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By Ron Edwards
April 15, 2016

Since when did it become illegal for little boys to walk to McDonald’s? My oh my how things have changed. When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland, it was not a big deal for myself and a few buddies to walk to numerous destinations. Beginning at the age of five, most of us children walked to school and back home without serious negative incidents. On Saturday afternoons, it was not unusual for us little guys to venture by foot a couple of miles to Cleveland’s famous cultural gardens. They feature over three dozen large ornate displays that reflect individual nations. One of our favorites was the massive Italian garden. It remains to this day a massive multi-tiered affair constructed of Italian marble and fountains. Those walks or what we jokingly called excursions were normal for us with no problems from the police or local government snitches.

None of us or our parents ever got into legal trouble because we were allowed to go on walks to the park, museums, or even a burger joint. It didn’t matter if where we went was a quarter of a mile away or five miles. (Although for longer distances we often rode bicycles) The America of my childhood as great as she was, may have had a few warts. However, she had not yet descended into the idiotic, progressive, politically correct land of big nanny goat government that she is today.

Unfortunately, after decades of indoctrination and dummied down education, nothing is beyond the imagination of those in and out of government who seek to control every single action and thought of Americans from cradle to grave.

For example, in the southern city of Spartanburg, South Carolina there was a story featured on a local TV 4 news station. It was about a woman who was arrested after she allowed her three year old son to be walked by her nine year old nephew to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. According to the news report, police said they were called to the McDonald’s where there were supposedly two abandoned children. The nine year old was able to quickly direct an officer to his aunt’s home, less than a quarter mile from the McDonald’s he and his nephew were approached by the police officer.

Ms Tiesha Hillstock came to the door and told the officer she knew exactly where the children had gone. Just as the nine year old had informed the policeman minutes before that they had gone to McDonald’s and were expected to be back home by 7:00 PM. Hillstock told the officer that she trusted the nine year old to take care of his three year old cousin. To which the officer retorted, ‘the boys had to cross the street and pass several businesses and homes to get to McDonald’s, putting their safety at risk.” (Man if only government would guard us from Muslim terrorists with such vigor) Unfortunately, the nanny goat government police officer arrested Ms Hillcock and charged her with unlawful neglect of a child. She was then held in the Spartansburg County Detention Center.

The nine year old was placed in the custody of his grandmother, who also lives in Hillstock. The three year old was returned to the custody of his mother, who said that her son was visiting Hillstock during spring break. Now I do not know how you may feel about boys walking less than a quarter of a mile to McDonald’s, but I do know that arresting someone who allowed their son and nephew to walk less than a quarter of a mile to McDonald’s is an example of government overreach. Such an action totally goes against the concept of a constitutionally limited republic form of government, where personal responsibility and non-abusive parenting are paramount.

Just in case you may be asking, but what about the three year old? Sure one can debate (if the desire) if the three year old cousin was too young to walk with his cousin, less than a quarter of a mile in small town America. But I for one am appalled. Not only at the arresting officer, but also at the big government oriented snitch who decided that two boys playing at a McDonald’s close to home is too much for the boys to handle. These American snitches lurking about at every corner, who never see real criminal activity are too busy being cheap imitations of Hitler’s tattle tale brown shirts.

Personally, I would not send my son or any child to McDonald’s for anything. First of all, the food is of very little nutritional value and parks are a much better option for boys to play in. But such a choice a quarter of a mile from home should not merit the attention of nosey bystander brown shirt types or nanny goat government.

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If government wants to be involved in the lives of the citizenry, how about officials be first required to acquaint themselves with the rudiments of constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities of government in this republic?

Wake up America, such an ordeal may not seem like a big deal, but please consider that government oppression rarely begins with huge sweeping encroachments against our unalienable rights as parents, property owners, believers in Christ, etc.

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© 2016 Ron Edwards - All Rights Reserved

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Since when did it become illegal for little boys to walk to McDonald’s? My oh my how things have changed. When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland, it was not a big deal for myself and a few buddies to walk to numerous destinations.