself in the not so lofty position she is in today. Many of the founding fathers left numerous warnings about what would occur if “We the People” no longer operated according to the principles that made her great.

To put it bluntly, our nation has turned her back on everything that led here to her past glory. The government is now an aggressive enemy against those who merely want to live according to the Bill of Rights and the sovereign laws of God. Even the majority of Christian churches have become non-influencing shadows of their former selves. As a result, we now have throngs of Americans running around seeking warped interpretations of freedom and morality.

They now think the freedom to burn down businesses, or house illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities is freedom. Others believe that preventing the free exercise of Christian beliefs on behalf of unnatural marriage couplings is freedom. Still, more believe that engaging in pedophile activities is freedom. Yet others stupidly think they are free to beat people to a pulp because they happen to be white.

Because of a lack of enough authentic instruction on freedom as recognized in the founding documents of this nation, the interpretation of freedom has been corrupted, which has led to a dissolving of our republic into a mob ruled democracy. So now, the United States is no longer one of the top five nations of real freedom on earth.

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The bottom line is that if “We the People” do not seek God’s forgiveness for tarnishing this most blessed nation, the evil plots and plans of president Obama and others against this nation will be allowed to come to full fruition.

It is not yet to late America, but it is getting very, very close.

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The bottom line is that if “We the People” do not seek God’s forgiveness for tarnishing this most blessed nation, the evil plots and plans of president Obama and others against this nation will be allowed to come to full fruition.